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posted 4 years ago in The Lounge
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    @IheartUFC:  Sorry, she sounds like a witch! I can’t stand ungrateful people and it sounds like she really takes your SO for granted! Not cool.

    My random rant for the day: I work in retail and people are SO freaking rude to me – moreso now that it is the Christmas season. I am not a moron (I will soon have three degrees) but they talk to me like I must be dumb because I work in a store. They’re also not willing to wait more than two minutes for anything. You think Christmas time would make people be nice, but nope. 

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    My mom is sick in the hospital with a pretty serious disease and I’m just so f-ing frustrated.  I’m frustrated that the docs aren’t communicating well, that she seems more interested in getting out of the hospital than in getting better, that she is stressing us out with stupid errands to get things ready for xmas instead of allowing us to focus on what’s most important, that my grandma is doing nothing but adding stress instead of doing a good job of being strong.  I”m frustrated that 2 weeks ago my mom was perfectly fine and all of a sudden now she is in terrible shape in the hospital diagnosed with a life long disease.

    And I’m stress eating like a mo fo.  And I’m run off my feet busy.  But I don’t have the will power to make good decisions to take care of myself properly.  

    UGH!!!!!!!!!  I’m so frustrated.

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    I like to think I’m lucky and don’t have horrendous in-laws. But yesterday, SO txted me that we forgot to thank his parents for our bday cards (our bdays are a few days apart). SO said his mother txted him and asked why he didn’t thank them and wondering if he forgot. He claims they didn’t bring me up but told me to txt them thank you. Uhhhhh two weeks later. 

    The kicker, I did thank them. Multiple times. Just like how I thank them for everything else multiple times. So seriously? Are you kidding me? More like WTF! First off they should know their son better, he is not an ungracious man. I thought they would know me better as well but whatever’s. Second, what is the purpose of telling someone they didn’t thank you, bc you know the response would be “oh sorry. Thank you”. I don’t see a point in telling someone to tell you thank you bc it’s meaningless. Last, if that’s the case and you expect me to thank you 5 times in case you couldn’t remember I thanked you 4 times already, please PLEASE spare me “your gift” bc I really don’t need it. Ughhhh!!! Ok I gotta get over it. Went to bed angry bc of this. 


    @cbgg:  So sorry to hear. Hugs to you. It sure put me and my probs in perspective. I had a very sick father as well n having to deal with it was hard and having an older sister who couldn’t handle things and be strong was even worse. 

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    I’m hungry.

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    My FMIL is bat shit insane as well. She ruined our Thanksgiving. She was invited to come on Wednesday night along with my mom to help us prepare Thursday morning. She canceled at the last minute, which was fine, but on Thanksgiving she showed up with her car packed to the brim with shit for her to stay Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… and no, she did NOT ask if it was ok. My mom and I had planned to go wedding dress shopping, just the two of us, that weekend, so of course that didn’t happen.

    Then FMIL got drunk… and proceeded to embarrass herself along with FI and I. She just recently lost her boyfriend to cancer, so she’s an emotional roller coaster. She goes from hysterically laughing to hysterically crying in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that she’s on serious anxiety and depression meds and was hitting (all) the bottle(s) pretty hard that night.

    She then started talking about her sex life, in detail, in front of me, FI, my mom, my little brother, and his girlfriend. My mom kept telling her to stop, that it was enough and the kids didn’t want to hear it. She said “it’s natural so I’m going to talk about it.” Then I yelled at her, so she came back with, “Oh yeah, well I’ve seen your sex toy drawer when I looked through your shit and I know what you guys do!” THEN proceeded to tell MY MOM in front of my LITTLE BROTHER what kind of toys she found!!! My mom kept telling her to shut up, I screamed at her to “F&%#ing stop!!!!” and then she started crying and made FI convince her that she’s a good mother for the next hour and a half. Yay for in laws!!!

    OP I’m sorry that your MIL is equally a dumbass.

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    I don’t have anything thing as bad as PPs, but I am definatly dealing with a deay where I started on the wrong side of the bed.  I then snapped at my FI as he put something in the freezer that should have gone in the fridge.  I wanted it for breakfast, but of course, it is frozen rock solid, so I had to pick up something at the gas station for breakfast this morning.  So, now, instead of what I wanted, I have shugar filled junk in my system… 

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    @cbgg:  I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Sending lots of positive thoughts her way and to you!  And it is frustrating when other family members dissolve into a bit of a mess as well.  I dealt with that when my dad was going through a very hard time… one family member probably KNEW what was going on and how serious it was but just couldn’t face it… had I not been pushing to talk to him we might have lost him!  It is very frustrating, even though different people grieve differently, its hard to have that added on you.

    For the other PP’s mother in laws, man I am sorry!!! You poor guys, you are saints for having to deal with some of that stuff!

    My rant is just with the snow. Seriously, enough already! The roads were SO BAD going into work, pretty sure the road crews figured out it would be WORSE if they plowed so they just didn’t touch them at all. Which still sucks!  I am working from my office closest to home and when I go home for lunch and to let the dogs out if its still just as awful… I am not coming back to the office!!!!!

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    My FI. I love him to pieces, but he can be a real asshole sometimes. I work with kids so I’m always sick. Fall and Winter are the worstfall had a cold that started about a month ago. I took OTC medicine and tons of vitamin D. Nothing worked. I finally went to the MinuteClinic on Friday and was told it was just a common cold.

