(Closed) Possible reasons that my dog might throw up frequently?

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This happens to our dog when she eats too fast.  Our vet suggested getting bigger food so that she’s forced to chew it, switching to canned food, making sure the food was natural and getting a bowl with pegs in it so she has to eat around.  We switched to the natural food and pegged bowl and it has worked well for us.  Now if she gets hold of something other than her food, she easily gets sick again, but we don’t feed her table food or anything so that’s pretty limited.

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If he wants to run tests for things he thinks it isn’t, has he given any indication of what he thinks it might be? Sometimes eating/drinking too quickly, my dogs can throw up- but it’s not very often at all. To slow them down we’ve put inverted cups in the food- to kind of space it out to avoid gulping.

For bigger dogs, it’s also sometimes helpful to elevate the bowls to help avoid swallowing a lot of air.

I think the vet needs to be a lot more clear with you about what he thinks it may be and why.

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Hi!  Read up on bloat in large dogs and then follow the suggestions they give you.  It’s a really serious emergency when it happens but certain dogs are at more of a risk.  When you feed your dog, try doing it three times a day and don’t allow any water drinking for 1 hour after eating.  Bloat happens when the water makes the kibble swell in the stomach and then the stomach twists and cuts off blood supply.  Also, get a peg bowl so that you can slow the eating down.  You might want one for a water dish, too.

Good luck!

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Is your dog drinking more often than usual? We have a lab who drinks water very quickly and then throws it up if we don’t catch her and make her stop. We spent $$$$ at the vet for lots of tests only to learn it was an anxiety response. We’ve put her on a mild medication which helps a bit but she still does it sometimes and we just have learned to deal with it. Good luck!

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Glad to hear that is helping!  My friend also got this cool feeder thing from PetsMart.  Basically the dog has to roll it around to get 1 or 2 pieces of kibble out.   The dog eats the kibble and then plays to get the rest of the food out.  She said it was a great activity for her dog and helped slow down her eating. 

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Glad to hear that your techniques are helping to ease the problem. Our lab mix was like that when we first brought him home from the shelter–he was a stray for some time and pretty skinny, so he gulped his food and water down like there was no tomorrow. As first time pet parents, we couldn’t understand how food and water could go down, and almost instantly come back up again.

Like Caszos, we have a feeding toy to slow our dog’s eating. It’s called a “Tug-a-Jug” and here is a link:


It slows him down so he’s only chewing and swallowing a few pieces at a time, it makes him use his brain, and it takes him 10-15 minutes to get all his food out (1.5 cups per meal).


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