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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Favourite or currently using…


Cologne: None. I dispise cologne on guys- so none.

Deodarant: Old spice (switches between three different kinds)

Shoe size: 10

Accessory: He has his nipple pierced, but doesn’t really like it anymore.

Phone: iphone 3g, (he bought me an iphone 4 and took my hand me down <3)

Car: Totota Tacoma:) I got his hand me down here!

Video Game: a few but not often. Once a month maybe? Would rather be rock climbing

Soda: root beer or coke

Song: Probably Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

Cologne: Abercrombie Fierce (The floor spray which is more POTENT!)

Deodarant: It varies, mostly old spice. 

Shoe size: 9

Accessory: Um lets see, NHL Jerseys, His goalie equipment, his masks especially. Anything hockey related lol. 

Phone: LG EnV touch

Car: Volkswagon Jetta

Video Game: NHL on xbox

Soda: Doesn’t really drink soda, he is addicted to Gatorade. 

Song: He is a classic rock kinda guy. “Run to You” by Bryan Adams seems to be his song now. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

Cologne: Dolce & Gabbana The One

Deodarant: Axe

Shoe size: 13

Accessory: Phone

Phone: droid

Car: Nissan Pathfinder

Video Game: NCAA Football

Soda: Trying to lay off, but loves Coke

Song: Old school R&B, but loves Timbaland

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2012

Cologne: Georgio Armani Aqui (I think that’s how it’s spelled)

Deodarant: anything that’s clinical strength

Shoe size: 11

Accessory:  his ring

Phone:  he has a Windows Phone, but I’m not sure what it is…maybe a Samsung?

Car:  he wants some kind of Audi…he currently drives a 2011 Jetta

Video Game: SWTOR (new Star Wars game)

Soda: Mountain Dew Code Red

Song: anything by Eminem


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

We aren’t married yet (hurry up, September!), but I thought this was fun and I liked learning about your SOs, I hope it’s ok to share some info about mine!

Cologne:  None. Neither of us like cologne.

Deodarant: Old Spice- not sure what scent

Shoe size:12- 13

Accessory: He has a sneaker obsession. The boy owns as many, if not more, pairs of shoes as I do. He also loes his watch.

Phone: Currently a Blackberry

Car: 2003 (maybe 2004?) Subaru WRX

Video Game: All of them. Seriously. Current/recent faves would be the Assasin’s Creed games, the new Zelda and Skyrim.

Soda: None

Song: Ever changing. 

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Bumble bee

Cologne:  Tim McGraw.

Deodarant:  Old Spice

Shoe size:  um… 9 or 10?  I don’t keep track.

Accessory:  Watch, chain (both of which I bought him) and his wedding band.  I guess those are accessories?

Phone:  iPhone 4s.  Quite surprised with that one as he was so anti-Mac products.

Car:  2008 GMC Sierra and 97 Ford Ranger… and a multitude of other farm trucks, tractors and semi’s/tandums.

Video Game:  Not a gamer at all, except for the old and new Nintendo games.

Soda:  Beer. 😉  But seriously, Mountain Dew.

Song:  At the moment, I’d have to say Cimorelli’s version of “Price Tag”.  He likes a good harmony… but that changes every couple days.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Cologne: Versace Blue Jeans

Deodarant: Old Spice

Shoe size: erm… 10?

Accessory:  I think my DH is the first one with a ton of accessories? He’s got more shoes than myself, He owns about 8 watches including a rolex, nixon, tag, etc., He has two pairs of glasses that he switches depending on the outfit, he has different man necklaces (lol, feels weird saying he has necklaces), he has 2 pocket knives, a fancy chain and a work chain for his wallet, and hats (not baseball hats, other types of hats).

Phone:  iPhone 4s

Car:  Lexus RX300

Video Game: There are so many… Boyfriend or Best Friend3, Forza 4, Fable, Dragon Age, any many more.

Soda: Diet Pepsi

Song: I have no idea. he listens to so much music.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2012

Cologne:   Calvin Klein Escape

Deodorant:  Old Spice

 Shoe size: 10.5 – 11

Accessory: Oakley Sunglasses

Phone: Droid X

Car: 2012 VW GTI

Video Game: COD MW3

Soda: Mountain Dew

Song: Ice Ice Baby

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Cologne: Usher VIP… Clinique Happy is a close 2nd

Deodarant: Degree

Shoe size: 14 or 15. Poor boo, a lot of places don’t carry his size.

Accessory: Kindle Fire. He LOVES that thing!

Phone: Android

Car: Honda

Video Game: Madden 2012

Soda: Not a big soda person. He’d rather have lemonade or sweet tea!

Song: Probably somethin gangsta and aggressive to work out to

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2011

Cologne: he wears several different ones, my favorite is burberry the beat

Deodarant: old spice sport something or other

Shoe size: 11

Accessory: he likes a good fedora

Phone: iphone

Car: saturn aura

Video Game: Minecraft, his groomscake was a creeper.

Soda: I don’t know, all of them depending on his mood

Song: I don’t know his favorite song, he likes all kinds of music but his favorite band is probably White Stripes or anything with Jack White

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Bumble bee

Cologne: Tim Magraws cause he says he smells like a real man with it. 

Deodarant: Powder olds spice

Shoe size: 9

Accessory: nothing

Phone: blacberry

Car: TRUCK, dodge ram

Video Game: NHL. He is excellent at any shooting game but he never plays

Soda: gingerale

Song: changes alot.  He loved that new Nickelback one though.

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Cologne: Gap Deep mmmmm…

Deodorant: Old Spice

Shoe Size: 11

Accessory: Baseball Hat or Knit Hat always a hat

Phone: Cheapo phone that he can beat up

Car: Ford F-150

Video Game: Madden 12

Song: Depends on his mood he likes everything from Jimi to GaGa (he might hurt me for sharing that lol)

Soda: Doesn’t really drink much, Pepsi maybe





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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2019 - City, State

Cologne: Ocean (bath and body works)

Deodarant: ax something or other

Shoe size: 13

Accessory: skull cap

Phone: HTC Incredible

Car: 1996 Camaro Z28 (which pisses me off because that means my car is the family car and im bound to be the one responsible for owning a family friendly car. such crap i tell you!

Video Game: Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, or any other game he can get his hands on. him and my son are xbox freaks. I cant even work the controllers

Soda: Mountain Dew, or a MonsterRed Bull, if its not mountain dew (only sometimes) he doesnt drink pop

Song: anything in this general grouping of bands : a day to remember, asking alexandria, 30 seconds to mars, breaking benjamin, 10 years, a perfect circle, story of the year, or any kind of rock basically. Although, he somehow knows the words to nsync songs and really likes adele. He’s strange.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

Just my SO, but i’ll play! 

Cologne: He has one of the bath and body works ( i don’t remember which)

Deodarant: Mitchums

Shoe size: 12-13

Accessory: hmmm probably hats. He wears baseball hats in the summer and knit caps in the winter

Phone: Iphone4

Car: Ford Taurus

Video Game: Ugh…so many lol, COD, Madden, NHL, anything for xbox lol

Soda: anything faygo (is that just a Michigan thing?)

Song: Promises Promises – Incubus

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Cologne: Axe lol i dont think this really counts though

Deodarant: Old Spice Orginal

Shoe size:12-13

Accessory: Ivy Cap, and Sunglasses

Phone: Android Pantech

Car: 2002 Saab and 2004 Grand Prix GTP

Video Game:Batman Arkam Asulum

Soda: Dr. Pepper

Song: Hes really into Dupstep right now

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