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@megz06:  Is the US tech affiliated with the office?  If so and you like your doctor, I would tell them about it and request either a different tech or a referral to an outside US company.  If your doctor has a problem with that (or you don’t like your doctor), then I would be shopping for another doctor ASAP.  It sounds like you’re dealing with some crappy employees.

I had a similar issue with employees at a doctor’s office during my previous pregnancy and I ended up changing doctor’s offices because they were so rude and callous and stupid.  I am much happier with the doctors and staff at my new doctor’s office.

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In regards to the ultrasound stuff, if you tak the cranky tech out of the equation, the procedure sounds mostly right.

I’m in Canada though, so maybe I have a different perspective. Here, you get ONE unltrasound at 19 weeks unless you have complications. You don’t get pictures, and the tech is there to do one job, find out if your baby is healthy. Requesting photos, to look at certain things, etc, is not something they should be doing for you. Sure, most of the time the tech will be nice and interact with you, showing you what they see, but other times they aren’t.

Crappy nurses and doctor suck though. I sympathize 🙁 It sounds like there is SO much disorganization going on with your old physician and staff… i hope that improves from here on out.

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@megz06:  I’m sorry you are having sucky experience when it comes to being referred outside of your doc’s office. You aren’t doing anything wrong, sometimes people just suck. Stuff like this used to get me super worked up (and rightfully so because people should know how to do their jobs and not be a-holes) but I finally realized that not everyone has as good of a work ethic as me & don’t actually consider their “clients/patients” feelings. I had a super crappy first apt with my OB she was running 1 hour behind at 9am, it was super annoying. I finally decided that I was going to expect nothing from my apts & then whatever happened would either leave me feeling really excited because everything went better then expected or just feeling okay because it was just an okay apt. For what its worth I only got 2 pics at my 8 week apt because the tech unplugged the machine before my doc was done printing pictures (lame) – and then at the following apts (12 week u/s, 13w NT scan & 20w anatomy scan) only received pictures (no CD). I’m under the impression that if I wanted a CD of my scan that I’d have to go to one of those 3D/4D places and pay to have it done. 

My experience has been a bit different because I’m insured with Kaiser, they do everything & I don’t have to go outside of a Kaiser facility for anything, they do all my labs, u/s, they are the hospital i’ll deliver at etc. So when things are ordered for me they are in the computer for the lab/radiology to pull up, no paperwork has to be sent over. I think this helps prevent things from slipping through the cracks. Plus after all of my apts I can go online and see what labs they ordered for me, my next apt, etc & i know right away if something is missing or not scheduled properly. The receptionist at the birth center shouldn’t have been rude to you, she should have apoligized for the confusion & fixed it, period. 

At my 20w u/s the tech said, “this can take up to 1 hour, we are going to get about 80 pictures of baby for the doc to review, and then some pictures for you too, do you want to know what you are having?” – so I laid back and she was off to the races scanning baby, there was lots of quiet time, if we had questions like “what are you looking at” she’d tell us but for the most part she went about her screen shots/pictures & measurments in silence. She did say things like “this is the heart, here are the kidneys, ooh its a girl, see.” My bladder was so full that baby had her head right under my bellybutton so she was getting shadows from my bellybutton when she really wanted a clear shot of her brain, so she had me sit up and touch my toes to make her move. Towards the end I got to get up and pee & then she finished the u/s with a few more shots that she printed for us. In the end she said “it looks like your placenta is a little low so your doctor will probably want you to come back for an additional u/s later in pregnancy. Now I’m going to send the images to the doctor for review & you should hear the results from your doctor in 2 days or so.” – 2 days later my doctor called me (I missed her call) so she emailed me and said baby was looking good but my placenta was low but moving in the right direction. The following week at my 20w prenatal apt the midwife said she reviewed my u/s pics and my placenta was slowly moving up. – So bascially they’ve all known that my placenta was low (actually touching my cervix) since either my 12 or 13 week scan but no one had said anything to me about it. Once it was brought to my attention I asked, “do i need t make any modifications because of this because apparently its an issue since everyone keeps talking about it.”  I was told unless I start bleeding to continue with my normal routine. 


Good luck with your 20 week apt!

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As far as scheduling appointments, my doctor told me what to schedule when I would leave an appointment.  So I went for my first appointment at 9 weeks (I thought I was 9 weeks) and we listened to the heartbeat.  I told her I wanted the First Trimester screening and for that process they were going to call me to schedule it.  They did that and I had it.  For my 20 week scan my doctor told me to schedule one when I was leaving my 9 week appointment.  So at my check out for the 9 week, they scheduled my routine visits in advance and said they would schedule the 20 week scan as well.  So we scheduled that right then before I left along with my routine checkups.  I ended up having to bump it up after the NT scan since I was put 3.5 weeks ahead.  So they changed it for me before I left.  I did ask them to, to make sure they did it.

So in that case I can see the frustration.

I do think you just got a bad ultrasound tech though Frown  Ours was really nice both times and did poke baby to get it to move and had me get up to pee to see if it would move and printed us out a standard amount of pictures.  Also let us see everything and told us what she was looking at.  She told us everything looked ok and my doctor said that the tech uploads the pictures online and the Dr. goes back over to look at everything.  Since it wasn’t up at our appointment (immediately following) she just told me she would call if anything was wrong.

As far as I know mine only does a 20 week scan.  I don’t think I would have had the earlier one other than I requested the screening.  Things seem to be all over the board.  Some people get one all the time and others only get one.  At your 20 week one they should be showing you things like the bladder, kidneys, spine, placenta, etc.  Because they are required to check all those things.  I’m not expecting to get another ultrasound.

It sounds like you’ve run into some crabby people who aren’t happy but other than it sounds mostly normal.  The only thing I find odd is that they didn’t get your 20 week scan scheduled.

You’re getting the 20 week one done some place else with another tech right?  If so, I’m sure it will go much much better!

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Aside from the attitude of the ultrasound tech, your experience sounds similar to mine.  The ultrasound tech didn’t really try and get my baby to move at my 12 week either, but we were having our NT scan, so the main point of it was to take measurements.  She didn’t do a gender guess, but she did say things don’t really start to form around 14-15 weeks, so it would have been just a guess.  We did get one picture though.  We didn’t really get an exciting ultrasound experience until 20 weeks when we found out the gender.  She got him to move around that ultrasound, and we came home with some cute pics of him.  I would be annoyed with the insurance mishap.  I would expect my doctor to check into that before they provided me with the insurance.  I never got a video, and I am not aware of anyone who has from their doctor unless they had an elective ultrasound and paid for it out of pocket or went to one of the private ultra sound places.  I am sorry that everyone you are coming across is being so rude and difficult!  I’m sure it makes the process so much more frustrating.

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@megz06:  I’m sorry you’re having a bad experience. It does seem weird that the u/s wasn’t scheduled but given that they initially couldn’t find your paperwork, it seems like that’s where the problem started. 

Last pregnancy, I got a “freebie” u/s at 20 weeks because it was so routine, they didn’t mark to NOT give me one – I was getting one at the high risk OB group instead the next week so didn’t need one at the regular office. I did have to check up initially to get the high risk OB appointment set up at the right time. 

Most tech’s I’ve had u/s are pretty quiet. They just give brief highlights. No video unless I brought a CD/DVD, or whatever technology they needed, which I didn’t bother with. This was only the regular OB. High risk didn’t offer to do video. 

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