(Closed) Pre-TTC musings: timelines and baby bucket lists

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Honey bee

Brooke1226:  We actually just discussed and agreed on a timeline about 2 weeks ago!

Your & SOs ages: 26 and 28

Your TTC timeline: between january and March 2017

Pre-baby goals: Pay off all student loans and car loan. Build our savings back up. Trip to Europe and East Coast road trip. Finish my masters (maybe). 

How do you feel about your timeline: Lately, I am feeling twinges of baby fever. But I like the timeline and think it is very reasonable/achieveable. But not going to lie, a lot of coworkers and friends are starting to have children and it makes feel impatient.

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: No not at this time. Other than the goals mentioned above and staying healthy. Just started training for a half marathon though.

Good luck with your plan and goals though!

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Busy bee

I’ve worked with babies for years and while it’s nice to hand them over at the end of the day, it does leave you wanting a little baby of your own! Plus, everyone in our families keeps having kids! My Fiance and I have been together for over nine years (high school sweethearts) and so we don’t want to wait too long after the wedding to start trying. 

Your & SOs ages: Both 25.

Your TTC timeline: End of 2015 or early 2016.

Pre-baby goals: I’ll have my Master’s degree a month after the wedding and then it’s on to focusing on saving again. We really want to buy a house. We also want to work on dwindling down those student loans. Overall, just being in a good place financially is what we’re aiming for.

How do you feel about your timeline: Having a baby is just so exciting for both of us, I think about it all the time! We definitely want to be more settled after the wedding and after I finish school so it’s tough thinking about how much time we still have to go. We’ve been together for so long it’s like we should have three kids by now! 

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Not yet. I’ll probably start prenatals after the wedding.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2014 - DD born 2015 DS born 2017

Your & SOs ages: both almost 28

Your TTC timeline: NTNP Jan ’15; full-on from Aug ’15

Pre-baby goals: nothing major, we are ready career, maturity and financial-wise. Going travelling and skydiving next month, and doing some more snowboarding while I can!!

How do you feel about your timeline: I’m ready; the first time I want Christmas over and done with lol! I’m a kindergarten teacher so I am very confident about raising a child.. I just want to be pregnant already!

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Folic acid since August and now cut out junk fast food and drinking sugar drinks (coke, fruit juice).

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: November 2015

Ages: 28 and 33

TTC  I’m guessing this means Trying To Concieve timeline? : After our wedding Nov. ’15.

Pre-baby goals: Get the wedding over with. He is ready to try now but, I want to enjoy my wedding and look good in my dress first! We have no other pressing needs, we have careers, no debt from student loans or anything like that and own our home so, we are in a good place that we worked hard for.

How do I feel about my timeline? Both totally fine and panicked. Coming from someone who thought they were going to have their 1st around 24/25, life hasn’t worked out like that. While I have had many amazing experiences, we are both past the threshold for easy baby making and with all of the articles and studies showing this to be a big problem, not to mention the relatives I have seen struggle with infertility,  I have done my fair share of worrying over delaying this.

Doing anything to prepare? Haha, I think I have a bag of folic acid left over from 4 yrs ago but, no nothing at this time.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

Your & SOs ages: 22 & 31 

Your TTC timeline: Starting January 2015

Pre-baby goals: I have finished most of my goals since setting our TTC date a couple years ago! Finished my bachelor’s degree, got married, bought a car, and just bought a house. We also planned a “babymoon” one last trip where it will be just us! We are going skiing in Colorado next month.

How do you feel about your timeline: I feel great about it. I chose January 2015 as the soonest I’d like to TTC about 2 years ago. I can hardly wait. I feel like there is no way I could put it off much longer anymore. I’m so ready to be a mom! 🙂

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Stopped my BC pills, started taking prenatal vitamins, started using OPKs and charting, doing a lot of reading and research of many different pregnancy topics.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Your & SO ages: 26 & 30

TTC timeline: NTNP starting April ’15; actively TTC September ’15

Pre-baby goals: all taken care of – house, jobs, finances. going on a 3 week trip to India in March therefore don’t want to be pregnant during that. we wanted to get our major travel trips out of the way before TTC but we likely still go to Europe in the fall if I do become pregnant this spring.

How do I feel about timeline: I feel really good and excited! We are as ready as we can be!

Anything to prepare to TTC: Mirena IUD comes out tomorrow and getting fitted for a diaphragm. From December – March we will use FAM (symptothermal) w/ barrier, then NTNP starting April. Also have been taking prenatals for approx 6 months. 


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

Your & SOs ages: both 28, but my 29th birthday is Wednesday

Your TTC timeline: no clue anymore 🙁

Pre-baby goals: pay off debt (done), replace my car (done), get hubs a new job that’s not temporary and is in a town we like living in (done).  Hubs has recently decided that he wants to buy a house, go on a few more international vacations, then recover the savings from the 2.

