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Congratulations! I’m due in January too! I don’t have much advice but sometimes when i’m minutes from falling asleep or just can concentrate I make myself get up and go to the breakroom for a snack or just step outside for a few minutes of fresh air before coming back to my work. It’s hard work growing a baby plus having to do work on top of it – its just downright hard. It serioulsy takes every once of will power to get up and go to work most days. I’m looking forward to the second trimester when i hear your energy levels come back a little bit.

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Congratulations! Sometimes in the beginning your body does need to slow down. Try to prioritize and if you can push projects back a little bit of ask for help on certain things. Also keep snacks with you, water, and I would have a caffeine free coke if I needed some sugar. I also would just close my door and put my feet up for 15 mins and listen to a little music just to recharge.

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@MamaHusky3:  Congrats on your pregnancy! 

Honestly, this has been the hardest thing for me… my job is very important to me and I feel terrible that I’ve been doing a totally half-ass job because I feel so awful. I know I’m doing the best I can, but it’s hard feeling like I’m not carrying my weight and/or like I’m not doing a good job in general. Between really bad nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and migraines, it’s a major accomplishment for me to show up at all, let alone actually work.

I am TRYING not to beat myself up over my job performance and am just taking it one day at a time. I’m asking for help from my coworkers and letting my boss know when I reaaaallly can’t do something he wants me to do (i.e., if I have a killer migraine or can’t stop throwing up). So far he has been pretty understanding.

My number one priority though has to be my health and baby’s health… so I just can’t do everything that I did before and I have to accept that. It is very, very difficult though. One day when I was a wreck, my husband put his foot down and said, “You MUST call in sick… I’m not going to let you go to work like this.” I ended up asking to work from home and that one day of no commute/no office really helped me get through that week.

I’ll be 13 weeks tomorrow and I’m really hoping I start feeling better soon! I do think I’ve had a little bit more energy the past week or two and I haven’t been throwing up as much (though still nauseous).

Good luck to you! I hope you start feeling better sooner rather than later! No matter how hard this is, I know it will be totally, 100% worth it!


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I’m having trouble getting thru work as well. I’m eight weeks. I just try to do the best I can. I hope the previous 51/2 years of hard work help me during this time of lesser productivity. I’m also hoping for a better second trimester.

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It was incredibly tough in the beginning to stay awake, let alone trying to concentrate.  I feel for you!  I’m not as distracted in my third trimester, but my pregnancy brain is absolutely taking over.  Work is very important for me as well, and I need my brain.  I, too feel guilty sometimes that I’m not working to my full potential.  I’m doing the best I can though, and keep reminding myself of that.  If there were a place I could take a short nap during the day, it would be soooo much easier.  

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I feel your pain.  I am a high school teacher and the first few months were terrible.  They were especially bad because I could not reveal my pregnancy.  I was nauseous and exhausted all the time.  I reccommend having lots of snacks and beverages around.  I needed a snack every few hours to stay focused and to ease the nausea.  Also, if it gets bad go to the doctor.  I was on an anti nausea prescription for a while that saved my life. I am 20 weeks now and I am doing much better.  Nausea still comes once in a while and I am still anxious, but I am coping better.  You can do this.  Follow all the advice of these great Bees and you will be OK. 

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Yes keep lots of water and snacks on hand.  I also found the chewing gum and a piece of hard candy would help.  You’ll find a new pace to work.  You’ll notice to that the housework gets put on the back-burner.  Unless your hubby does it for you.  Mine is gone 3-4 days a week so he helps when he’s home but the rest of the time it is awful. Save your energy for work and don’t worry with housework. I noticed for me that I get tired around 2pm.  So I try to do important mind task things in the morning when I’m freshest and then in the afternoon I do the easy tasks.

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@MamaHusky3:  I definitely feel your pain!!  I’m five weeks along.  I’m THRILLED of course, but I am having SUCH a hard time making it through the work days.  It’s particularly hard, because I tend to be a BIG coffee drinker!  lol. My thoughts are with you today and the rest of the week!  We can get through it!  🙂

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