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Honey bee
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If one more person tells me how to get pregnant or tells me another F-ing story about people they know who did this or that and then ended up pregnant I am going to punch someone! Unless you have been in my shoes I don’t want to HEAR IT!

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Helper bee

@rubybride718:  This is an awesome post. I could totally start a whole conversation with you about my work gripes, OP. Boy oh BOY. But, I’ll spare you ๐Ÿ˜‰

My vent for the day: I’m sick and tired of people calling me and as soon as I say, “Hello,” they take off talking for 15,20 something minutes straight. Don’t you want to know what I’m doing before you start your personal therapy session? I’m obviously not too busy to pick up, but don’t you want to know if I’m available for a twenty minute vent before you get started?! And not for nothin, but these same people don’t have a damn second to hear about what’s going on with me. Or they will listen to a sentence or two and switch the subject back to them again. Do you think it’s safe to say that I should start leaning away from these people? :X 

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Bumble bee
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too much work! I have decided to not answer the phone or emails! Who’s going to know?

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Sugar bee
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Ooooh I had a morning… Fiance and I are currently living with my parents :/ until the wedding gets closer… So probably about another year or so. Well My punk little brother (23 years old) lives there too. He treats my parents house like a hotel, won’t clean up after himself… eats/hoards any snacks, drinks that any of us buy. Does not work… is STILL in college after 5 years (no degree yet). Anywho, my grandma just passed away last Friday so I feel he should be going out of his way to make my mom’s life a little easier during this difficult time. Instead I wake up to a sink literally full of dried BLOOD!! WTF??? I don’t even know. I’m just so over living with that ungrateful shit.


Ughh I know I should not be complaining because at this point in my life I should not be living at home…[ financial hardships ๐Ÿ™ ] But I can’t believe a grown “man” can act this way!!

Ok end vent! And I don’t feel any better!! LOL.

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Bumble bee

Is it really THAT hard to just tell me I didn’t get the job? I know by this point that I didn’t, but just tell me! 

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Bumble bee
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Looking for jobs is horrible and just massively depressing.


All I want is to move out and live with Boyfriend or Best Friend, but that is only possible if I can find /something/ near to him. *cue tantrum*


Also! Go away stupid phone spam thing, no one I live with is going to be tricked into buying from you.

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Bee Keeper

Hmm, I wish people would be more skeptical even when it’s a) good news and b) popularly believed. That combination of reasons is not a sufficient reason to throw all common sense away.

I also wish people wouldn’t be so scared of thinking about theoretical bad things. They can handle more than they think they can, emotionally…nothing is so overwhelming that you can’t make the best of it… and by facing the theoretical possibility of something bad, they can take precautions to protect themselves from it. Therefore making real life better!

I swear I’m not a Debbie Downer ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a happy person, I love to laugh and talk about happy things. I just hate living in a false world. I think denial is my ultimate pet peeve.

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Honey bee
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This is pretty minor, but I just spilled my son’s tub of cheerios all over the floor- it’s the fifith time I’ve done this in the last couple days- I’m so clumsy!  

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Just got a notice from Avis that we owe them $30 for a parking ticket we got while on a trip. But we paid the original ticket within a week of the violation. And this is over a month ago. Ugh, I’m unemployed and starting IVF, I don’t need this SH!T!!!

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Helper bee

@rubybride718:  You should’ve just ignored them. There’s always going to be someone who can complain about anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ And meanwhile, if they didn’t want the job, they didn’t have to complain about it. ANYWAY, I hope you find someone! Hopefully a friend will tell a friend who will tell a friend who is interested. Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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Meh. I’m sick. And all my friends suck. I need to learn to accept that people don’t appreciate when you do nice things for them and most of all, I should never expect them to do something nice for me in return because they wont (even when it comes to weddings.)

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@MaidMarian:  Looking for jobs is horrible and just massively depressing.


Here’s a fun phone call that I got today:

guy: I need someone on the counter.

me: [transfers, pages for a call out there; no one answers, call bounces back, I transfer it back out there and page again; no one answers, I transfer the call to T]

T: [answers, puts guy on R’s line] Guy wants R at the counter. [walks away to go help someone]

me: wtf he didn’t say that!!!! [R doesn’t pick up–shocker–I pick it up] It doesn’t look like R can pick up right now, did you want his voicemail?

guy: …huh?

me: [repeats self]

guy: Oh…I just need someone at the counter

me: [OH WTF] It doesn’t look like anyone at the counter can pick up right now.

guy: Huh?

me: No one at the counter is available right now.

guy: What about T?

me: [OH WTF YOU JUST FCKING TALKED TO HIM!!!!!] He is with a customer right now.

guy: Huh?

me: He is with a customer right now.

guy: Well I need a price on x.

me: Okay, that’s going to be M’s department, and he is currently with a customer.

guy: Huh?

me: M is the one you need to speak with, and he is with a customer right now. I can put you in his voicemail and he can give you a call back.

guy: [whiny] But I need a price on x. What about T?

me: [stab stab stab] X is M’s department. T is with a customer.

guy: [whine whine whine]


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