(Closed) Potty training at early age, anyone have any luck?

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I am not due until September but I have several friends with small children who started much younger than that even. There is something called ‘infant potty training’ in which you are not actually teaching the child to hold their bladder but you are studying how they communicate that they might need to go to the bathroom so you can get them to the potty at the right time instead of arbitrarily putting them on it when they might not have to go. 

I don’t know the title of the book but I can ask, there are quite a few websites about it that may be useful for you. http://www.parentingscience.com/infant-toilet-training.html

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As a caregiver of young children, and an education student, unfortuantly, I am with your husband.  Typically a child that young isn’t developmentally ready to be potty trained.  Yes, it may be possible, but it could involve putting more stress on thier little brains than they need.  Thier brains are already learning, processing, and growing so much at this age.  

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Disclaimer: I have never potty trained anyone!  But, from friends’ experiences, I think it is called elimination communication and at very young ages is not exactly the same as potty training.  It teaches very young babies how to use a (usually infant friendly!) toilet and communicate, or at least have the parent recognize the signs, when it is needed.  However, it does not go so far as to teach children how to “hold it”; I have heard it referred to as training the parents well!

Every baby is different; you can continue to expose your baby to the toilet at the very least, which does not have to be stressful.  Or so I hear, again this is all secondhand!  Good luck 🙂

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brokeninnj:  my parents trained both my sister and I to signal for the potty before we were 1 year old. They used elimination communication and it was super effective! I will be using it with my own future babies.   

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I work at a preschool. The teachers and I kind of all secretly laugh at the parents who say they’re trying potty training at that age. Unless they are communicating, I haven’t seen it happen. They need to be able to say “I need to go potty!” They should also communicate annoyance at a dirty diaper and let you know they want to be changed. 

Also, you said 2 years and under.. There is a huge difference in 14 months and 2 years of age.  

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I think full-on potty training prior to two isn’t terribly successful for most toddlers, but you can certainly start potty learning and getting them familiar with the process. My seventeen month old daughter has been using the potty in the morning and just before her bath for a couple of months now and she’s starting to signal that she wants to do poos in it during the day (she tries to take off her pants!).  I’m in no hurry to have her toilet trained but I see no harm in following her cues and getting her familiar with the proces.

As an aside, I did read somewhere that a good indicator that a toddler is ready to toilet train is when they are able to climb up and down stairs upright and without assistance.

http://www.katesurfs.com/category/elimination-communication/ is a good blog if you want to learn more about elimination communication.


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Although the elimination communication is pretty effective (and could help a lot), children are NOT ready to be potty trained until you see them walk up the stairs one stair per footstep CONSISTENTLY. That is to say, if you see your child going one leg up, other leg joins the first instead of one leg up other leg goes to the NEXT step, s/he does not have full development and awareness of the muscles needed for sphincter control. 

Parents who potty train their children before this developmental milestone have children who don’t only use their sphincter muscles but the surrounding pelvic floor muscles to “control” themselves.

🙂 Good luck!

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  brokeninnj:  I think it depends on the individual. Some kids start paying attention to the fact that they have to potty at an early age, and some don’t. My mom says I was potty trained by 2, because I started showing signs of having to use the bathroom when I was around 16 months old. Apparently I hated the feeling of a wet diaper so much that I started taking them off myself and bringing them to my mom. Haha. But my brother wasn’t fully potty trained until he was almost 4 because he didn’t care about sitting in a dirty diaper.

I also used to babysit a little girl who was ready to start being potty trained around 2. She wasn’t going on the potty yet, but she had to be changed less and less and would let you know when she needed to be changed.

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brokeninnj:  I would suggest first teaching her a signal to use when she needs to go to the bathroom. Communication is very important here.

Also, if she has ANY adverse reactions to the potty, don’t force it. It could cause more stress than good. 

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Soon2ElopeBee:  I disagree completely with this theory. 

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my cousin’s baby is 15 months and they’ve started potty training her. she’s been doing very well- she hasn’t had a poop “accident” in about 3 weeks and when she wakes up in the morning, first thing she does is go to the potty. she’s been talking for several months and has a pretty big vocab, so i think that helps

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Im a mom of an almost 3yr old, i work fulltime and so does my husband.

We tried potty training after she turned 2, she would pee in the potty and even pooped once but its so hard to keep on it, we’ve started again because she now tells us when she pees or poops.

I think overall its hard to potty train them.

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Does she have her own potty? In my experience with little ones, it’s easier for them to learn on their own small potty than having to lift them on the big potty all the time.

My mom’s rule has always been if they’re old enough to walk they’re old enough to be potty trained. Have her try and go potty about 20 minutes after she eats and also have her go potty at the same time that you are going potty. Consistency is key, once you start don’t go back and forth, because that’s what confuses kids and makes training take longer.

But definitely get her a potty if you don’t have one already

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Kids have no control over their

bladder until at least 2yrs.

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