Pre-Wedding Nose Job?

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Ok, first of all my disclaimer: I’m not a plastic surgeon, I’m just marrying one. So, your nose will take about a year to fully heal. That said, it can look good in several months (for most of the swelling to go away.) What is it about your nose that is bothering you? Is this something that a nonsurgical nose job can “fix”? A nonsurgical nose job done through the use of fillers. The healing time for this is almost nothing. Surgey is a huge decision, and not one to be made lightly because of a perceived time constraint, such as your wedding. Best of luck, Bee!

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I agree with PP! I’m not a plastic surgeon, but if you’re afraid of the surgery, have you looked into fillers? I know Jaclyn Hill (a MUA) has nose fillers and I think it’s a way to reshape how your nose looks and may be able to give you the peace of mind about your nose without the risk or healing time of surgery.

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enfrancais :  Wonderful, I hope it goes well! And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate you hadn’t thought about it, I’m sure you have. I just meant it may not be a great thing to do just before a wedding or anything near in time because the swelling could still be quite apparent. Also, please make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon. I’d advise you to avoid people who label themselves as “cosmetic” surgeons because they’re most likely not board certified in plastic surgery and haven’t completed a plastic surgery residency. 

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I wish id gotten one before my wedding and years ago. I hate my nose so much so i identify with that. 

Id get a consult first and decide based on that. 

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enfrancais :  afaik fillers help the most with dorsal bumps!!!

I didn’t get a nose job but I did get a tad of plastic surgery pre wedding. Like pp said it looks best in about a year but my wedding was 9 months post op and I think I looked great. Do not regret my decision even a little bit.

Do whatever will make you happy, IMO.

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 Do what makes you happy, just be very very careful that you do your research and choose your doctor wisely. And post before and after pics here 🙂 

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I have never gotten a nose job, but I have always vaguely wanted one. 

If the ONLY thing holding you back is fear, I say go for it. With gusto.

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Changing your nose can drastically change your appearance!  Don’t forget what happened to Jennifer Grey!

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enfrancais :  I had always felt insecure about my nose too. I had a drooping down at the tip of my nose and it made me so self-conscious about my profile. My SO always told me “you don’t need it” so every so often when I went through a phase of wanting one, he convinced me otherwise. I got engaged last year in April and towards the end of the year I actually started looking into it more seriously and researched plastic surgeons. I showed my SO before and after pics and once he realized it doesn’t have to be such a drastic change (can be a slight natural improvement) he became more open to me getting one. I ended up going to two consults in December and booked my surgery with the second doctor at the end of January (my wedding is in September). My doctor said I just need a few months to be “good for the wedding” but obviously the sooner you do it the better, since you don’t know how your body will react. I’m glad I did it sooner rather than later because I ended up bruising pretty badly. Most people don’t bruise much, and I know the doctor’s technique was most likely good, so this is just how my body reacted. I had bruising below my eyes as well as a burst blood vessel in both my eyes (not painful, just doesn’t look too great lol). It took about 1 month for the bruising to go completely away but again most people don’t bruise as much as I did. The majority of the swelling in my nose is gone, though at my 2-month follow-up my doctor put a cortisone shot in my nose to help the swelling go down faster. I have thick skin so he told me my nose won’t be completely done changing until 1-1.5 years but the majority of the swelling is now gone and I love my nose. I no longer feel self conscious about it and the funny thing is it’s such a slight change that most people (who aren’t close to me or don’t see me too often) haven’t even noticed a change! Which is a good sign because it confirms it looks super natural :).

I was afraid too because as you know it’s a big decision but with my wedding this year, I thought it’s now or never. I went with a doctor who had an amazing reputation (for making natural noses fit to the individual’s face, not cookie-cutter overdone nose jobs) and he made me feel at ease about the surgery. He even put music right before the surgery to calm me! The first consult I went to, the doctor was super arrogant and I did not get a good feeling from him at all. Even though his portfolio looked great, it’s really important that you feel super comfortable and confident with your doctor. I don’t regret my decision at all and I’m super glad I got it done. It’s one of the best decisions I made for myself :). My advice is if you can factor in the cost (wedding planning itself is expensive), then it doesn’t hurt to go to a few consults. Tell the doctor your timeline and discuss potential problems and recovery time. Take your SO with you to the consults. Discuss it with the doctor and see how you feel. I also advise you to check out reviews on doctors on Yelp and Real Self. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any questions! 🙂

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I had surgery…not cosmetic on my sinus. They had to get rid of my deviated septum. So just posting to give you perspective I went to work 5 days later no bruising not  even swelling.  Of course there was tenderness though. They went through my sinus cavity so maybe thats am option. I had to get my sinuses rinsed by doc 1x/week for a month. This may not be applicable to rhinoplasty but be sure to ask about recovery.  

Just wanted to say do what makes you happy but I love the dorsal bump on noses. I think they look elegant. ☺

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If you do a search, you can probably find the thread.  I seem to recall there was a user here within the past year who had a nose job before her wedding as a present to herself and was extremely happy.

I’m pretty meh.  I personally wouldn’t do it, but I don’t care what anyone else does to their own body so go for it if it will make you happier.

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I had a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and a brow lift. I am thrilled with my results. The rhinoplasty was by far the most painful and I look like a car crash victim for months so just be prepared for that! I think you should do it!

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