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Helper bee

I have been doing Tuesday weigh in’s (on Caloriecount.com) for about for weeks now. I seem to be stuck…)

6/16/2015: 187.5     6/23/2015: 186

6/23/2015: 186        6/30/2015: 183

6/30/2015: 183        7/07/2015: 183.5

7/07/2015: 183.5     7/14/2015: 183.5

Current weight: 183.5

What went well: I didn’t gain? 

What can you do better: I need to start working out, and maybe only have *one* cupcake on my once a week cheat days!


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Busy bee
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SW: 185

CW: 181


What went well:  I worked out every day last week except Friday, either spin or Zumba classes or sometimes both.  I also made sure to go for a long walk later in the evening to get my fitbit steps in for the day – those things really help motivate!

What can you do better:  I need to monitor the diet more consistently.  I did good with logging calories throughout the week, but went a bit crazy over the weekend.  

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Helper bee
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SW: 216

CW: 216

GW: 185 (200 by August)

Went Well: that vegetti thing, its amazing! I used a yellow squash and zuchinni last night with about a half cup of garlic marinara and it was SO good. Made a pan of roasted squash and parsnips (attempting to branch out) too. Parsnips are definitely not my favorite veg but I’m glad I tried it. Anyone have any favorite veggies to try? I usually make squash, peppers, onions, broccoli and cauliflower. Also any other ways to use the vegetti?

What can I do better: Keep up the regular workouts and don’t eat random crap just because I can. Last night I had a great dinner of all veggies, but I knew I had a bunch of calories left over so what do I do? Eat ice cream because it was there and Fiance was talking about how good it was (pain in my ass)



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Bumble bee
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MrsCbee:  Hi!!! How do I join this group? This is EXACTLY what I need. Ive been doing this with a friend and it is working!!! 😀 We need more people to hold us accountable though… 🙂

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Busy bee
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Current weight: 140

Start weight:142

Goal weight: 130

What went well: I’ve been drinking more water, eating better and walking around my neighborhood when I get home from work.

What can I do better: I bought an elliptical which should be here this friday. I’ll be doing an hour every morning before work.


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Bumble bee

Our first weigh in! 133

Current weight:  132

What went well: I lost one lb.

What can you do better:  Pay more attention to low fats, and low calorie and up the excerise.

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Busy bee

Okay, so last week when I posted my “current weight” I was guessing as I hadn’t stepped on a scale in a few days. I finally went a bought a new scale though and hadn’t really budged since I first stepped on it.

Current weight: 153

What went well: Other than buying the scale? hahaha nothing

What can you do better?: I am thinking of signing up for for weightwatchers online. I’ve never tried it before, but I am finding that I am struggling to kick start my weight loss right now. In the past few years I’ve just made slight changes and once I saw the number on the scale move it was easy to keep it up. But for some reason this year I am stagnent and then I give in and drink three pints over a huge plate of fries.

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Starting Weight: It was somewhere between 137.8 and 139.4 because of PMS fun

Today’s Weight: 137.2

What went well: I got in solid runs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. My diet was spot on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.

What didn’t: My in laws were in town for the weekend so we ate dessert twice on Saturday, I had a huge breakfast on Sunday, and more snacks then normal. On top of that, I didn’t get a run in on Sunday. 

My goal has been to drop about 0.5 lbs a week for a while now. I’ve been successful with the slow and steady rate for almost 4 months now. Everytime I gain water weight from my period I get nervous that its a real gain that won’t go away when it’s over, so I am pleasently surprised to see that the water weight left and so did another 0.6 lbs!

My husband and I are still going to weekly weight watchers meetings. They have been such a big help! My sister is coming into town this weekend, so it will be cookouts, restaurants, and desserts again this weekend…hoping I can stay balanced. 


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Honey bee
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Challenge starting weight: 155

Current weight: 154.6 (-.4)

Challenge goal: 149

Ultimate goal: 135-140 or higher depending on how lean I feel.  Inches matter more to me than weight.

What went well: I actually lost something!  I am pretty muscular so losing fat is tough.  I was good about eating mostly clean and didn’t consume any alcohol.  I also got in my long run on Sunday night, even though I had zero desire to do it all weekend with the crazy-high humidity.    

What can you do better: Higher intensity workouts!  I’ve been struggling to stay motivated to get all of my workouts in, even though I usually LOVE working out and see it as my main source of stress relief after a long day of work.  The past couple of months I’ve been in an unusual workout slump, and have been working hard to break through.  I do feel like I’m getting my workout mojo back though so that’s a huge plus.  I also snacked pretty hard on doritos at a party on Saturday so I can definitely be better about having a small serving and stopping.     


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Honey bee
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Kristina1213:  Try spaghetti squash!  It’s a winter vegetable, so you may not be able to get it this time of year, but holy crap I love it!  I mainly eat it with half a serving of whole grain pasta or use homemade taco seasoning to make spaghetti squash tacos (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!).  I’m a vegetarian, so I’m happy to help you incorporate more veggies into your life if you ever need suggustions!

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Helper bee
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CW: 146.5

Week one wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be.

I exercised 5 days and was at my calorie limit every day.

I hope to be at 145 next Tuesday. Our Punta Cana Vacation is only 45 days away. Really would like to be at 135 or so by Aug 25th. We are taking engagemnt pictures on the beach. I have a ton of motivation right now, I just want to keep it.  

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Sugar bee
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Ahh I will have to post my weight tomorrow morning, I didn’t step on the scale this AM, and I refuse to weigh myself at night after eating all my daily foods and drinking my water. 

What went well: working out. I was pretty consistent, I didn’t want to on Saturday but I made myself do 30 minutes of yoga just to say I did SOMETHING.

What I can do better: weekend food! I am so bad for not sticking with my plan on weekends. 

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