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Bumble bee

I was wondering this too. Usually in the morning I get up and go straight to the shower so I was thinking about keeping it in my bathroom and doing it there. I was going to keep track of my temps in my phone.

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Honey bee
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I was thinking of starting next cycle as well. I get up and go right to the shower also, and was thinking the same thing, take it in the bathroom first thing and save it on my phone to add to my chart. Would like to hear what other current charters/temp takers are doing!

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Blushing bee
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TCOYF says you shouldn’t even get out of bed before taking it. Mine seems to only be affected by time taken, not getting up – but everyone is different.

My phone is my alarm. So I set my thermometer on top of my phone at night. That way I have to grab the thermometer to make the alarm stop ringing. 

Evenutally you’ll go to bed anxious to see what your temperature is in the morning. By that point, you will no longer forget. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Hey Ladies! You must take your temp as soon as you wake up while you are still laying in bed. Even shaking down a non digital thermometer is enough movement to change your BBT, so it’s probably too much to run to the bathroom before temping. 

Some thermometers store the temp in a memory function, like this one:


You can just temp, go back to sleep, and use the memory function when you wake up to record the temp. However, I am a little paranoid because once or twice the memory function on mine didn’t work perfectly, so I usually enter the temp into my Fertility Friend phone app right away.  Because I am paranoid, I also have a paper chart next to my bed and I enter the temp in there once I am ready to get up. 

Good luck!

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I keep my thermometer right next to my bed so I just reach over and grab it.  After a few months now, it’s just instinct.  Alarm goes off at 7am, temp, then roll over and fall asleep again – half the time I dont even really remember if i took it.  I have a thermometer with memory, so I just turn it on again later to check and enter it into FF.

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Helper bee
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I keep the thermometer right next to my alarm clock, so like a lot of the ladies here, I temp as soon as I wake up.  Mine doesn’t store the temp (it’s old), so I just enter it into my app as soon as I take it.

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i have my alarm set. i wake up, grab the thermometer, and then lay back down while it works. when it beeps that its done, i enter the number in my cell phone and go back to bed if its a weekend.  ๐Ÿ™‚  or else, i get up for work. my temp is greatly affected even by taking my covers off! so i have to do it fast when i open my eyes.  or at least keep it the same thing. FF can notice patterns in the tempartures even if its not as soon as you wake up, as long as you do the same thing each morning.. though its recommended to do it before even putting your feet on the floor.   ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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When I was charting I just kept my thermometer right next to the bed with my cell phone (which doubles as the alarm clock in our room). Alarm would go off, I’d roll over and turn it off, grab the thermometer, temp, then plug it into FF on the phone.

It pretty much became second nature when I was at home to do. The times I had issues were when I was traveling – we visited my parents for a weekend and went on a cruise while I was temping and both completely threw me off.

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Honey bee
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I set my phone alarm, roll over shove the therm in my mouth, then get out of bed once it’s done. I suggest entering your temps on Fertility Friend. I use the app right on my phone.

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Bumble bee

Weird question… do you need light to do this? I wake up at 5, my bf wakes up around 8 so I usually get woken up by my alarm and go straight to the shower without even turning on the light. I don’t want to wake him up every morning because I need to turn on the bedroom light

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Sugar bee
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Keep your phone next to your bed with your thermometer. Get the Fertility Friend app so that you can record the temp as soon as you take it. I am a light sleeper, night-pee-er, and up-early-with-the-dog-sometimes kind of sleeper so I just took my temp anytime from, say, 3:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., depending on when I had the longest stretch of sound, restful sleep. My charting worked just fine. You are looking for trends — it’s not an exact science. If you need to set an alarm, go for it, but once you start charting, the first few weeks are like Christmas morning every morning — you will not forget! And after that it just becomes a habit.

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@givemecouture:  Some of the therms do light up, otherwise I just used the light of my phone screen to read the temp. Most therms do beep, though…

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