(Closed) Pre-conception visit: Did you have one? Was it worth it?

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I’m totally curious about this as well…

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I have had one. It was fairly uneventful (since I am an RN and I work in perinatology I am pretty well-educated in what you need to do when pregnant). We reviewed my medications, tweaked them to make sure they were all pregnancy safe, discussed prenatal vitamins and getting those started prior to TTC, discussed what to do once I got a positive HPT, and what the initial appointments would look like, discussed who I would like to follow me in pregnancy (since I work in the hospital, I can pretty much decide who I want to follow me, they all accept nurses as patients LOL). It might not be as worthwhile if you aren’t on any medications, but was good to do in my case.

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Your doctor will also talk to you about diseases that run in your family/your and your husband’s ethnic backgrounds, etc. For example, i’m half Norweigian, so they would want to test me to see if I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis, and my husband is Jewish of eastern European descent, which has its own genetic baggage.

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I went and it was a waste of time. I’m not on any medications nor do I have any health issues. All she told me was to stop taking the pill and start having unprotected sex. That was it.

If there’s anything you are concerned about, I’d go in just for peace of mind. But if not, then I’d skip it.

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I did not have a “pre-conception” appointment, but we knew that we were going to TTC several months in advance so when i went to my GP for a regular health check up I asked a few questions and she reminded me about vitamins. So in my case it was pretty uneventful, and my GP who also deals with womens health said she does not normally do a separate pre-conception appointments unless someone is on medications or other has other health issues that may interfere with a pregnancy.

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I think it’s beneficial to go and just talk to your OB/GYN about what YOU should be doing prior to TTC. Every woman is different.

I went in for a check up and told them that I would like time set aside for preconception talk. We talked about all the basics. I had already been taking multivitamins already at that point so I confirmed that it would be fine in lieu of “prenatal” vitamins. She said as long as it had enough folic acid it’s fine. Which it does so I just kept taking it.

The other thing I was worried about is that my brother is a carrier of Thalessemia. It’s not an issue if only one parent is a carrier but if both is it can create some conflicts. So I wanted to make sure I was tested. I’m thinking because of that and because I’m Chinese which makes me predisposed to be a carrier of genes that may cause certain birth defects that it was no issue to run bloodwork to test for all of these.

Do a quick google search and if you belong to any of those categories I highly recommend going in for a visits and just having them run tests to be sure.

Mainly for me I just want to be as prepared as possible. Yes the internet is a host of information. But I wanted an opinion from a source I trust, not just some article online.

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I went to one after we started TTC and switched insurances. i received a pelvic exam, mostly because my year was up, but I had been trying for a few months already, so she just wanted to take a looksee. She gave me a bunch of prescription prenatal samples, and we talked about medical history and BBT charting. I think it’s pretty useful information, if you’re having your first child. There’s just so much information out there, it’s nice to get a good briefing on what to expect

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I happened to have an annual physical a few months after we started ttc. i let my doc know that my husband and i were about to start really trying (charting, etc) – she recommended an OB to me in a nearby practice (i recently switched to a midwife, but it was nice to have a starting place) and discussed nutrition, prenatal vitamins, and exercise with me. i wouldn’t say it was absolutely necessary, but it’s good to talk to someone a bit before you get pregnant.

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I actually had one with my OB/GYN when I went for my annual exam.  I am getting some testing done, just to make sure I’m not a carrier of certain things like PP said, like cystic fibrosis.  She was concerned since I’m Italian and being Mediterranean, we can carry certain genes.  If I am a carrier, then my husband will get checked. 

Also, she checked me out to make sure that everything was ok and we talked about prenatal vitamins, when to start taking them, why to take them prior to getting pregnant and gave me a bunch of information that I most likely wouldn’t have known had I not asked for a preconception visit as part of the annual.  I think it is worth doing, it isn’t really any different and if you have to go for your annual, you might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

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I just used my annual to talk about ttc a few months down the road.  It was fairly uneventful but I think it helped me feel more relaxed and informed about the process of ttc.  We talked about prenatal vitamins and my doc just encouraged me to keep eating healthy and exercising.  She took some blood to test for CF and some other genetic disorders which all came out fine, so it is nice to have that peace of mind going into the ttc period.   I would second stellablue and just kill 2 birds with 1 stone and bring it up at an annual appt.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to schedule one. 

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My doctor went over my history, we talked about my medications, and she told me to start prenatals. It really wasn’t very helpful, but I’m glad I went b/c I would have wondered if I was doing things alright if I hadn’t gone.

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My doctor just told me to start taking prenatal vitamins and to have lots of sex.  I also had blood work done and a pap smear at the same appointment. 

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Yes, and it was worth it.  I think it’s valuable if for no other reason than it covers the info. you need between TTC and the 8 weeks you typically have to wait to see a dr. once you are pregnant.  I’m sure the appts. vary by dr., but if you would benefit from discussion of any of the questions below, you’d probably benefit from a preconception appt…

How far in advance of TTC should I start prenatal vitamins?  What are my prenatal vitamin options and what components are most important when TTC & then when pregnant?  Am I taking any medications or supplements I should stop or that could impact my TTC?  What should my expectations be for how long it should take for me to conceive at my age with my medical history?  How far in advance of wanting to TTC should I stop taking the pill?  If I want to actively TTC rather than passively TTC (happens when it happens), what does my doctor recommend with regards to meaningful charting/OPKs?  What info. should I be tracking for discussion with my doctor should things take longer to happen than expected?  Do I fully understand the components/timing of my cycle as it relates to TTC?  Would I benefit from any genetic testing prior to TTC related to my/my husband’s/my family’s medical history?  Are there any lifestyle changes or habits I need to address before TTC?  Are there any vaccinations I should consider/avoid before TTC (pertussis/flu)?  Should I become pregnant, do I know what I need to know before my first OB visit (foods/medicines/activities to avoid)?  Which hospital(s) do you deliver at?  Are your deliveries performed by a designated dr. or an on-call delivery pool of doctors at the practice?

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I did not but wish I had. I had soooo many questions when I found out I was pregnant.

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