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So you want to go on disability as soon as you get pregnant? i dont see how this would work but Canada has way different laws regarding maternity leave etc so I’m not sure.

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I would do some research on the rules in your workplace. …I’m sure they have a system in place, which would probably consist of modified duties.

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I work in a job with lots of hazards for pregnant ladies. I told my boss and manager as soon as I found out I was pregnant and I just don’t do those tasks anymore! They were great to accommodate me in that respect. I’m also in Canada. As for disability I’m not too sure, I’m still working just avoiding anything that may be dangerous!

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You have a right to be accomodated for any medical concerns you have, unless it creates an undue hardship for your employer (which is not likely). If you look at your provincial human rights website, there should be a bulletin or pdf that is pregnancy specific that explains your rights and obligations. It is very unlikely that a doctor would put you on disability for what you’re describing. What is much more likely is that you would be provided a mask, not have to handle toner, not have to lift, etc. if your doctor indicates to the employer that you should not be doing those activities. 

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I work with horses as a vet tech so my job is definitely dangerous. Lots of drugs I can’t touch (not even the bottles), lots of heavy lifting, and of course all the scared, biting, kicking horses.

i told my immediate supervisors right away and they’ve been good about taking the naughty ones and giving the drugs I can’t handle. I’m still lifting things because im not showing yet and I don’t feel it’s too hard on me. i have noticed I’ve had to remind them sometimes that I can’t take an X-ray or something because they forget! But they’ve been very accommodating. So far it hasn’t been as bad as I was worrying. And once I get too big to wrestle foals to the ground and whatnot, I just won’t be able to do it and they’ll have to work around it. 

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This was a little different because she was in the US, but my sister works in a job with a lot of hazards, too, and as soon as she told them she was pregnant, they put her on paid disability leave. It was a liability thing for them, and they unfortunately didn’t have a position for her with modified duties (small office). So, that might be a possibility for you. Honestly, there are so many lawsuits associated with pregnancy complications nowadays, a smart workplace would make accommodations for you right away.

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I work as a firefighter and would be laughed at if asked for short term disability because I was pregnant. I chose to get pregnant, not my workplace so therefore all they need to accomodate me with is my 3 months maternity leave.

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I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada, but in the US they should be able to put you on “light duty” so you wouldn’t have to do those specific tasks. It’s extremely unlikely you would get short term disability without a medical reason.

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I am in Canada. No, you won’t be able to go on short term disability just because you feel like it. I don’t know if you have ever been on disability, but it really is not up to your employer whether you receive benefits, it is up to the insurance company whether or not they will pay benefits, and that requires satisfactory medical proof of disability from doing your job (eg. recovering from surgery, injury, illness). Unless you get  a legitimate disability during pregnancy, your insurer will not consider what you described eligible.

And your EI maternity benefits (assuming you have worked the required number of insured hours) do not cover your entire pregnancy. You can start collecting them up to 8 weeks before you expect to give birth, but many delay as long as possible so they have more time after.

What you can get is accommodation, basically in this case that would likely be in the form of modified duties.  So you should probably talk to your doctor about how your duties might be modified and discuss with your employer. You may  also want to wear a mask, gloves, talk to an occupational therapist about lifting and moving items safely, etc 


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ohmylanta13:  So you would be expected to run around, climb ladders and fight firest even in your 3rd trimester? O_O 

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**Side note – If you are inhaling that much gunk on a daily basis, you should probably be wearing a mask pregnant or not. 

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I work in heavy construction and I’ve been spending some time thinking about this too. They should have some kind of system in place for you to go on ‘light duties’. If you were to go on disability then I don’t believe you would qualify for maternity/parental leave through EI because you wouldn’t have enough hours since your last claim. 

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First of all, your body is used to lifting 60ish pounds repeatedly throughout the day, there is no reason for you to stop doing so unless a) you have complications with your pregnancy b) you’re toward the end of your pregnancy and your body is telling you it is time to stop. Your stomach takes time to expand, so you’ll adjust how you carry things anyway. As a weightlifter, I’ve watched many, many pregnant women continue to lift weights and be active – and they all had easier labors because of it. The issue is if your body is NOT used to lifting things (or other activities). Like…you shouldn’t suddenly start lifting 100lb boxes when you’re 2 months pregnant  if the most you’ve ever lifted is 60lbs or train to run a marathon if you’re not a regular marathon runner. Pregnancy isn’t a handicap or disability.

Second, if you talk to your employer they should accommodate you. Perhaps you’ll lift more 20lb boxes and less 60lb boxes if that is appropriate. And stop lifting them all together when you’re further along in your pregnancy.

And, from the sounds of things, you should be wearing a mask/gloves anyway. So start that now.

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