(Closed) Pregnancy announcement before first ultrasound?

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We wanted to wait until our first U/S at 13 weeks but my parents were going on vacation and we wanted to tell them before the left so we told my parents/siblings at 11.5 weeks and swore them to secrecy. We told my ILs and friends after the u/s

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We told our parents at 8 weeks and our immediate family at 10 weeks after we heard her heartbeat. I told my boss at 12 weeks and made a facebook a nouncement at 14 weeks. The only ultrasound we ever had was at 20 weeks.

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We told our parents and siblings right away after getting the pregnancy confirmed at the clinic. After that we waited until the first US at 12 weeks to tell anyone else, including friends.

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We told my parents last night because I have been really ill with MS and wanted some additional support. We are 9 weeks today. We may tell Mother-In-Law before scan, and will tell my brother was we share a business and need to do some planning. Friends and family other than the closest will be after scans and tests.

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We told our parents and siblings right when we found out – but they knew it was still very early so didn’t tell anyone else until the Dr. confirmed the pregnancy.  I didn’t post anything on FB until we found out the gender and was well into my second trimester, though most people already knew.

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We told my parents and sister at 6wks but I miscarried last week at 11wks.  I was happy to share my news with them and even more happy to have thier support later on.  If/when we get pregnant again I will share with them again, but no one else till after the first trimester. 

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Our moms knew about our infertility struggle, so they knew when we did IVF/embryo transfers, and when we’d be getting the blood results.  So yes, we told them right away.  I POAS before my blood test, and I told my mom right away when I saw 2 lines.  Then we kept them updated, which included a beta scare before the first ultrasound which made us fear that we’d lost the pregnancy very, very early.  But it was great to have their support through that (and all was fine in the end).  I’m almost 28w, and I still haven’t told many people (I have lots of family and friends who aren’t local and can’t see my bump) and haven’t gone public on FB or anything.  So the fact that we told our moms right away was zero indication of how early we’d tell others.

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taKtical525:  yes, we did. I was only 6 weeks along and I had just phoned my sister to tell her & we were going to wait to tell everyone else but my mum was visiting my sister! She could tell something was up from the “omg!!! Really?” And shrieking so I told her & so it only seemed right to tell Future Mother-In-Law etc. X

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Oh, we told everyone before the first ultrasound.  LOL!

We were super excited and told everyone almost immediately.  Everyone knew by the time I was 6-8 weeks along.  I didn’t get my first ultrasound until 12 weeks.

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We told our parents, siblings, and very best friends (1 couple) after the very first dr. visit (8 weeks). I told my boss around the same time because I was so nauseated and was scheduling more dr. appointments. We waited until we heard a heartbeat at 12 weeks to tell everyone else, and we had not had an ultrasound yet. I’m 17 weeks, and we won’t have an ultrasound until 19 weeks. I can’t imagine waiting until 19 weeks to tell people, especially since I definitely have a little bump.

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taKtical525:  currently 1 day away from 10w and we’re waiting to tell our parents until 12w. We have told some close friends but our fanilies will be WAY too happy and excited and cant keep a secret. Im almost 34 (next month) so concerns about MC and possible complications is keeping us from letting it out. When we tell our parents everyone will know whether we want it or not lol….so its best to kept it until we’re comfortable with everyone knowing. (my mom had a LOT of issues trying to have me, so I’m still very nervous about MC). My boss knows as of this week as I needed to take some time off from morning sickness lol. We had an U/S at around 8.5 weeks and everything looks good. But I wouldnt want to tell many people before that. I find waiting to see if theres actually a baby in there is too stressful and if there wasnt………I REALLY would not have to want to Un-tell everyone 🙁 …as I said if we could trust our parents to keep it between them I wouldnt mind them knowing but it would literally be a chain of people to be informed

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We told our parents, siblings, and a few close friends right away before any ultrasound or before we heard the heartbeat.  We would have been okay with telling them if something happened.  I think I waited until 13 or 14 weeks to tell some other friends and 16 weeks+ for everyone else.

I didn’t have an ultrasound until 12 weeks (well supposed to be 12 weeks) and that was optional.  If I hadn’t opted in I wouldn’t have had one until 20 weeks…

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We did when we found out, the test said we were only 2-3 weeks pregnant so we waited until we were around 5-6 weeks as I currently live in Norfolk Uk, which is a wretched horrible place. I am from Doncaster/Yorkshire Northern England where there’s lots of Cities and really good maternity care. We had to wait 2 months for our first scan! 

I couldnt bare to keep something like that secret from his parents as we’re all pretty close and I everytime I saw them my head was screaming “OH MY GOD YOUR SON KNOCKED ME UP” plus it’s hard to get away with not having a glass of wine around his Mum. 

I also felt that if his parents knew then mine should. I told my twin before I told my SO I phoned him up in tears scared out my mind. 

Also turns out when I did the initial test that read 3-2 weeks I was actually neary 7 weeks so by time we told our parents I was 10 weeks not 5! 


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taKtical525:  I wouldn’t. I barely believed I was pregnant until I saw my baby and her little flickering heart beat!

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I emailed my mum when I got my first BFP. I was in Bali on my honeymoon. She’s a midwife but I don’t think that played a part in my decision-making. We told my DH’s parents at about week 5, I can’t really remember. We def told all our parents way before the first scan at 7w3d. Telling one’s parents (and knowing they will guard the secret with their life) is very different to telling other people. What you don’t want is people knowing you’re pregnant then if you were to miscarry having to field questions like ‘how’s the baby?’ 

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