(Closed) Possible to get pregnant even though SO pulled out?

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@tampalove35:  Actually, if you look at the research studies, it’s not conclusive that pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm.

First of all, all the research studies I’ve seen have small sample sizes, so it’s not generalizable to the population overall. You look at 5 men and think you can say something about most of the men out there, really? This study looked at 23 men and found no sperm, which is still not enough to have any generalizable conclusion.

This one is more recent and really interesting: 27 men (still small sample size), but the researchers found that sperms were found in either all or none of [the individual’s] pre-ejaculatory samples” and since the majority of the sperm found in the pre-ejaculatory fluid were viable, they concluded that “it may be that some men, less likely to leak spermatozoa in their pre-ejaculatory fluid, are able to practice coitus interruptus more successfully than others.”

@Big Truck:  From personal experience, I know a family friend who got pregnant even though they were using the pull out method. If you do not want to get pregnant, I’d definitely suggest look into a more reliable form of birth control. You can see some studies I’ve pulled (no pun intended!) for the other poster…I definitely think the last one is most interesting and, in my mind, the most likely explanation for the fact that for some people pulling out works and for some people it doesn’t.

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yes you can get pregnant so if he’s not ready he’s going to have to understand that he’s taking a risk here By refusing to use something more reliable. Of course many people use this method for years without issue but to me that’s just luck and timing. 

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I got pregnant using this method.

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There are nonhormonal bc methods other than condoms: diaphragms, spermicide, and the copper IUD/Paragard are good options.

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I’ve heard a saying about this method. You know what they call people who pull out? Parents 🙂

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I have to agree with almost everyone out there, the pull out method does not work.  Sounds like a huge risk to me, particularly if your husband doesn’t want kids right now!

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Yes. I can’t imagine with all the birth control options out there you can’t find one you like…

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Even if getting pregnant now is not a problem for you, eventually you will need birth control unless you’re fine with making babies all the time!

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My Fiance and I have been together almost 8 years (this March) and I went off birth control in May 2006 – and have exclusively used the pull out method ever since and have not had any scares of being pregnant. It worked great for us – but then it made me wonder: are we infertile? Ha. Well, now we are trying and are on our 2nd serious cycle of trying. Currently in the TWW. I had a friend who got pregnant on birth control, but she admitted to me that she was being sporadic about it and taking it at different times each day and was doubling up on days she missed. Although I know  some people get pregnant with the pull out method, I am not sure of how many do.

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@Big Truck:  you can’t get pregnant if he pulls out before he ejacuLates. Pre cum doesn’t contain sperm (unless he has ejaculated once already and didn’t flush out his system so to speak by using the bathroom). 

Read up on pull out method and how to do it properly. It can be highly effective if done right every time. My husband and I used it effectivley but the one time he didbt pull out I got pregnant (we did know it was possible that I was fertile at the time though so it was no shock and we were obviously ok with it). I don’t recommend POM if a child would ruin your life right now though.

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@Big Truck:  Well, you already confessed it yourself. Pulling out is not a reliable way to prevent pregnancy. You are a responsible adult and can make what choices you want about what risks you are comfortable taking, and it’s good that you two have considered what steps you will take in case of an oopsie baby.

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I have done some unreliable internet research on this and it seems like the chances vary depending on the couple. AKA it depends on how many swimmers are in the precum and how much control he has. I do not think this is the worst method (I think it is just fine by my standards since I will not use hormonal birth control) but it is laden with risks. My rule is that a person should not have sex until they are ready to be a parent – it sounds like you and SO are in a good place and an “accident” would not be so terrible (sorry if I misread this) – so just continue on if you are okay with maybe a 20% chance of getting pregnant.

Also – when you are charting that you are ovulating consider using condoms. I really do think that is a great method and alternative to hormonal BC.

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@Big Truck:  Totally feel you on not wanting to be on hormonal birth control! Ugh! I went off of BC after my wedding, and starting using NFP and the pull-out method. It has worked for us as we have not gotten pregnant or had a scare. It’s about trusting that your husband knows his body well enough to pull out before he ejaculates. I feel confident with our approach because I chart, check my cervical mucous, and use OPK’s every cycle. It took a few cycles before I felt completely confident! Keep charting, lady! Get to know your body, it’s kinda fun and really intriguing! 🙂

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