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I just had an appointment last week for this very reason. According to my doctor you are doing everything you should be. 

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At my appointment my OB also went over my medication list to make sure everything was safe for a potential pregnancy.  She recommened I see a specialist for my asthma to create a plan for what we would do if it got worse during pregnancy. 


My doctor also did some basic blood work on various days in my cycle, I cant remember if she recommended that or if I asked for that.  The bloodwork tested my AMH, FSH, progesterone etc.  It was a pain because you have to go in several times during your cycle but it ends up giving the doctor helpful information.

I would also ask them how long you should TTC before going back in for a follow up appointment (if unsucessful).  My OB said 4 months, which was helpful because we are now in fertility treatment and if we had waited the commonly recommended year it would have delayed our process.  

Good luck to you!

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I felt a little underwhelmed by my appointment. I guess I should be surprised as I’m in decent health. 

My doctor just reviewed my last bloodwork to determine if it was even worth testing again. She also said not to worry about vaccines because they will do a booster later in pregnancy anyway. I just got a flu shot since this was back in November-ish. 

Other than that, she said to take folic acid/folate and sent me on my way.

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I had one of these before Darling Husband and I were TTC. It was really not helpful but after another interaction with that doctor and practice I realized I hated them, so it might have just been a lazy dr experience. 

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piper628 :  That was my experience! I was in for my annual, but told her we would be TTC within a year and asked if I should make an appointment before then, or what I should do to prepare.  She said I didn’t need a pre-conception appointment, but to take folic acid starting now.  I’m 27 and I’ve had a history of fibroids, ovarian cysts, and I have a heart shaped uterus, so I was surprised that she didn’t want to review any of that before my Fiance and I started TTC.  

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My GP was actually much better and upon hearing that I’m considering TTC, ordered more or less what OP already listed. I’m also older so she also put me in for an AMH test. She also recommended and referred me to an OB/GYN she absolutely trusts.

It looks like the first step is to find a really reliable family doctor!

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Busy bee

Yeah I just mentioned it to my ob/gyn at my annual (in September) that we were probably going to TTC in March/April. She told me to start taking prenatals 3 months in advance, and sent me for a rubella and hepatitis B test. Not sure what the purpose of those were but she made it seem like it was a pretty standard testing routine. We are in the US at a major teaching hospital, if that matters. Her advice was basically “you’re healthy, keep doing what you’re doing, have lots of sex, call me if you haven’t gotten your period 3 months after going off the pill.” 

Good luck! I’m feeling the pre-ttc excitement and even though rationally we want to wait till April, part of me doesn’t want to wait! My cycles have been all over the place since going off the pill in September (I’m so over temping!) so I may call the office in March if things haven’t evened out by then. 

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campingbee :  Hi bee! I just went through this process. I did the rubella titre, will do Day 3 labs when my next cycle starts along with AMH, did some Day 21 labs while I was there. I had a CBC panel, a metabolic panel and a cholesterol panel done. I also did genetic screening for any X-linked abnormalitieis. My partner is going to complete screening as well. 

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I was underwhelmed by my experience. We just talked about my overall health and medication and was told to keep taking prenatal vitamins. 

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These appointments aren’t a thing here in the UK (unless you have a pre existing condition) 

tbh, don’t waste your time. Get some prenatals and have lots of sex 

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Blushing bee

I too had a conversation with my OBGYN discussing that I will be getting married in October of this year and we want to TTC after the wedding (or maybe try a little right before as I definitely don’t want to try now and end up pregnant & too far along by the wedding date)

She told me to schedule an appointment approx 3 months before I want to stop my Birth Control pills and start trying.  So I’m supposed to go in June/ July and do some pre testing, but she didn’t mention what types of tests. 

I was a little anxious and relieved at the same time. I’m just a bit concerned since I will be 37 when we get married and that is considered being “older” TTC and I have had abnormal Pap tests in the past – so she also wants to do a biopsy since I haven’t had one in 4 years. It’s very stressful planning a wedding, thinking about TTC right after and also knowing that I have to schedule a biopsy for next month and more testing in the Summer.

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I went to my obgyn in February for my annual appointment and to tell him we were planning to TTC in Aug. I was 35 and wanted to know if it was OK for us to wait anohter 6 months to start trying or if based on my age, we should start trying earlier.

My Dr couldn’t have been more dismissive of my age. I begged him to “test my fertility” and he acted like those tests don’t exist. He told me that b/c I look young and healthy, and there was nothing weird during my exam, that I was fertile. The only things he said were to watch my caffeine and red wine intake and not to go anywhere with Zika. Also, take folic acid and a prenatal. He specifically was like “don’t worry about buying fancy prenatals or charting or using OPKS”. Thanks Doc, luckily I didn’t listen to that advice. It made wonder if he gets a kickback for infertililty or something (not really I’m just annoyed). 

I also went to my General Practitioner for some general bloodwork. She was a little more helpful and told me to clean up my diet a little before trying and checked my thyroid. My thyroid levels were high so that was a good thing to be aware of before TTC. I’d *really* encourage anyone to get TSH, T4, T3 and Free T3 tested before TTC b/c it takes a few months to correct thyroid issues and it can be a reason for miscarriage. 

I’m about to turn 36 and trying for 7 months with no luck. In hindsight, I feel like I should have done more research before I went to my Obgyn. I now have an appointment with an RE next month, and completely bypassed my Obgyn b/c I just don’t feel like he really listened to me. My fear is that I have low ovarian reserve but we could be dealing with male factor infertility so we won’t REALLY know until late February or March. I just wish I’d demanded he order FSH and AMH for my peace of mind.

TTC is the biggest rollercoaster ride and I truly truly truly encourage anyone that is  tests knocked out before you start trying b/c 6 months with no BFP feels like forever and will probably take an emotional toll on you and possibly your relationship.

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Not related to reproductive health, but if you’re about to TTC you might want to make sure your dental work is up to date. My friend had some issues with a crown falling out while she was pregnant but they couldn’t do anything about it because they couldn’t take X-rays. I made a mental note to make sure my dentist has current x-rays (if realistic and financially feasible with insurance) before I get knocked up…

I saw my gyno last year, about 6 months after my wedding, and asked her if there was anything I need to know when I am ready to go off my BC, besides starting pre-natal vitamins. The only thing she said was that it’s a myth that your body necessarily will take a while to re-regulate after being on the pill for a long time, and I could get pregnant right away. We’re not ready to TTC yet but I’m hoping that’s true when the time comes!

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