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  • Wedding: April 2012

One of my bridesmaids ignored me and didn’t paint her finger or toe nails, and my photographer took a shoe picture (and of course her foot is front and center…)

Nobody ever put the bridesmaid dresses on their labeled hangers

Ugly post it notes that i wrote to label something for my coordinator got DISPLAYED!


BUT really, none of these things REALLY bothers me, they are just things I remember and that I’ve noticed.

The only thing I really feel bad about is not getting to speak with every guest, because when we tried to do table rounds, we got pulled away at table 2 and never got to continue.  Some of MIL’s friends came that I never spoke with at all, and have never met!  They had to drive like 4 hours to the wedding!  I feel so much guilt for that one.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

1. I also didnt get to talk to everyone at the reception. I grabbed the new hubby, walked to a table, sat down and chatted for 10 minutes before being directed elsewhere. That was the extent of the table surfing. πŸ™ i have the msot guilt over this one.

2. Aunt cut and was handing out pieces from the sheet cakes before we cut into our tiered cake. When I asked her why she was doing this and was I wrong for thinking that wasnt supposed to happen until after we cut into our cake, she replies with, “Well did you expect us to wait for you?!” I went into bridezilla mode so fast, stomped over to my poor mother and vented in front of her two closest married couple friends. I’m pretty sure I used the “f” word every sentence. So embarressing!This also put a damper on the entire evening. As small as it may seem, it really bothered me and still bothers me.

3. My mother made a sign using a headboard and chalkboard paint. It was never place in the grass for guests to see on the road. It was also written on on the back side of the headboard. So the gorgeous details of the front could not be seen. Boo!

4. Freaked out on Maid/Matron of Honor on dance floor during Bridal party dance. This happened after my freaout about the snotty remark my aunt made to me. Thought my Maid/Matron of Honor was also giving me attitude. Come to find out, she didnt say what I thought she did. Ooops!

5. We were both too tired to take all the pictures we had wanted to capture that day. We almost didnt take family pics but decided we best find a little energy to pose for a meere 20 more minutes!

6. The uplights were almost nonexistant. Im the one that placed them but I double layered the gel sheets so it was hard to see the light on the walls.

7. What I considered to be the “thing” that I was most looking forward to on our wedding day turned out to dissapoint me the worst in the end. My bouquet as well as my daughters  matching bouquet was hideous! It looked nothing like the picture I sent to the florist. She didnt fulfill my wants. i had a dendrobium orchid bouquet and it was a mess! I cried when I saw these bouquets for the first time. All I could think about when I saw them was creepy claws or spiders. LOL. Yuck!


But I swear I had a great day! πŸ™‚ There was a lot of things that went perfectly and even better than expected!

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  • Wedding: August 2012

Gosh, I have a long list. That sure did make me feel better to get it out there. πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: August 2012

1. We had my Hubby’s nephews and nieces as Jr. Bridesmaids and Ushers.  I had the girls over while we were getting ready, I wanted the photog to get pics of the dresses before the girls put them on.  I guess I would have figured that his nephews would have gone with him and the groomsmen, and I didn’t want to be too demanding when the boys did not take them over, but as the house was really busy we were running a little late and the ushers did not get to the ceremony until just before we started, so most of our family ended up walking themselves down the aisle.  Everything just seamed a little chaotic right before I got there.  

2.  I wish we would have roped off the stairs that the ceremony was taking place before the ceremony.  For whatever reason it peeved me a bit that everybody walked through the aisle rather than going around.  It seamed like this area should have been ‘sacred’ or something (not in a church, just ourdoors).  I also wished that we had better signs so the guest went around the building rather than through, causing them to go the wrong way down the aisle.  

3.  Forgot our vows.  This was actually funny.  We thought that the officiant had them, so I wasn’t too worried when I lost them at the venue the day before.  We ended up improving them, which added a little something special to our ceremony.  

4.  I wished I would have gotten around and talked to more guests.  We walked around to all of the tables after we were done eating, but their were still a lot of people we did not talk to.  

5.  Got sick during the reception.  I’m not sure what I could have done to prevent this.  I think my dress was on too tight which caused me not to hold in my food and water so well. I had to sit down more than I wanted to, and regret not being able to dance as much.  

6.  Didn’t bring the GPS for taking formal pics after the ceremony and lost about 10 minutes in a beautiful setting.  Bring the GPS! 

7.  Couldn’t find my sign for the s’mores outside, so I think most people didn’t know it was there (we had a dessert buffet which was a huge hit!) 

All in all these were small things, and we had a great day.  

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  • Wedding: September 2012

this is actually relaxing me a little. more please!!!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I bet even after all this, all you bee’s had amazing weddings


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@macbeth91512:  Me too! For some reason, reading others’ post wedding “issues”  (we all have them) is like a group therapy session haha.


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  • Wedding: August 2012

I don’t have too many annoyances! But I do have a few.

1) it was really, really, really hot outside during our ceremony. We offered bottled water to out guests, but I wish we had saved some bottles for DH, myself and the weddingparty for during photos.

2) We had set out lawn games fo during cocktail hur, and no oneplayed them!! I wish we had of announced that they were there. 

3) We rented a bus to take people home at the end of thr night, and IT DIDN’T COME!! That was thr biggest problem of the night. Thank God the venue had it undercontrol, and DH didn’t find out about it until the next day. My mom ended up paying for everyone to take a taxi home. We are still waiting to find of what happened with thr bus.  We want a refund, plus reimbursement of the money spent on thr taxis. 

Bur other than those things, it was amazing!!!

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  • Wedding: June 2012

I have a couple too, I don’t think there is a bride that doesn’t!

1. I did not like my bouquet at ALL! It was not what I wanted and was expecting. It was large and covered up half of my body and you could hardly see the white flowers when I specifically asked for a fulffy textured white bouquet. Thank goodness she only did my bouquet and corsages and boutineers and we DIYed everything else.

2. I had floating candles in the centerpieces and the family and friends helping set up didn’t put water in them, so they just sat down in the glass holder. Not a huge deal and I didn’t notice day of, but it wasn’t what I had planned and wanted.

3. We had a signature drink and I overlooked getting straws, so someone put out neon green bendy straws. I almost would have rather had no straws than those.

4. My dad gave a welcome that went on for almost 10 minutes and I was freaking out because it was only supposed to be like “welcome thank you for being here…” 2 minutes tops. I wish I would have just gone with it and relaxed more because I couldn’t do anything while it was happening and it just upset me.

5. The DJ played the wrong version of the song during communion during the ceremony. It was a totally different feel than the one I had picked. Only piano and no vocals vs. full band (elecrtic guitars, drums, vocals)

There were a couple of other small things, but those were the big ones. It does feel so much better to type it out!!

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@ForeverBlessed:  My hair too! And even my makeup. I had both done, and if I could do it again, I would do them myself. There are many pictures that I don’t like at all because I don’t like how I looked πŸ™ But the day was wonderful, and I have to keep telling myself that there are way more important things than hair!

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I wasn’t clear enough with my photographer about my obsessions with details. I am missing photos of many things that I labored and obsessed over and it really bums me out. I tried to be clear but I guess I wasn’t clear enough.

I also wish I had visited more with family/friends and taken more random photos as I milled about….sadly my photographer wasn’t around. πŸ™


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