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I would wait a few more months. Very few people I know had their kids potty trained right after turning 2. I potty trained my daughter this summer and she turned 3 at the end of August- but when she was ready-BAM- only took a week for days and nights potty trained. I bought My Little Pony panties and that worked- because no one wants to crap on Rainbow Dash!

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I used treats to get my son to go potty and my daughter is learning from watching her brother mostly. Before he seemed interested I would let him watch me go and after I was done I would get one of the treats and eat it. Eventually he went once and he got one of the special treats. After that he was constantly saying he had to go just to get a treat. My daughter has picke up on the same thing. She just turned 2 a few days ago and she is almost completely trained except at night. My son took a bit longer because he didn’t care if he was walking around wet or dirty but my daughter can’t stand it so she started potty training herself earlier. I find treats are a great way to do it and my son stopped getting treats when he stopped asking for them. I wasn’t grabbing them for him unless he specifically asked. It only took a few weeks to break him of the treats. For him I used mini gummybears because they were in a sealed container. My daughter is getting mini MnMs in the tubes. They get 1 for going #1 and 2 for going #2.

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I agree with PP.  Wait a little while longer.  There’s no special prize for potty training early.  Honestly, I can’t even remember when mine were trained, now…LOL….

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Luckily it’s not a race.  She’s just not physically ready so be wary of trying to get her to do something that she may not physically be able to do.    Also, some kids never use potties.  They prefer using nappies until their bladder is totally under their control and  then they miss out the potty stage altogether and go straight to the toilet stage.  

My daughter refused to use a potty.  Somewhere between the age of two and a half and the age of three she used the bathroom toilet by using a special designed children’s toilet seat that fitted on the adult toilet seat.  At that stage she was dry day and night.  I think that she had one ‘accident’ at night and never had another.  I can’t remember exactly how old she was because it really doesn’t matter. 

Looking back I remember that lots of people boasted that their children were potty trained at one year or eighteen months but actually I think that they just got lucky placing their child over a potty when the child needed to pee.  The child wasn’t in control at all.  The parents must have (secretly) had so much clothes and bedding washing to do.

The other subject of boasting was bedtime.  One set of parents used to boast that their toddler went to bed at 6pm every night.  What I later found out was this same child woke up at 4am every single morning.  

Children do things in their own time.  A small but significant proportion of boys still aren’t dry at night at the age of seven.  They all get there eventually but the best thing is not to get too hung up about these things.



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I would wait till she’s about 2 1/2. My daughter is almost 3 and has mastered naked potty training. Now we are getting her to use panties. She’ll go potty but when she’s outside playing…she has accidents. Most kids at 2 can’t sit still for an extended period of time. It seems like she’s just not ready. Try getting her a potty book and some big girl panties. Read her the potty book while she’s on the potty. Or try sitting her on a real toilet. Sometimes kids don’t like the small potties. Make sure u take her to the bathroom when you go. Hope this helps. I would give her more time if the panties an book doesn’t help.

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s2bmzbrown:  I wouldn’t push potty training.  There’s no use in forcing her to be interested in something that she just plain isn’t- right now.

Potty training is not a milestone- you don’t get an award (except no more buying diapers or laundering cloth diapers)- for having her trained early.  As a matter of fact- the earlier you push more, the more accidents you’ll end up dealing with, which is more of a nightmare than diapers.

My son showed interested at 18 months, then totally became uninterested.  He basically woke up one day and wanted to use the potty- and trained himself.  He was three.  We ever had accidents, and it was stress free for everyone.

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Check out 3 day potty training online. It’s great info on potty training. The trick is all positive reinforcement(a treat, sticker on the chart, smile and praises) and consistency. Two things that make anything in parenting easier. 

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