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To me, what you have looks and sounds more like allergies than pink eye. The couple times I have had pink eye it has been characterized by large amounts of eye goop (sorry to be gross). Your eyes also have this distinct slimy feel when you blink etc. So, if there is no goop, you probably don’t have pink eye. 

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There are TWO types of pink eye – viral and bacterial.  Both are super contagious.  The bacterial pink eye requires antibiotics to cure and is accompanied by goop, “sleep seeds,” and lots of discharge.  The viral kind does not have discharge, but your eyes can run.  If you have the viral pink eye – very common with a cold – it will just present as red eyes, sometimes watery, sometimes itchy, sometimes burning.  The best thing to do is wipe down everything you touch/have touched with an antibacterial cloth, wash your hands often and especially every time you touch your face, and stay home until it clears up.  Sorry you are going through this – I had viral pink eye a couple of months ago and it wasn’t that bad, just an inconvience.

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I haven’t had pink eye in years but I had it quite a bit when I was younger and my eye was SO VERY sensitive to the light. Like the PP said, lots of goop and the whole white of the eye is the pinkish tinge.

It is very contagious so if’s she’s spouting off how she thinks she has it, she needs to leave. It can be spread just by sneezing or coughing. If she sneezes in a room and the particles land on a surface and you touch it, you can get it… it’s not just coming into a contact with a  tissue she touched or something, it’s much more contagious than that. It’s ridiculous.

I’m sure you’ve Googled symptoms and stuff but here’s a link that I thought was useful:



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When I’ve had pink eye my entire eye gets crusted over and I can barely open it. There is a LOT of gunk in/around the eye. It doesnt look like pink eye to me. It’s probably just allergies and if you start to rub your eye it’s going to irritate it more.

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Pull down the bottom lid of your eye. Is it nice and pink or red and inflamed? You could have pink eye for a little while before you really get discharge, and some people never get discharge. Make sure you’re washing your hands a lot, disinfecting common surfaces and clean your pillowcase just in case.

Honestly it just looks like you’ve been coughing and sneezing and got bloodshot eyes. I absolutely HATE how people announce pink eye and obsess over it like you have some horrible deadly disease. Tell her she needs to relax. Even if it’s pink eye it’s no big deal.

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It doesn’t look or sound like pink eye to me.

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It doesn’t sound/look like pink eye to me. I had it when I was 8 or 9 and my eye was super ichy, slimy, crusty, etc. I think they were a bit pinker too. Just try not to touch it and wash your hands a lot just in case (: Feel better soon!

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I’m not a doctor.. but I’m in PA school. Looks like either viral conjunctivitis or inflammation associated with your cold. If you go to the doctor they will just send you home with nothing. 

If you start to get yellow/green discharge, pain or changes in vision. Definiteiy go to the doctor. 

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The only way I have been able to tell if it’s pink eye or allergies/cold/irritated is to wait and see if it crusts over. If it does it’s pink eye. It’s very contagious so until you know for sure keep your hands away from your eyes and wash your hands as often as you can. If it does crust over in the morning put a wet warm washcloth on your eye and it will help you be able to open it, can you tell I had this several times as a kid?  either way I hope you feel better soon

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Doesn’t look like bacterial pink eye to me, which requires antibiotics. I’ve had the pleasure of having it many times with working in pediatrics. Bacterial is painful, heavy discharge with crusting or matting shut, sensitivity to light and very watery. It also comes on super fast with no other real cold symptoms. I think it’s just allergies and related to your cold.

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