Possible to lose weight without super restrictive diets?

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Charliejeorge : If I absolutely have to have something sweet after dinner I do berries (some combination of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) with whipped cream 

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Interminttent fasting is great, the more you fast the more you can eat whatever you want without restricting yourself. Altho, while you’re trying to lose weight it’s better to stick to a keto diet but you don’t have to. 

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Charliejeorge :  Yeah, a little dark chocolate should be okay. And yes, if I don’t portion as soon as I buy it, I end up mindlessly overeating! But having to get back up to get out another package usually at least makes me pause and think “do I really  need this?”

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Charliejeorge :  I don’t think your current diet sounds too bad at all – if you are maintaining.  Unfortunately since you have a bit to lose, you do need to be a bit restrictive before you can plateau back out.

I would personally suggest no carbs for breakfast.  When I eat bread or oats or something for breakfast, I’m STARVING by 10am.  I now eat eggs over a bunch of spinach, usually fried, sometimes an omelette with other veggies, ocassionally with bacon, sometimes with sauce, so there’s plenty of variation.  This keeps me satiated until lunchtime, easily.  I’m not against carbs at all and enjoy them regularly for lunch and dinner, I just find it’s better to kick start the day without them. 

Don’t necessarily “listen to your body” either.  When you are overweight, your gut brain (we have neurons in our gut) is thrown out of balance and makes the wrong amount of chemicals that make you feel hungry, feel satisfied etc. You have to retrain it before trusting the information it’s giving you. 

What helped me drop 10kg before the wedding was meal prep.  On a Sunday I would have a nice breakfast (so I’m not hungry), then write my shopping list.  I’d go to the shop and buy all the things I need for Monday – Friday.  I’d prepare and portion out all the food I was going to take for lunch, and have dinner for the week written up on a board.  I just wouldn’t buy chips, chocolate etc.  so if I got a craving, I would need to go to the shops to grab something and 9 times out of 10 I couldn’t be bothered. 

I have a sedentary job (office) so I learnt I really didn’t need to eat as much during the day as I thought.  I’d have my decent breakfast, and rely on that until lunchtime.  Lunchtime I’d have a vegetarian or pescetarian meal, but a small portion, or a veggie or salad wrap.  I would have a snack to stave off 3.30itis, so celery with cream cheese and peanut butter, or some nuts, or a piece of fruit.  I’m always hungry for dinner so I would have a decent dinner.  The only thing I drank was water, and allowed myself a couple of alcoholic drinks on the weekend. 

I was going to the gym during this time, but really had to force myself and didn’t enjoy it at all.  I’m quitting my gym membership now and focusing on a 30 minute walk every day, and a 15 minute routine taken off Youtube.  I find it a lot more comfortable doing workouts at home.  I have some light dumbbells, a mat and a skipping rope, and that’s all you need to do a decent workout.  I also find it good for the soul to get outside for a walk every day since I’m inside all day.  At first I didn’t enjoy it, but now I look forward to that me time.  I also bought a bike and committed to using that when I’m just going down to the corner shop or something. 

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Charliejeorge :  I wonder if breaking your body of the dessert habit after dinner might be beneficial.  You could try tea instead for awhile to curb the impulse or start with fruit or a price ofbdark chocolate and gradually wean yourself off the daily dessert habit.   There’s no real nutrition in a fudgesicle and while not all food needs to be nutritious,  I feel that making dessert something special rather than a daily thing is good. However,  they might be a big change to make immediately.  It looks like you are getting mostly nutritious foods,  but you’re right that the extras add up. 

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julies1949 :  Agree with this. Frozen fruits are a great alternative to high calorie desserts. Taste great with greek yogurt. 

And I love cheese, too, so buy small cubes that I have with one or two crackers, sometimes with olives (especially around tea time or a few hours after breakfast). 


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Charliejeorge :  Nope, I’m from the US. Spaghetti sandwiches must be an international delicacy, haha.

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