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Ughhh…going through the same thing. Such a horrible experience.

This person, whichever name or shop she is using now refuses to give me my money back and I have not even gotten a single item from her. I initiated contact with [moderated for privacy] from her original shop on Etsy called parcelpostwedding on May 13, 2013.  I was looking to buy wedding invitations that she had listed for sale. As we all know wedding invitations are very time sensitive and need to go out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. My wedding is on 9/14 so i started the process a couple months early to make sure there was no reason I wouldn’t be able to get my invites out before the 8 week mark. [moderated for privacy] had said that after proofing was settled it would take about 2 weeks so I moved forward. She also mentioned that she preferred to use personal email so I began contacting her through her personal email address instead of through Etsy.  When it came time to pay [moderated for privacy] gave me a link for a different shop in Etsy called Ohcarapapers and the shop owener was named [moderated for privacy]…I thought this was very odd so I emailed her back to make sure it was correct and that I was not paying the wrong shop. She assured me it was correct and that it was the shop that production was out of. I paid for my order in full ($295!!!!) on May 24th and we were completely done with proofing on June 6th. I did actually enter into a contract that she made that stated production time would be 3 weeks which I was okay with because I would still have them by the end of June and able to get them out before July 14th no problem.  [moderated for privacy] ended up waiting until Monday June 10th to go to production but also said that it really shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. About a week into production I emailed just to check in and get an update…It was a Monday..I then ended up emailing her Wednesday and Friday and didn’t hear back. I started to worry but she finally responded and apologized because her sister had a baby. I didn’t think anything of it after that and [moderated for privacy] said it was still looking like 2 week finish. I didnt hear anything again. I emailed her at day 1 of week 4 same thing, emailed her on a Monday, Wed, Fri. Once day 1 of week 5 hit I tried calling. Tried Texting. Tried convoing through Etsy and nothing. I finally came to the realization that I would not be getting my wedding invitations on time. It is July 17th and I still do not have them. I am past my deadline that she was aware of. In the contract that she made me agree to I stated I needed them by June 30th. She was okay with this and moved forward. At this point I sent her one last email saying I would like to cancel my order and asked for a refund. Then she finally responds saying only that we will need to initiate a postal insurance claim. I repsonded and asked her for the package tracking number if it was shipped..since I never even got so much as a production update. She replied saying that USPS ground service did not come with a tracking number. Which I find it strange that she insured the package but didn’t track it. I also asked other Etsy sellers and they assured me that it could be tracked and little to no cost. So I stated again that I would like my order cancelled and money refunded in full. She asked how I paid, again strange because all Etsy sellers have to do is check their sold orders.  I asked again when I could expect my refund with no response..then told her I would be expecting it in 24 hours or I would be filing a case against her with Etsy. Well….[moderated for privacy] was smart and marked me as shipped the day after I paid on May 25th and I didn’t catch it because I never thought to look at my receipt after I paid. She went in and changed it knowing I wouldn’t look. I have tried appealing with Etsy but they said since I am past the 45 day mark after shipping there is nothing they can do. I have even told them I can prove that she didn’t ship on that date and have every email correspondence from her. They did not care. All of this shops feedback is horrible, but of course it wasn’t bad before I made the purchase. If you check out the shop feedback everyone is having the same problems I am. I was forced to buy invitations elsewhere and rush order because they need to go out. [moderated for privacy] still is not responding to my refund request, Etsy will not help me.

I did just file a case with IC3 a few hours ago against [moderated for privacy] and all her shop names. But I don’t know what else to do. Etsy refuses to help. I have emailed them countless times. And she will not respond in regards to my refund. :(((

I also just filed with the BBB against Etsy too for not doing anything about this when clearly many people have complained.

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