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It’s interesting to me that there are such strong opinions on this…

I can understanding how it might be annoying when someone posts things like this every day or multiple times a day. I have a friend like that and I just skim over her posts generally (my highschool-age brothers also do this which cracks me up a little bit :-P).

But that said, I’m a words of affirmation sort of woman (5 Love Languages annyone?) so I love any words of praise or appreciation from my husband, wether in person, in writing, or even in the facebook realm. Usually we will just text eachother those things when we’re apart during the day, or I’ll leave him notes, but once in a while one or the other of us will post something on facebook. I don’t see it as bragging so much as letting the other person know that you think they’re great enough that you want the whole world…or virtual world, I suppose….to know. I think it’s good to praise eachother in public once in a while.

I have a couple facebook friends who do this really well. They’ve been married a while and have adopted four children and I always find it sweet when they post something about the little, everyday things their spouse has done that they appreciate (staying up all night with a sick kid, planning a special date, doing something special with the kids, etc.). I find it a good reminder to express my appreciation for the things that my husband does, whether you do it on facebook or in person. 

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When tastefully done, I think it’s okay. Anniversaries, important events, etc are fine to post about and mention to friends without anyone assuming you’re bragging in any way. Your spouse is a part of your life and you shouldnt have to hide that. I also feel that it depends what you use your FB for…. I use mine for business as well as job interest, therefore I really don’t post anything about my private relationships on my wall. Future directors and employers don’t need to or WANT to (in my business) hear how dedicated you are to your family. Sad as it is. 


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I don’t understand why so many people care…it’s just facebook! You are allowed to post and say whatever you want, and if others don’t like it then they can remove you from their updates so that they don’t have to see it. I think it’s fine to post once in awhile to each other, it’s just another way of showing you care…just like telling them in person, leaving notes around the house, texting them, etc. it’s the same thing. Although I do not like people who literally do it every single day, I just remove them from my updates and it’s no big deal. I honestly never understood people who are completely against posting to people you know…it’s a social media website, that is what it is for.

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I think it is ok once in a while, when you only post about your SO, it gets really annoying. I have a cousin who really only posts about her now DH,mostly about- Beating him at games, flowers her got her, XYZ why he is so great (maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much is he weren’t really a douche). I honestly think it is over kill.

There was the funniest picture on pinterest about posting flowers that you got on facebook, I spent forever trying to find it to post on this thread, but I couldn’t find it:(

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I agree that on anniversaries, birthdays, etc, it’s cute. But every freaking day or very often? It’s just not. But I also have a problem when people brag about ANYTHING all the time on FB. Jobs, kids, weightloss, social life, whatever (with an accompanying picture of course). It just seems as though people go out of their way to make sure everyone knows their life is sweet, and 9 times outta 10, it’s NOT. 

I’m friends with an ex from highschool, and his Girlfriend posts how much she loves him damn near everyday, and posts youtube videos of love songs, etc. She also says things like “Baby, I know we haven’t had the perfect relationship, but it its ALL good now, and noone will ever come between us!” By the way, he’s a known cheater, so I see right through all that. What’s worse is that he NEVER responds back (hopefully he does to her face).

These are all along the lines of people who post pictures of what they’ve cooked that day Undecided. I can just imagine them plating it oh so perfectly to take the perfect pic and then post online, so someone can say “Wow, can I come over?” LOL. I just despise when people are obviously going for the “likes”. Or those folks that announce they are “cleaning out their friend list”. Pshh. I just hate attention-whoring altogether.

ETA: This reminds me of when a couple I used to go to the gym with got engaged. Had alllllll their engagement pictures online, the girl was constantly posting about her save the dates and her weightloss for her wedding overseas and counting down (I HATE the countdown.)and  all this hoopla. Then suddenly, BAM. He dumps her, she defriends everyone and moves. 

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I think it depends…

There is this one recently married couple on my Facebook who is constantly writing long, mushy love notes to each other publically on their walls. It comes off like their bragging about how epically perfect their relationship is to everyone on their friends lists. Also it’s just a bit nauseating.

I have another friend who occasionally writes “I have the best Girlfriend ever! :)” and things like that and I think it’s sweet.

I do sometimes post things about my DH on Facebook. Just last week I wrote “My awesome husband brought me breakfast in bed!!” (one friend asked “Does he deliver?” lol) and on his birthday/our anniversary/other special times I’ll write something nice for him.

I think it’s fine to be boastful sometimes, even on Facebook. Usually friends are happy to support and applaud you! I posted recently that my Church approved the logo I designed for them and everyone was like “Yay congrats!” I think it’s rubbing it in people’s faces that annoys people.

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What MisssPumpkinBarry said. It’s fine if it’s tactful and not overly done.

I have this one girl on my FB who I’m not super close to, but she’s in the same group of friends as us. Her posts are so aggrivating.

“I LOOOOVE YOU first name, last name!!!!!!!!” Followed by a picture of flowers or some trinket that he got her. That, and constant posts about her dog and husband’s every move. It crossed the line when she posted a picture of her DH sleeping in a chair with the caption “AAAWWW LOVE HIM”. How about some privacy, please? 460 some odd people do not want to see a picture of your husband sleeping. And if he used FB he’d probably be pissed.


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Na, it really annoys me when my friends do that, most of them end up blocked(but I’m mean) haha. Once in a while is ok, but more than once a month or so and it just looks a little desperate IMO

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I think it’s sweet – once in a while.  My Fiance has a friend who always posts graphic things about his wife… unfriended.  I’ll post things once in a while (not even once a month) when MrJ does something really sweet for me.  I usually don’t tag him, though – his friends don’t care, and my friends know who “my fiance” or “MrJ” is.  As for writing on each other’s wall – that can get old.

I like seeing my happily married friends say nice things about each other though.  You had a great date night with your husband? Awesome! 

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I thought a little about this and I could see if it would be okay (if done rarely) if it made your spouse happy.  I know if my Fiance went out of his way to order me flowers or do something really nice, he’d secretly be pleased to see me bragging about him?  I still don’t think I ever post like this, but I do brag about him on Twitter because I know it makes him feel appreciated.   But I don’t use Facebook the way I use Twitter– which is for every-single-thing-that-happens-to-me.

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