(Closed) Post your freakout BRIDEZILLA moment (all in good fun).

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Here’s mine: 

My brother whom I love dearly, has been MIA for the past 2.5 years.  He went through some tough things and didn’t deal well and decided to cut himself off from our family.  It was very hard b/c we are a very close, tight knit family.  I was able to track down his phone number months ago via fb, he’s not on fb but acquaintances are.  Anyway, we began texting.  I still haven’t seen him since Christmas 2009.

During 2010 he had a son with a girl that is not his girlfriend.  My mother has made friends with this girl for the babies sake and my mother has a good relationship with the girl and baby.  I am 100% fine with this.  I have met the girl a few times and my nephew but I do not live near them and don’t go out of my way to see them.  It’s just when they happen to be visiting my mom and I’m visiting too that I see them (note this is the girl and baby not MY BROTHER) and this is fine with me.

The issue is that my brother has finally started being a part of the babies life and now my mom goes to visit them and usually its all three of them however my brother and this girl are not together, they go to lunch together for the baby.  MY MOM IS DEMANDING THAT THIS GIRL IS INVITED TO MY WEDDING AND I AM REFUSING TO DO IT.

I am inviting my brother and he is getting a plus one.  I have told my mom that IF he wants to bring them both then he needs to reach out to ME and ask.  Honestly, if he does that I would make it happen for him.  But at this point it is just my mom trying to force me to invite this girl whom I’ve met twice!!  She says that she is my family now and that I will regret not inviting her. GRRRRRRRR  I do not appreciate the guilt trip MA!!!

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I don’t have a real one yet… but I turned down my best friend for photograpy citing that the reason was tat I wanted him to just have fun without working at the wedding (he will be a “bridesman”)… and he’s the type to bitch but not the type to get emotional so he kind of tried to prove why he’d be fine at it… I felt so bad!!  But another friend/bridesman jokingly called me a bridezilla because of it ._.***

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When I just bitched out the owner of a spa for double booking me a week before my wedding.  Oh, right….that JUST happened.


*breathe WillyNilly*

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@mspartridge:  So i take you don’t like Louis Armstrong. lol jk. I think you actually had reasons. lol. Enjoy the big day, two weeks left.

I haven’t had any YET. i have two months left so hopefully i don’t have a major meltdown.

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I was a very low-key bride and I only had one bridezilla moment on my big day. We got married in the church I have attended my entire life….my grandparents were founding members of the church, most of my family was baptized there, etc, etc. About a month before the wedding I got a letter from one of the ladies that does altar duty there detailing what would and would not be allowed. I was irritated at a part that asked for no flash photography during the service, but I didn’t think much else about it.

Well, on the day of the wedding, one of the altar ladies told my photographer she could not take pictures during the ceremony! I was BEYOND peeved. I (loudly) said something to the effect of “It is MY wedding, and if she does not like it, then she can just leave.” She must have heard me because after that it was amended and she could take pictures from the choir loft…I was still irritated but not as badly.  I could have gone along with no flash photography, but I felt like it just steamrolled and I was beyond ticked~

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Every time I think about the two hours before the wedding I am furious. All I wanted was to sit in my beach cottage, get dressed, and take some cute shots of me with the bridal party girls. It ended up that 20 people found their way to my cottage, (go wait with the other guests, on the beach, wtf) I was crammed in one bedroom with 5 people trying to get dresses on, my sister decided that she needed to take a shower, I didn’t get to take a shower, somehow all the children and spouses of the bridesmaid and maid of honor ended up in my tiny cottage, walking in my room when I was trying to PUT UNDERWEAR ON!! Everyone needed things and I was super over prepared with tons of extra jewelry and makeup and hair stuff (we were staying there for a week) so everyone kept coming in my room asking for stuff. The ceremony was at 730 and I think I finally got dressed without a shower or fixing my hair at 705.When I walked out I was fuming. I never said anything so I dont know if it counts as a Bridezilla moment. But I’ve ranted about it over and over to Darling Husband, who tells me he had the whole other cottage to himself and he was just hanging out drinking beer. Jealous.

People had zero tact. Oh, and the pics of the bridal party never happened, my Mom didnt even show up, and it was just me and my sister in the end, complaining about how Mom is a total b.

At least it’s over!

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  • Wedding: September 2013 - B&B

I suppose I had one today with my Mom… my mom is an amazing lady and a great planner. Also, she is paying for half, I am coming up with most of the other half. We got INTO it today about a mashed potato bar. See, 90% of the details we agree on. But that other 10%… OYE. My mom has been quoted as saying “It may be YOUR wedding but it’s MY reception that I’m throwing in your honor!” I mean, I can only try to logically argue my points when we disagree since she IS paying.

