Prefer anal over vaginal sex

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Sugar bee
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Didn’t prefer it at all when I was younger but now I do. I think it’s the angle where it stimulates my gspot so it feels better. My husband of course thinks it’s hot so he’s all for it. You just need lots of lube and some prep time and it shouldn’t hurt! Any small….debris…will feel like a boulder made of razor blades if you don’t prepare first. At least that’s my experience. I actually got some third party advice from a gay man on how to make it not hurt. Lol! Worked like a charm! Plus clean=confident so no messy drunken experiences. I heard a similar story in my circle of friends except it was all over the inside of the guys truck. Try getting THAT smell out. 😷

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Blushing bee
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That back door has always been closed, and is stays that way.

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Bumble bee
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Wow, there’s a lot of judgy folks on here! Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s inherently “gross” or wrong. There’s lots of sexual activities that I’d admit don’t interest me, but have large followings for other people who DO enjoy them. 

I really like anal, and we do it pretty often, but not all the time. I have to be in the right mood for the intense pleasure it offers. It’s certainly not “only an exit” (as evidenced by all the people who LIKE it an an entrance!) nor does it guarantee a mess all over your partner (has never happened to me in 6 years of anal). I don’t do any special preparation other than usually only doing it if I’ve already “emptied” earlier that day 😉 

It’s all about what makes you and your partner feel good! If all parties consent that’s all that matters.

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Busy bee
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we use an organic lube, its called purr its not sticky and it works great

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Blushing bee
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emmabird :  actually there’s a g spot back there. I’m not personally into anal but it seems pretty clear that God wanted it to at least be an option.

Also I’ve been close friends with enough gays and known them over the years to have thousands of encounters and never end up in the ER. Any kind of sex is dangerous if you’re moronic enough, but the kinds of injuries you allude to are not typical results of responsible lovemaking, whether of an anal, scissoring, oral or traditional approach.

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Helper bee

brittnamrogo :  LOL! sorry for your friend but its stories like these that get stuck in mind and wont go away,Such a killjoy! Years ago, a friend told me that a friend of hers was slow dancing with her boyfriend and he had his hands on her ass, and no matter how hard she tried to control it, she couldnt and ended up farting into his hands!! lol!!!

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RayofLight :  FARTED IN HIS HANDS! Hahaha I’m dying!! 😂 that sounds like something I would do

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sdxz554 :  Omg, I’ve never tried anal but did once let someone try the finger up my butt, and I described it the same way, “It feels like a reverse poop”! Haha.

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Bumble bee

melvinshelley2019 :  my bf has a huge anal fetish which I indulge. I think anal is only about 20 percent as good as vag, but we do anal most often. I’m ok with it, I’ve learned to really enjoy how turned on he gets and while I don’t have regular vag orgasm from its I do squirt from it. Done right anal can be very gentle and pleasurable. 

Also Anal Is Easier if the guy is uncut and you learn to relax your muscles, if you can you don’t really even need lube! 

Don’t worry about mess. If there is any it’s minor. And I say if you play in the sandbox you have to expect to get a little dirty. Lol 


It can be extra special for a man because it is ultimate trust and vulnerability, with the sense of the forbidden. 



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