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Honestly, I would just stay at the current employer, especially if you’re not sure how long/if you would return to work afterwards. It might not be worth the hassle of looking for a new job/ stressing over telling them so soon after being hired that you’re expecting. It’s illegal to get fired over a pregnancy, but another thing to consider is if you start a new job, you would likely be on some sort of probation where any excuse could be used to let you go. 

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I was actively searching for a job when we found out I was pregnant. I decided to hold off on further searching for 2 reasons. The first was that all the jobs i was searching for (and getting offers) would actually require a move across the country and we did not want that stress on top of a pregnancy/new baby. The second reason was for my benefits of Short term disability. I can take 6 weeks off paid and was not sure if I would get that with a new job. 

I will say, I am miserable at my job. If there was a job opportunity that did not require a cross country move then I probably would have done the switch. On top of that, there was 1 job that called me after I found out I was pregnant and although they cannot discrimminate against me for being pregnant, I was totally upfront about it with them because I did not want to “screw them over” on all the time off for doc appts and maternity leave. The company was actually fine with it and ready to move forward on the offer but I backed out.

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I’ve been job searching for a while. I was actually offered a new job when I was 12 weeks pregnant, but I turned it down because the salary was too low. I decided to stop looking… but then I changed my mind and started looking again. If I’m the best candidate not pregnant, then I’m still the best candidate pregnant. 

There are obviously a lot of moving parts. My job now will pay me fore 6 weeks of leave, allow me to take 2 weeks of PTO, and an additional 4 weeks unpaid for my maternity leave. 

I’m looking for a new job with a base salary that’s higher so that I can take the leave anyway. I’m also looking for flexibility and a better work/life balance. My boss is now open to talking to me about options. 

On Thursday, I have an interview… I’m 22 weeks pregnant. No way to hide the bump! I know the firm is pretty family friendly, so we’ll see what happens. 

Originally, I decided that I would dtop looking if I couldn’t give 6 months of work before my due date. I still think that’s fair, but I decided to push it because I found an opportunity I thought was amazing (the interview this week). 

I think this is a really personal decision. There’s so much to weigh in the decision, but in the end, you have to do what’s best for your family. 

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@babycakes24:  In Canada, you get a year of mat leave so I’d never give that up. I don’t think that is the case in the states though? Even so, I’d suck it up until after the baby is born and then start job searching after you are settled into new mommyhood.

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@babycakes24:  When I got pregnant I was already ‘done’ at my job too – if I hadn’t become pregnant I would have quit. I decided to stick it out to get my full salary and proper mat leave so there would be no hassles. I’m now 6 weeks from going on mat leave and I caaaaaaan’t wait. I won’t kid you, it hasn’t been easy, but now I can go away on mat leave and then job search when I’m ready to return to work fresh.

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@mixtaperomance:  +1 (and also, congrats!  Cool to see matching due dates!)

@babycakes24:  OP, I’m not positive on the different rules of mat leave/disability allowances in MA, but in WI you have to be with an employer of 50+ employees for 1 year to qualify for FMLA (under 50 doesn’t qualify).  FMLA will give me up to 12 weeks leave where they’ll hold my job, although only 6 of that is paid with short term dis.  If I switched jobs now, regardless of the company size I’d only get the required 6 weeks off (8 weeks for c-section) and be forced to return to work or have my job in jeapordy, unless the company chooses to have a “better” plan. 

How long have you been with your current employer?  If it hasn’t been a year or those allowances don’t apply, then I’d say there’s no harm in looking now.  But if you do qualify for the better benefits now, then I’d wait until after the baby and you take your mat leave to look.  Can you hold off for the next 7 months?   Congratulations to you, BTW, as well!!


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If you qualify for FMLA now do not change your job and lose that. Many employers won’t hire or will fire a pregnant woman and some states don’t require that they give any reason at all.

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I had to switch jobs and im almost 5 months pregnant. luckily for me im just doing something part time nothing professional i havent finished school… but i told them right away at my interview because one i couldnt hide it and two the probationary period like other PP said…

I knew within 90 days i would definitely be showing and i didnt want to risk being let go for some random reason when it was really because i was pregnant.

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@babycakes24:  I just completed the job interview process and was hired for a new position on Friday at 12w1d. If you are unhappy, you can change your situation but realize that if you change jobs, you will most likely not be covered by FMLA for your new position as you have not been with your employer for at least a year. But remember that maternity leave is a short term thing and your job/career is long term depending on whether you plan to work after the baby comes.

Also, you do not have to disclose your pregnancy at interviews or in the inital search. I would suggest that if it is not obvious that you are pregnant, do not disclose until you have been offered the position. If your pregnancy is obvious, you are going to want to come into the interview with a plan on how your position can be covered when you are on leave. While pregnancy discrimination is illegal, it is hard to prove.

I’m happy to answer any specific questions you might have!! Good luck!

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This thread just motivated me to look up the mat leave policy of the place I’m considering switching to for my job. It’s 4 weeks less than my current employer! This is seriously making me reconsider changing jobs. 


– move closer to family 

– cheaper cost of living in new city

– better job for husband (but he hasn’t gotten it yet)/husband ready to leave job

– end up where we want to be long-term

– we found a great house in new town 


– sacrifice 4 weeks mat leave

– long history with my current employer will make it easier to take mat leave

– have to sell house quickly and after owning only a short time

– have to rush into move

– have to change OB providers mid pregnancy 

I’m now leaning toward staying! It’s so scary to think of showing up at a new employer and being like, surprise, I’m pregnant! On the other hand, both DH and I are ready to make a change. So we’ll see… 

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@hippomama:  When I was going over the pros and cons of switching employers, I realized that many of my pros were long term changes that would more greatly benefit my family in the future (shorter commute to work = more time with child/husband) and the cons were really focused strongly on the short term (less mat leave). The more I realized that I would most likely be happier at the new position in terms of my work environment and my work/life balance, the more I knew that taking this job was right for me and that the cons would be worth it in the end. So yes, I’ll spend less time with my baby in terms of maternity leave but I will be able to spend more time with my child in the long run since I will be cutting my commute in half. Just something to think about!! 

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@AstoriaK:  Those are really good points. The move would definitely be long-term. And maybe it would be worth it to start to build a reputation at the new employer, even if I would only be there 6-7 months before going on mat leave, rather than trying to change jobs and move cities WITH a new baby. Absolutely the new job is where I want to be long term. So as DH and I have been saying all along–why not just move now? 

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