Possible period the day of my wedding ….Norethisterone

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Blushing bee

I got my period the day before my wedding. It wasn’t ideal, but bodies are going to do their thing, so I decided to just try and go with the flow. (Har har. Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Anyway, it wasn’t so bad. Meds helped with the pain. I also used a menstrual cup, emptied it right before I put my dress on, and then didn’t worry about it the rest of the night. When I look back on my wedding I don’t really think “I was having my period!” I just remember how wonderful the day was. I actually even forgot about it until a close friend mentioned it a few weeks later. 

newbee959 :  

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Helper bee

Norethisterone is a synthetic progestin, an ingredient in many birth control pills. I don’t know how you would be able to get it unless it was in the form of a BC pill. When is the wedding? From my experience with BC, I had to wait until the end of my cycle to begin taking BC, so if your wedding is due next cycle, you’re out of luck. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I have never heard of Norethisterone but would be extremely wary of experimenting with any hormonal drug like that right before your wedding. I’d call your OBGYN to ask what they think you should do!

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Helper bee

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible. I understand that it worries you, I have awfully painful periods and couldn’t imagine having it on my wedding day. I know for sure there’s stuff to delay it because I checked for my own wedding just in case, but from what I understand you definitely need a prescription. 

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Sugar bee
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newbee959 :  I had heard it was only available in the UK (I could definitely be wrong though!).  Have you heard of Lysteda (transexamic acid)?  It’s a pill that you only take while on birth control.  You take 2 pills (at the first sign of your period), 3 times a day, for 5 days.  It’s supposed to reduce your blood flow by up to 40%. 

I have endometriosis, PCOS, & uterine fibroids, so the flow on my period is horrendous.  I promise you, there is no way I could have managed being on my period and in a white dress.  The pain, that’s one thing….but just the flow would have been awful awful awful to deal with.  So, I totally understand why you are wanting to alter this.  


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Busy bee
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I wasn’t supposed to get my period until the week after my wedding. But surprise! It came the day before. How nice. I was afraid I’d be worried about it all day but it all turned out just fine. I second calling your doc and asking if they have any suggestions. Good luck! 

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Buzzing bee
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I was worried about this happening to me but thankfully one month, my period was 5 days late – this never happens! So it threw out my whole schedule and I was fine. That pill can make you feel sick. My sister took it. You might need to go on the pill.

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Buzzing bee
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I wouldn’t personally mess with my body before my wedding just to avoid a period. Recipe for disaster.

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That’s what my pill is! It’s the hormone used in the mini pill. You could definitely start taking the mini pill! There’s no placebo pills with mini pills so you can just carry on taking it without having your period. Mini pill is also quite cheap I find so win win! 

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Bumble bee
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Hi Bee. 

I have this exact problem

I went off the pill about a year ago to give my body a bit of a break (on it for 10 years). So when I did the maths and found out my period was due the day before our wedding (day 2 is ALWAYS THE WORST and I don’t want to deal with that in a $2500 white dress fml) I went back to the doc and asked for a few months supply of my old pill so I can control it .

I guess for me it’s a bit different, because I have been on this for most of my adult life. But the pill is definitely an option if you’re up for it. 

Good luck!


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Honey bee
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Yes I have.

1. PP says it’s only available in the UK. But I have purchased it under a different brand name in Asia

2. You can take it alone, it does not act as birth control.

3. I have taken it both with and without BC but with BC wasn’t for delaying my period (it has other uses). If you’re on BC pill you may find skipping a break week works (discuss with you DR but for a number of reasons I never had a break week when on the pill, it was never designed to have one so doable).

4. You only need to take it for the cycle you’re looking to delay, so no, not too late.

5. Night leg cramps are a real and painful thing. It’s a known side effect. They actually woke me up when I was using it.

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Worker bee

I went and got a prescription for this from my GP because I have the same worry 😩 I asked him if I should do a trial run of it the month before to see if I get any side effects. But he told me don’t do that because it is very reliable and will definitely work. So the question is how bad do I think my period is going to be versus how bad might the side effects be. 

I’m supposed to start taking it 3 days before my expected date so I think I will start 3 days before my wedding — honestly I would much rather get side effects then be on the floor writhing in pain, looking and feeling exhausted and unable to drink any alcohol on the day because of my pain meds….

but yes i’m worried about the side effects.. could it draw out my PMS and make me feel extra tired and bloated? Does anyone else have any experience with it?

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Blushing bee
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Everyone’s body’s are different, but fwiw I’m taking this right now and it was supposed to stop my period from happening until I skip a week and so far 6 weeks into taking it I’ve been bleeding nonstop for over a week before my time to skip has even happened yet (I used to have 5 day periods before taking it). I definitely wouldn’t risk staring it close to your wedding because you never know for sure how your body will respond to it. For me it’s made me cramp every day since I started it and I’ve been super bloated so that’s also something I’d hate to deal with on my wedding day!

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