But the mashed potato bar… yikes! First of all, we’re having a cocktail/hors d’ouevres style reception. Her original idea was to have fruit/veggie/cheese/olive displays, one carving station, and then 9 passed meat based hors’ douevres. (And an extensive dessert bar… Yippee!) Well, one of my bridesmaids is a vegetarian. I am not quite sure if any of our other guests will be, but it’s a possibility.

So I told her a little while ago we NEED to have at least two more vegetarian options. Meat eaters can eat the vegetarian options, they don’t HAVE to have 9 meat options… or that we add some hors d’ouevres and have 11 or so. And every person who truly knows me knows mashed potatoes are my FAVORITE food.

My mom was SO against the bar. She hates the idea! She thinks it’s not fancy enough, thinks that no one will eat it, thinks they will get cold too fast, etc… and it just blew up into being about me feeling frustrated that she so easily shoots down what my Fiance and I like so she can fulfill “her vision” and that it really IS my wedding and she goes into why if she disagrees she’s being disrespectful and controlling but I’M allowed to stomp my feet and whine (and this was over text, so no literal feet stomping or whining lol.) Ohhhh man.

Fortunately, we laughed about it later tonight. Because we managed a compromise (it will be a passed option instead of a “bar”) and realized we were arguing over POTATOES.

Seems like food is going to be an issue… we did also sort of argue over star shaped, icing covered donuts being included in the desert bar… I was pro donut, she was NOT. But she agreed to it more readily than the mashed potato bar haha.

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We’re still early on in the planning process so we haven’t had many opportunities for Bridezilla moments… yet!

I have a funny groom-zilla moment to share, though.

When my fiance and I were touring venues for our ceremony and reception (as we’re having both at the same place), we toured a pretty little vineyard. The vineyard owner told us that, due to city regulations, our reception music would need to be off by 10pm because of sound ordinances. My fiance immediatly pulled me aside and said, “I don’t mean to be a bridezilla here, but NO. We’re leaving”

Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious!

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Ive ben one lots of times. I totallt get why women turn nto bridezillas! You have to to get what you want! Sometimes people dont listen!

I said no kids!  If you cant find a babysitter then dont come!  

I want the cake i want not what ‘i get with the package’! 

Yes i will order 20 pairs of shoes online until i find the perfect pair!

And my favorite phrase ‘ yes it is necessary!!!’  

It feels really good to get what i want! Im proud of myself when i know that my wedding will be what i want it to be because i put my foot down!


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  • Wedding: September 2012

I’ve had a small one recently because we thought we were going to have to cancel the wedding because our financial backer (my shit father) backed out at the last second and cut off the family. We found a way for everything to be paid for, though, so that’s a relief. 

So – In the couple weeks that we thought we may not have a wedding, I had a friend of my mom’s checking in on me every day to make sure I was okay. The thing is, she kept saying, “If you have to downsize it and have it at your aunt’s house, let me know. I need at least 3 weeks to plan it,” or “You might just have to be okay with not getting the wedding you want.” Now – saying these once or twice is fine, but when I’m hearing it multiple times a day, every day (from my aunt, also!), it gets really frustrating to the point where I had to stop her and be like, “HEY. This is MY wedding that I want, and we are GOING to make this happen. STOP telling me that it’s okay that I may not to be able to have my wedding. I’ve been planning this for over a year and IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.”

I know she was trying to be helpful, but it was really just making me mad that she kept telling me that I had to be okay with things (possibly) being canceled, after Fiance and I spent over a year planning it all ourselves. Not only that – but IF I had decided that I was going to change the wedding and have it be smaller at one of their houses, I would plan it, not them. I can do this, people! I don’t need you to do it for me!

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@Glow girl:  you scare me a little.

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I had a melt down over the Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses (I had a thread about it a couple months ago). Basically, I had the perfect dress in mind, but my bm’s wanted to see if they could find anything. What they picked as SO BAD and not wedding appropriate at all. So I went to order the original dress, it was out of stock….I stayed calm and chose another one…well there was a 3 day yelling match over the new dress. One liked it, the other didnt….It wasnt like I was putting them in a poofy sleeve tutu dress. So when I went to put in the order, the original dress came back i stalk (sooo happy) so I ordered it….THEN they chimmed in that they didnt like it and wanted something else. I snapped!!! I screamed and screamed and told them it was MY WEDDING AND IF THEY DIDNT LIKE IT THEN DONT COME!! Not my finest hour, but geeze!!

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