How do you feel about your timeline: not cool.  We were waiting for those first few things + the end of the year, and hubs changed it last minute (litterally, we were going to start TTC last week)

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Went off the pill over a year ago, started taking prenatals a few months ago, taking tai chi classes for exercize + stress management.  At this point, though, I’ll probably go back on the pill and stop the prenatals.  Shame, because they were making my hair & nails really nice (but its like 400% of your daily recomended things, and I read that its not good to take them long term when you’re not actively trying and don’t need all that extra stuff)

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2013

Your & SOs ages: I’m 29, he’s 39

Your TTC timeline: We haven’t set specific dates, but probably around June 2015.

Pre-baby goals: Keep saving money, Darling Husband is applying to business school 

How do you feel about your timeline: Pretty ok since we have only been married 1.5 years, but I recognized DH’s age and get worried!

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Stopped BC 2 months ago but I haven’t gotten my period yet. Getting kind of worried about that, so I will make an appointment to see a specialist in January. I may have to cut back more on exercise and gain weight, but I’m hoping things will regulate soon! Also on prenatals and Vitex.


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Buzzing bee

Your & SOs ages: 24/26

Your TTC timeline: Ideally November next year but more realistically will be mid 2016.

Pre-baby goals: We need to wait until our hosue is built (we can start building on the land in July next year, and I need to get a baby proof car (as my rust bucket is too small and probably won’t last much longer). We would also, ideally, like for Fiance to get a pay rise before we start TTC just to help with the financial burden. He is on track to get a promotion early next year and again early 2016 (based on his contract) so fingers crossed. Both of us are undecided if we want to wait until after the wedding (Feb 2016) or not.

How do you feel about your timeline: It makes me a little bit sad sometimes. We both feel emotionally ready for a baby we just need other aspects of life (finances and living situations) to catch up. I get baby fever really bad as a couple of my friends and cousins are pregnant or have young babies.

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: Nothing as yet. I’m off all hormonal BC as I found it really mucked up my cycles so I wanted to let my body get itself sorted before we start trying. Maybe mid next year I’ll start taking some pre-natals and we’ll see how we go. 


UsagiTsukino:  🙁 Sorry your hubs pushed the date back! I don’t know how I would cope if Fiance did that!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

Your & SOs ages: 26 & 27 

Your TTC timeline: February 2015

Pre-baby goals: get back from our European vacation (mid-February), save as much money as possible (on-going), make the last payment on my husband’s student debt (in January)

How do you feel about your timeline: excited. money is always a concern for me but just because of my anxiety problems, which is not at all reflective of our bank balance.

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: I started prenatals several months ago to prepare for TTC but also to correct several vitamin deficiencies. Trying to cut down on the expenses, as well.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

RunnerBride13:  Do you mind me asking what your BMI is?

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Blushing bee

Your & SOs ages: 26 & 32

Your TTC timeline: 12-18 months post-wedding (May 2015)

Pre-baby goals: Travel more! Fiance and I are fortunate in that we’ve accomplished a lot of what we wanted to do career/education-wise, so we’re focusing on experiences like travel that will be limited once babies enter the picture. In addition to our honeymoon, we’d like to do one (ideally two) international trips before TTC. Fiance and I would also like to have saved a certan amount of money before having a kid (though we’re not too far away from that number now, so we don’t have a ton of work to on that front). 

How do you feel about your timeline: One day I think it’s too long (babies now, please!) and the next I’m terrified of how much having a baby is going to change our lives – I’m totally all over the place. I know we definitely want kids, but realizing that they are in the not-so-distant future is kind of crazy sometimes!

Are you doing anything to prepare TTC: I’m focusing on enjoying silly little things that probably won’t happen as much when I have kids (impromptu after work happy hours with friends, going to work out/read a book/shop whenever I want, lazy mornings in bed with Fiance, etc). 

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  • Wedding: September 2013

ltj14:  It’s on the very low end of normal, right about 18.5. I run about 25-30 miles/week and lift weights, but I eat at least 2,000 calories/day (I don’t count) with plenty of healthy fat. Might not be enough though 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

OneDayMrsL:  Thanks.  I’m not coping too well, to be honest.  Its definitely putting a strain on our relationship a bit (this isn’t the first time he promised something by a certain time, then took it back at the last minute).  He’s sort-of-kind-of agreed to NTNP* for a time to ‘ease’ into it, since he’s mostly just super-duper scared about what he might have to give up, so he wants to do All The Things, but somehow its not scary if we’re not doing what we can to figure out O and time for it and just allow it to happen if it happens.


(*our BC for the last year has been withdrawl method only, so he’s decided that he won’t ‘pull-out’, unless he’s feeling particuarly scared that day.  Which makes my pissed-off-at-him mind think that that will be all the time, but, we’ll try it this way for a few months.  I cannot convince him that TTC isn’t always an easy, fast journey, and I think he’s going to be surprised that not pulling out some of the time isn’t enough to get us pregnant right away.)

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