Prefer anal over vaginal sex

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Helper bee
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Im not in the same boat, but the fact you can orgasm with anal intrigued me. Ive had anal but never to the point i could orgasm, even with clitoris stimulation. Kuddos to you and your hubby.

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I can’t identify with this problem but it’s great that you have found a solution that enables you to have satisfying sex life. Sounds like you would be interested in including vaginal sex in your sex life? I haven’t heard about side effects on dryness creams. Do you use lube when having anal, could you use the same one during vaginal sex? Also you can talk with your gynechologist about the dryness.

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Hey, whatever works for you! I personally hate anal. It makes me feel like I have to poop. Maybe we are not doing it right hahahaha

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melvinshelley2019 :  the clitoral nerves actually extend back to the anus. Many women find anal play just as enjoyable. I actually do LOVE anal but only when I’m confident and ready. 

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Busy bee

Not me. Not one bit. Super painful even with lube. I’m only done it about 5 times but I doubt I’ll ever do it again.

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The back door is an exit only. It is not meant for that kind of… attention. So take special care. A surprising number of people end up in the ER due to anal sex mishaps. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just use lube. It’s not as if your anus is self-lubricating, so I assume you are already using lube. Anyways, if you like it, that’s fine but vaginal lubes are perfectly safe.

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Helper bee

Nope nope nope. Feels like a reverse poo, getting rammed back inside. Have tried it upwards of 20 times and still don’t see the appeal. 

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Yep! It is actually what I started with.. and did for years, so I came to prefer it. It hurts doing it the “regular way” -_- Of course, it can hurt also if you don’t take certain obvious precautions lol..

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It’s not my favorite thing on the menu, but I’ll order it from time to time. 

Good on you for continuing to experiment and find something that works.  I suffered from severe coital headaches for a while and had to find some ways to get off that didn’t leave me writhing in agony for the rest of the night.  It’s a strong commitment to yourself and your relationship to find ways to enjoy intimacy when physical pain is a very real consequence.


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I love it, probably more than vaginal sex!! My fiancé isn’t as keen but he complies 😉 I’m a bit weird, I love the feeling afterwards, I like the pain, like he’s left his mark hahaha! I’m sick I know

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missbennett :  lol. Your comment made me laugh! 


Kudos to anyone who can enjoy it. My Fiance loves anal. I’ve never tried it with anyone but him, but I can’t enjoy it. It hurts and when it’s not hurting, it feels like a reversed poop. All I can think about is, “Don’t poop, don’t poop”. So there’s no enjoyment in it at all for me:/

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Blushing bee

Related but not the exact same. When my hubby and I were back in college, I stayed at his dorm for a weekend. We hadn’t seen each other for several months, and his roommate was gone for the holidays, so we had the whole dorm to ourselves. We went crazy with sex, having it multiple times in one day, to the point where I was so sore and raw. Being hormone-filled and sex crazed, we ended up having anal because it hurt less. Lol

We also did anal as teenagers before PIV sex, but had no clue what we were doing so only 10% of the times felt really good for me, the others I enjoyed the pain aspect. Lol.

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Busy bee
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Nope, I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m going to poop myself at any given second.

Also, a friend of mine did anal with a girl at a party once, they were both really drunk and she ended up uncontrollably shitting all over his lap mid-sex. So now that’s literally allllll I can picture happening. 

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