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Commenting mosty to follow. I take a prn for anxiety (Xanax) for flying too (hate it!!!)…. But I had a mc in Nov and ever since my anxiety in general has been pretty extreme. I was talking to my therapist about meds and she said lots of people do take meda through pregnancies just fine. I’m feeling like I really want to, but I’m nervous. I will say that when I am pregnant my anxiety naturally decreases so I’m hopeful that will happen again.. 


Hopefully someone has experience ! 


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Xanax Ativan and those types that are fast acting once in a while meds Are dangerous for baby. Ssri is ok after 1st rrimester. I just had this talk with my OB today as I have anxiety too but I’m med free.  

He mentioned bender las a temporary solution but I plan to ride it out. 

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Wow my iPhone totally messed up my posT.  Benadryl. Not bender. 

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Xanax and Klonapin are both very bad while TTC or preganant (Class D drugs). Celexa is Class C, meaning there have been no human studies with adverse results or no human studies at all, but animal studies have shown adverse effects. This website is a searchable database for drugs and their classes. It also tells what the drugs have been shown to do. However, if your doctor says the benefits outweigh the risk you should listen to him.

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this has to be a risk vs benefit conversation with a psychiatrist. ypu know you really shouldnt seek medical advice online ๐Ÿ™‚

however, Yes, those medications have risks particularly in the first and last  trimester – but a constantly high level of anxiety has also been proven to be associated with some things like feral growth retardation and premature delivery. Go and talk to a doctor you trust. I personally would not take klonapin (clonazepam) while pregnant. I would think about citalopram (celexa).


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@PakiBee03:   I used to take both citalopram and clonazepam (what they’re called here in NZ) for anxiety, for about 2 years, but I stopped them a year ago now, so I can’t comment on taking them whilst TTC/pregnant. I have had 1 panic attack since I’ve been pregnant and it was short but intense and I brought myself under control with breathing and general worry for the baby. My general anxiety levels in the first couple of months were high but managable with therapy sessions weekly. I’m now 12w 5d and my anxiety levels are so much lower than they have been all pregnancy, because I feel a lot more secure and safer in my pregnancy. I just wanted to provide you with an insight into someone like you who is doing OK (I’d even say pretty well!) without the meds.   

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@PakiBee03:  I was on Citalopram for two years and weaned off in June because we were planning to TTC.   I had a really hard time being off it and tried other remedies such as acupuncture, therapy, natural supplements but it was not working. I finally called an OB last month. in my network to discuss. I was also told that it is a risk vs reward situation but if mother needed to be on it, she should be on it.  they also gave me information on a non profit group that specializes in teratogens and pregnancy/pregnancy.  I was told that, although it is still class C, the small studies that have been collected indicate it is unlikely to cause birth defects. They said the biggest risk is actually in the third trimester and the baby could be born “addicted” and cause temporary withdrawals that will correct themslevles. The website is http://www.mothertobabyca.org if you are interested. 

In the end, I chose to go back on it and will probably remain on through the first two trimesters if I get pregnant. For me it was the right choice but I only felt I could make it after I tried other alternatives and spoke to professionals about it. 

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I can’t remember which anxiety drugs my gf is on, but she is expecting this september. Her OB told her to start weaning off them from 1 per day, to half per day and then none by the second trimester. She is finding it extremely hard but knows what has to be done for her and baby ๐Ÿ™ Definitely talk to your dr about what is safe and what is not, just so you have a plan when you are TTC’ing ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

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I think it depends on the drug. I know my doc said Zoloft was safe, so I switched from a ssri drug to Zoloft, and got off of my sleepers/Xanax 

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I’ve been on 40mg of celexa for over 10 years and I just weaned off. It was my personal decision as I was depressed when I went on and really had no idea anymore if I really needed them. I’m doing pretty good off, extremely irritable  but it’s hard to say that isnt just pregnancy.

my ob asks me about it every time I go and is insistent that if I have issues it is better for both baby and I to take celexa than not. celexa has no proven side effects, so you are better to take it than to not and have anxiety and panic attacks during your pregnancy.

if you do want to try to wean off I would do it now before you are pregnant. However, if you don’t feel like you are ok without it and cannot manage things in other ways please listen to your provider and don’t hesitate to go back on. pregnancy is hard enough emotionally.

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@PakiBee03:  I don’t have anything to say about medications, but about panic attacks and general anxiety. I used to have really bad panick attacks and tend to be an extremely anxious person. However, I learned how to use cognitive behavioral therapy to prevent panick attacks and help deal. If you find that you want to wean yourself off your medicine with the help of your physician or if you want another way to help treat anxiety, I would highly reccommend seeing a therapist who can help you learn CBT. Regardless of whether you decide to stay on medicine or not, it might be beneficial to look into these methods to help ease your anxiety. 

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I weaned off Lexapro (with a rider of Xanax) before TTC. For me, the main reason to discontinue use was that most SSRIs are contraindicted during breastfeeding, and I really want to breastfeed. I worked hard to get my anxiety under control with therapy and meditation (and I had been off meds before, restarting after I was diagnosed with depressive disorder again– when, in fact, I had mono :/) and stopped taking Lexapro, and then the birth control pill, one after another before charting for a few months and then TTC. Overall, I had a good experience.

A regular meditation practice was key for me, and I continue to meditate regularly to help with pregnancy anxiety and so that I have an established practice should I struggle postpartum. Pregnancy itself can be protective of anxiety and depression (depending, of course, on your particular “brand” of anxiety) and I’ve found my anxiety levels to be completely manageable while pregnant. My biggest worry is the postpartum period, but it is a relief to know I do have tools at my disposal should I need them.

Honest to God, going off the pil helped my anxiety levels tremendously, too. I had no idea how much the pill negatively affected my mood, as I had been on it for 13 years and it was “the new normal.”

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