    The next day we went to the mall. I all of a sudden got short of breath and started wheezing and coughing pretty bad. I told him I wanted to leave and get tea for my throat. He goes, “oh so I guess everything is always about you” ugh are you kidding! He dropped me off at home and went to the store bc he was going to make me chicken soup. While he was gone, I was getting worse. Coughing to the point where I was throwing up everything I would drink. I couldn’t keep the soup down. I was also throwing up a ton of phlegm. We called the pharmacist who told us I couldn’t take any more medicine, but to dab honey on the inside of my cheeks and that should help lessen the cough. Nothing was working. I was getting worse and he was freaking out, making stupid ass comments when I would cough and puke. I was crying from pain and he kept raising his voice. 

    I finally insisted he take me to the ER. He told me I wasn’t walking fast enough in the parking lot (ummm excuse me, asshat, I was having a lot of trouble breathing!). I was hooked up to an IV immediately, and given a breathing treatment. He finally calmed down when they were taking care of me. 

    FI just sucks with taking care of me when I’m sick. He says he gets frustrated when he tries to help me and nothing he does works. Ok I’m done!

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    @IheartUFC:  Unfortunately I have horror stories for days.  I really do love the woman, but she’s been going through so much shit since FI and I got together 8 years ago. We started dating at the height of her divorce with FI’s dad after 25 years of marriage. She’s been a hot mess ever since. 

    Turns out her divorce attorney was my ex’s dad… she found out when she saw a picture of me on his desk :/ So there’s lots of interesting tid-bits there…

    She’s really been struggling lately because of the passing of her boyfriend. She’s definitely a full blown alcoholic now. The morning after Thanksgiving she woke up and requested a shot glass along with her coffee 🙁 She took 3 shots of whiskey as she drank her coffee and called it “hair of the dog.”

    I feel really bad for FI because he’s realizing now she’s a completely different person than the mom that raised him. It breaks my heart to see him get embarrassed by her or upset about her, because she really was a great mom before she became an alcoholic 🙁


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    @IheartUFC:  Also, I felt really really bad for my mom that night, because it was supposed to be our weekend together and I didn’t know that FMIL was going to be staying. But after she busted us out on the sex toy stuff I had enough with her and I had to go to bed. 

    My poor, dear mother was left up with her for the rest of the evening. She was being so RIDICULOUS. She was getting right up in my mom’s face and laughing in it, or cyring, pretty much on a 15 minute cycle. 

    I couldn’t sleep and our bedroom is downstairs, so I literally layed awake with pandora playing on my phone so I didn’t listen to her cycle through the same 3 conversations over and over and over. My poor, poor mom did though.

    It would go from “I’m so sad I miss my boyfriend you have no idea what I’m going through.” <-Spoken to my mom who unexpectedly lost my dad during their 30 year marriage on Thanksgiving. So mind you, my recently widowed mother that lost her husband of 30 years ON THAT VERY DAY had to put up with her sobbing ass and her going on and on about how hard it is for HER to lose her boyfriend of 3 years. Fucking kill me. OMG I’m getting so angry as I type this!!

    Then the second conversation would be about, “I miss my ex husband so much, woe is me.”

    Then the third would be, “Let’s call your brother (my uncle) and ask him if he’ll date me.” UM WTF!? Do I want my FMIL dating my UNCLE!? Hell no.

    Ugh. I can’t wait for Christmas!! 

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    My rants can’t even compare to some of yours.  I’m so sorry y’all have to deal with all that 🙁

    I’m tired of stupid people at work.  Don’t call me up and complain and get nasty about something I have no control over, especially when you should already have the answer because that’s YOUR JOB NOT MINE!! I don’t have a lot of crappy co-workers but some of them make me want to smack them.

    I hurt my back on Thanksgiving playing football with the BF and his nephew and it STILL hurts.  It’s not nearly as bad as it was last week, when it hurt so bad to sit that I couldn’t concentrate on any work, but it is still annoying.

    My biggest rant: Dear Parents, Please do not promise to support me or pay for my schooling if that’s not want you want to do.  You’ve ALWAYS told me that you would support me if I wanted to go back to school and have even offered to pay for living expenses so I could focus on school.  Now I finally found a program that I am excited about but you refuse to do anything.  All I asked was for you to co-sign my loan; I specificly said I do NOT want you to pay it, that I just need a cosigner.  But no, now you don’t want to help me, you make up bullshit excuses why you don’t even want to come meet an advisor with me to tour the facility so that you can see it’s not a scam.  I’ve always told you guys you don’t owe me anything and that just because you bought my grown sister a townhome, paid for her 8 years of college that didn’t result in any degree whatsoever, as well as buy her groceries every other week, car, gas, other bills, etc, doesn’t mean that you need to give the same to me, nor do I expect it.  I’m asking you to cosign a loan for school, not give me your retirement money to pay my bills like my sister did (which, of course, you did).  Thanks so much for showing me that you favor your 30+ year old woman-child over the 25 year old who’s been independant since she was 18 so you guys could have the empty nest you wanted.  I guess the only thing you really wanted to get rid of was me. 

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    @IheartUFC:  Gah!!! So annoying and sad and frustrating!! Lol. Some things is just hard to get over huh? When we got married 2months ago SO mom came over to help us water out plants in our backyard (I didn’t ask, SO did. I hate plants lol). We were gone for 2 weeks. She watered my plants, dug up two plants that I was actually really taking care of and was beginning to sprout, cleaned the inside of our house (which I greatly appreciated) but we had just cleaned it week before wedding bc all the groomsmen stayed over AND moved all my furniture around. Yup. She moved it to her liking and txt me. But if I don’t like it to move it back. I appreciate the effort but how about u not move my things and we will just leave it at that? -_-

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