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You don’t have to fast for the beta HCG test. In the UK we don’t do confirmatory blood tests so I don’t know what to recommend on that front, sorry! 


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Also from the UK but think the blood test will just confirm your pregnancy is progressing as it should (ie that your HcG levels are rising at the right rate).

With those lines you are definitely pregnant! Congratulations!! 

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emibee :  I’m in Canada and a blood test to confirm pregnancy isn’t normally done here. My doctor just gave me another urine test to confirm the pregnancy. It was the exact same test as a home pregnancy test. Pregnancy urine tests are very accurate, especially after your period is due.

Effectively, the only possible way you could get the two pink lines is if you are pregnant. There are only extremely weird and rare situations where you could get a positive urine test and not be pregnant, like using certain fertility drugs, or having rare cancers.

There are other conditions that give a positive result and don’t result in a viable pregnancy, but they all involve a fertilized egg that has implanted (but with problems). So in these cases you’re still definitely pregnant. Normal pregnancy is still much more common though.

Your line is very strong and pink so it can’t be an evaporation line. You’re definitely pregnant, congratulations!

In terms of next steps, you should make an appointment with your doctor about your pregnancy. They probably won’t see you until you are around 10 weeks pregnant though. (Which isn’t too far away. If  you are 11 days late, you are most likely already 5 to 6 weeks pregnant because the first day of pregnancy starts from the first day of your last period. Yes it starts about 2 weeks before conception.)  Meanwhile you can take prenatal vitamins (or if not at the very least take folic acid), and start researching pregnancy.

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US bee here. Call your OB office and they will let you know when to do your blood tests. You typically do two, 48 hours apart. After that you’ll do an ultrasound anywhere from 7-8 weeks forward. Every office has different preferences on when they’ll have you come in. 

No fasting or anything for your betas. 

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Also a U.S. Bee. I never got a blood test to confirm my pregnancy or test my betas. Just a pee test. Just know that all offices are different. 

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Another US Bee, the only reason I had a blood confirmation lab drawn when I got pregnant was we were doing fertility treatments and it was their Clinic protocol to get a HCG drawn, but we only had one not the normal two because we magically got pregnant waiting for a cycle to start for IUI. Most normal pregnant women don’t have a blood test done unless there is a concern. The doc might give you a pee test but it’s the exact same thing as the one you did at home. It seems like everyone gets a blood test to confirm pregnancy but that is because the internet self-selects for people who had trouble or are using intervention to get pregnant. Most healthy women who get pregnant in a few months are less likely to be talking about it on the internet so it skews to those of us with issues. 

I would call your provider and ask their protocol but don’t be surprised if they don’t see you until 9-10 weeks. This early in pregnancy there isn’t much to do but take your vitamin, avoid really teratogenic things and enjoy being pregnant if you can!

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I can save you the trouble, you’re pregnant, congrats!

Call and set up an appointment with your doctor (it will be a few weeks) and try to enjoy until then.

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I’m in the U.S. as well. My understanding is that they usually don’t do a blood test unless there is a need for one; suspected ectopic, history of losses, fertility treatments, ect. They were not willing to do a blood test for my first two pregnancies. But as other PP said, every office is different 

ETA: congrats!!!!! 

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Agreed with all of the above YOUR PREGNANT and it’s easy to see from your test

Blood tests are usually only done if your having bleeding or something else off or like fertility treatment 

I’m in Canada 


Yay happy and healthy 9 months 

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Congrats! call your dr and see what they say – every place is different. Mine wanted to schedule a dating ultrasound at 6 weeks, along with other bloodwork to look for specific genetic factors.  At about 11 weeks I had more blood tests and ultrasounds to check for fetal conditions and to measure the nuchal fold. I was considered a “geriatric pregnancy ” because i was 35 at the time, so they did a couple extra tests that normally wouldn’t have been covered under insurance if I was under age 35.  All in all, enjoy this time before morning sickness kicks in, and congrats!

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Congratulations! I’m in the US and they didn’t do blood tests or a pregnancy test to confirm. They told me that a home pregnancy test is accurate so they don’t need to confirm. Phone your doctor and they will book you in for your first appointment at approx 8 weeks and they will talk about blood tests from there. 

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emibee :  as pps said unless you suspect you are experiencing a loss, you have a history of losses, you are working with a fertility specialist, or some other special case you do not generally get a blood test to confirm.  Feel free to buy some more tests if you need to see more positive pregnancy tests to believe it.  At nearly 6 weeks pregnant you won’t have a problem getting a positive on any tests you try.

Yes, miscarriages are common.  Every day your likelihood of carrying to term gets a bit better. I dont really know what else to say except there’s no real point worrying too much: there isn’t much you can do to prevent it.  Don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink heavily, avoid physical trauma (eg falling off a bike) and very hot stuff (saunas, hot tubs) and.. cross your fingers.

For now just take a daily prenatal, call your OB to set up your first appointment (typically around 8-10w from your last period: they’ll let you know when you schedule it) and congratulations. 🙂

Plenty of books and websites will tell you what to do to have a healthy pregnancy, aside from the basics I listed above.

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emibee :  Where are you based? If in the UK I wouldn’t bother going to the doctors. In most places you can self refer to the midwives and the NHS website has all the information you need for a healthy pregnancy (the doctor will likely just direct you here anyway)

Be careful about doctor google – everything looks bleak online. You have a very strong positive there and you’re likely about 6 weeks already so chances are good for you. If you experience any pain and / or bleeding you should definitately see a doctor but both aren’t necessariliy a sign of anything bad (I have bleed on and off throughout the first tirmester for both my pregnancies, both were a heamatoma which sorted itself out. Baby 1 is now 20 months and I am 22 weeks with baby 2)

If you do want to look up anything online – check your sources and stick to your country’s health authority. Advice differs by country so for example in the US pregnant women are adivsed to not use certain beauty products because of one ingrediant – that ingrediant is banned in the EU so women here don’t have that advice. Same with eggs, in the UK you can eat runny egg yolks as long as the eggs are lion marked, this is not the case anywhere else. Some are universal like no blue cheese or swordfish but others are dependant on the country’s food safety laws.

I would also advise against having an ultrasound any early than 12 weeks (unless there is a problem like pain or bleeding) as I have lost count of the women who come on here worried because their US at 6 weeks showed them as not as far along as their dates. At this stage of a pregnancy dating is hard and very much a finger in the air. It gets more accurate as you go along.

For now, enjoy being pregnant (until the sickness starts)

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