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MsGolightly:  I had some major food aversions with this pregnancy.  I ate what I could handle- and that’s that.

Bloating can be very noticeable at 9 weeks for some.  This is my second pregnancy, and I was huge by 9wks.My irst pregnancy, I just looked like I had perhaps been drinking too much beer.

Your stomach shouldn’t be rock hard- from pregnancy at this point. Your uterus is still relatively small….the only reason I imagine it should be hard is if you have rock hard abs 🙂



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I got super bloated around that time too, and it eased off around 11 weeks or so.  Hopefully yours will too!  The only thing I found that helped a little was drinking lots of water, making sure things were…er..moving easily, and eating small meals with snacks instead of larger meals. 

I wouldn’t advise skipping the vitamins, unless you’re taking stuff besides your prenatal.  Those shouldn’t make you bloated, and if they do, ask your doctor about different types.  I took mine for six months or so before getting pregnant and never had a problem.

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MsGolightly:  Recommendation is to eat what you can right now, especially if you have aversions. Things will get better eventually. I suggest drinking a ton of water because that is going to help you a lot. Look up how many ounces you should have to truly stick to it. If and when you can eat some better foods, I would suggest spinach smoothies. You can mix them with fruits, yogurt, etc so you don’t take it, but spinach really helps the bloat come down.

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MsGolightly:  I do not know for sure if this will work, as I did not have this specific problem, but I think probiotics would help. My prenatal is all organic and has probiotics in it and I can take them on an empty stomach (not as well during morning sickness months but I threw up everything, so…), never had an constipation, and generally loved them. They are the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal (3x day). I feel like the probiotics will help keep things softened and healthy in your stomach which should help with bloating.

Make sure you are super hydrated too 🙂 Water is key and when preggo I drink it 24/7 and had no bloating/swelling. Shocked my rings still fit/are loose and I’m due in 2 weeks — all bc of good ol’ H2O!

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 MsGolightly:  your not alone…. I had MS start at about 7 weeks and it was freaking BRUTAL. I couldnt stand to eat anything that was really…healthy. No meats, no salad…. I had a lot of soups, bread, cheese… plain chips was a life saver lol. Ice cream also helped. The best thing is that you still take your vitamins (if your having trouble) but I know some kinds can make you nauseated. I found that the jameson brand pre-natals were good (I took them 2 months before I got pg so I knew they wouldnt make me sick) they are specifically “gentle on stomach”… so if you can find those, plus I recommend you take them right before bed so the effects/if any wear off while your asleep!!

The baby will take what nutrients it needs from your body so it will be ok. Its not ideal but as long as your eating something!

I had bad bloating too, but up until I was about 14w it was still the “jiggly” belly lol…so easy to tell I was just bloated when you felt it.

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Yep! I had it too. I’m now 12 weeks and the bloating is starting to subside. I agree with others and say work on drinking more water. Try to stay away from gas causing agents like beans, broccoli, dairy for some people. Sometimes you just have to eat what you can stomach. There was a night I had a Wendy’s Frosty and french fries for dinner. Not my finest moment, but it was all that sounded good. Then other days I have a healthy breakfast and lots of fruits and veggies. It varies. Also, I found yoga stretches helped me too. If you get your body moving, it helps. 

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MrsMaverick13:  I agree with this exactly! I am taking the same prenatal (31 weeks currently) and have had no constipation, bloating (unless I’ve eaten wierd things that always made me a little bloated), and overall have felt really great my whole pregnancy. Also, drinking plenty of water is really important to combat swelling/bloating. I try to get around 100 fl oz a day, not including anything I drink while working out.

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Are you constipated? That can cause the “hard abdomen” feeling, as well as rumbly tummy but not hungry. Pregnancy and prenatal vitamins (thanks to the iron) tend to cause constipation, so it is something you have to deal with. As previous posters have suggested, drink TONS of water and try to do some light exercise (walking 30 minutes a day is great thoughout your whole pregnancy.) Pretty much all I wanted to eat in my first trimester was french fries/potatoes, so I feel ya there. As long as the prenatals aren’t actively making you sick (just constipated/bloated feeling) you should not stop taking them.

ETA: at 9 weeks, the uterus is still below the pelvic bone, so “hard abdomen” that you’re feeling is definitely intestines etc at this point. Try not to be embarrassed about it though; pretty much all women have a bloat bump before the actual baby bump becomes evident!

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The bloating and discomfort at 8-9 weeks was practically unbearable at times, but it got better shortly after that. Gingerale helped me to burp out some of the gas I was holding onto lol.

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Just think about it like you’re “showing” because of the baby. Even when you are really far along, part of your bump is going to be organs, etc. In the mean time, that stuff needs to move up and out of the way to get situated in preparation for your baby.

Get a pair of maternity pants just so you can make yourself comfy!

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MsGolightly:  Drink plenty of fluids, water and 100 % juice. A total of about 32 oz during a few hours should help. 

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MsGolightly:  Yes, before I became pregnant I ate mostly healthy foods. Now I want chips and salsa, which is something I never craved before pregnancy. I craved fried chicken earlier in my pregnancy. I rarely touched anything fried before pregnancy. I have aversions to most of the foods I ate prior to pregnancy. I still like cold foods, like salads and fruit though. I also don’t enjoy drinking plain water any longer. I have to have lemon in it or I drink Gatorade. Your aversions and cravings aren’t abnormal. Just eat what you can, when you can. I have quite a bit of bloat too. Sometimes the body will retain water if you’re dehydrated, so try to drink some fluids or eat popsicles when you can. I also take Flintstone vitamins. I can’t swallow big pills. My doctor told me to take two Flintstone chewables a day. Hope this helps and you feel better.

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