(Closed) Pregnancy and back sleeping, how to deal?

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I went bigger with a body pillow and that worked for me, but everyone is different.

Maybe try one of those “C” shaped travel neck pillow things, or one of those small tubed neck pillows.  Sorry your not sleeping well, that is the worst when you are pregnant.

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I’m a back sleeper too!  Honestly, it’s just really hard and uncomfortable.  I wake up with my hips and knees hurting. 

I got a big body pillow in the shape of a horseshoe and that worked great while I was in the second trimester.  Now that I’m in the third, I find myself just getting up and moving to the couch every night so that I can lie on my side and lean against the back of the couch to feel like I’m on my back or sleep propped up against the arm rests.



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I like sleeping on my back to, I just put a long small coushin under one bum cheek so that I am not flat on my back – I’m coming to the end of the second trimester now, I don’t know if that will work later on though.

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@iheartnerds:  I wish I had some advice! I was never a back sleeper, always a side sleeper but when I got pregnant it was only comfortable to sleep on my back! I’m 32 weeks and always fall asleep on my side but wake up on my back. I usually just try to make sure i’m propped up by my snoogle instead of flat on my back. I figure there isn’t much I can do about it.

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I am a total back sleeper and HATE sleeping on my side. I miss sleeping on my back more than deli meat and hot dogs and sushi!!

That said, I am all about the Pregle (pregnancy pillow). It fits around the curve of my back so that I can lean back into it. Sometimes I wake up and I’m almost trying to sleep on my back on top of it, but my doc says as long as I’m LEANING and not LYING on my back then it’s ok.

I used the Pregle instead of the full C shape body pillow because it gives me the option of putting the curve under my head or between my knees. I actually have found as my pregnancy progressed that it was too much between my knees so I put a thin pillow there instead and the curve is under my head.

Anyway, that’s the best advice I can give you unfortunately. That and count down the days until you can sleep on your back again!!

OH and has anyone else noticed that pregnant women on TV are ALWAYS sleeping on their backs??? This annoys me.

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I’ve been told by my doctor that the risk of back sleeping is severely over-stated and that, if it were to precipitate any problems with blood flow, your body would wake you up. The main thing to look out for is if your legs/feet fall asleep or feel tingly, as this is a sign of decreased blood flow.

I’m mostly a side sleeper (now with s a pillow between my knees to help with hip alignment), but do frequently wake up on my back and am not too concerned about it.

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@iheartnerds:  Nope. Not even close. But in the end I figure it’s the lesser of the evils, since I have to side sleep, this is what makes it at least bearable. That said, I started training myself around week 11 and it took me at least 2-3 weeks to really start getting used to it. And I still toss and turn at night. 

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@hergreenapples:  This is what I was going to say.

I’ve been told that back sleeping is generally not a risk, and that if it were, women would have humps. But I understand not wanting to risk it… still, if you can only sleep on your back, sleep on your back!

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@hergreenapples:  My doctor said basically the same thing.  She said if you prop up, like you are sleeping with heartburn, you’re fine.  And, if you end up on your back anyway and your bloodflow is decreased, you’ll wake up. 

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@hergreenapples:  My doctor pretty much told me the same thing last week.

I’m a big time back sleeper and always have been. I’ve had the hardest time getting used to sleeping on my side without hip and shoulder pain. I brought it up with my doctor last week. She explained the reasoning why it’s suggested to sleep on your side. But she mentioned in your 2nd trimester, the baby isn’t even heavy enough to stop the flow from your major blood vessels, the aorta and vena cava. She said that right now, it’s most important to get sleep. Do what you can to get it. She also said, in the third trimester, it’ll be far more comfortable to sleep on your side apparently, so adjusting to that when it’s time might be easier.


So now, I usually start off on my back when I go to sleep and then turn on my side in the night. Sleeping is way easier now.

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While studying massage therapy we always put a small pillow under the right hip of pregnant women when they had to lay on their backs for the massage and that’s what I did when I was pregnant.

But I usually sleep on my stomach, and that was a whole bigger problem.

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@angela85:  I can’t fall asleep on any side BUT my stomach. Not sure what I’m going to do when I have a sticky baby.

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