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Daycare took care of most of it.  Once potty trained, the children moved one by one to the next age group and room; none of the kids wanted to be last.

Frequent trips to “try” until they figure out the feeling they have when they need to do their business.  No punishments for accidents (they learn to fear potty training if it involves punishment in any way.)

Lots of praise and something special when they have big accomplishments.  First pee in the potty equals special prize or outing.  First poop in the potty equals a special prize or outing.  Then keep a calendar and for each day they don’t have an accident they get a star; once they have a certain number of stars they earn a special prize or outing.  Prizes can be toys, books, princess/superhero underwear, trip to toy store, trip to zoo, trip to art/history museum, etc…  Try to avoid food because it’s a bad idea to associate food with accomplishments and may cause issues later.

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@beachbride1216:  —> THIS

Great advice.  The reward system works for sure. 

My kids were quick to catch on… but mind you… they have to “ready”. 

Not every child is the same, some are more ready / interested / motivated sooner than others (judge by whether they have the ability of self control… are they staying dry thru the night?). 

If you start BEFORE they are ready, the only person getting trained IS YOU… as you’ll be the one constantly putting them on the potty / asking if they have to go etc*.  It needs to be the other way round… they need to be able to convey to you that they don’t want to do in their diaper any more because they get to feel it is uncomfortable or not the “grown up” thing to do.

* IF you push the issue before they are truly ready, it will become a bigger problem, as they won’t take well to nagging, and could actually start hiding from you (going off on their own quietly somewhere) when they need to take a dump in their diaper… as they’ll associate it with being a bad thing / disappointing you… they don’t react well to being pressured (they are too young to understand / connect the dots).  It all just seems too much for them, and that they are BAD.  You don’t want that… as THAT could make for bigger psychological issues as they get older.

Hope this helps,


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I work with child protective services and notice that there is a surge in physical abuse of potty-training aged children and our reports typically reflect that the parent was having problems potty training.  So I agree with @This Time Round:  that if the child just isn’t quite ready yet, take a break for a few days or a week or two and then try again.  Don’t let yourself get too angry or upset by accidents because they will happen.  Know when to remove yourself from the situation and ask for assistance if it’s get too tough.

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Make a big deal out of it, get family members to clap for her and praise her evertime and also tell her wat a good girl she is etc.  

Potty should be in a spot that ia accesible for her, like near the toilet or sth.

I tell my 2.5 yr old about 2 mins before we go for peepee to get ready for potty.

But because its such drama, I have a 5month old and now I have started potty training her so she can get used to the idea (my 2.5 sees this and it has helped him peepee in the potty like baby)

GOOD LUCK and let me know how its goes love

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I practically threw a parade every time she’d go in the potty. Took a lot of trips to the bathroom. Dd had very few accidents she really would get upset if it happened. I let her pick out her own potty it was a princess potty, she loved it. She then graduated to the little cushion you put on a regular toilet she picked that’s and princess panties she was good to go. Took about a month to ween her to 100% panties. 

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TO @MrsDPal811:  sounds like her mind is beginning to connect the dots… as noted try to keep it light… no shame involved (and I worry about her getting all fussed about failing).

Agree with @beachbride1216: sometime you just have to take a break from it all.

Had one child (a girl) who we tried with because they showed signs of being ready… but it was frustrating because it was us who were doing the majority of the work.

So we stopped for a few months…

Then summer rolled around (she was pushing 3) and quite the talker… she saw all of us hanging out in the backyard in our bathing suits… and she loved her kiddie pool and wearing her bathing suit too (she associated the bathing suit with fun)… and she associated the diaper in the HOT weather with being hot and sweaty, not fun (and not the same as us).

She asked us WHY she couldn’t wear her bathing suit all the time too.  We explained, it was because she had to wear a diaper because she didn’t go in the Potty all the time like BIG PEOPLE. 

Lol, honest to god, this child who I couldn’t find a way to get the idea into her head, connected the dots on her own right then and there… she trained herself in one day… and was poo trained within the weekend.  She had found the self-motivation that we just couldn’t put our fingers on.

Lol, she spent a good deal of that summer parading around the house in her bathing suit (lol believe I went out and bought her a couple more)… she was SOOOO PROUD !!


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@MrsDPal811:  A good friend of mine did a 3 day no diaper/underwear long weekend that she had read about, and it worked wonders. The way it works is for 3 days you stay at home and the child wears no underwear or diapers during the day. Children really don’t like the feeling of pee running down their legs, so it really encourages them to get in tune with what the sensation feels like. Her daughter had 2 accidents over the 3 days, but is now completely potty trained, and hasn’t had an accident since. 

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