(Closed) Pregnancy Constipation! Help!!!

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I make sure to eat a huge salad everyday and also a grapefruit.  I do my best to focus on a high fiber diet (whole wheat pasta, things like that.)  I know it is really really really tough though!  (Pardon the pun!)

ETA:  I thought of one more thing- drinking sparkling water or sparkling juice really helps me digest!  I recommend trying it!  I also have to eat small amounts of food at a time or it is like my system gets overwhelmed- I can only digest a little at a time.

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You may need to see your OB for a prescriptions for something stronger, there are women on the board who have been hospitalized for this same reason. I was having issues with this also but stool softeners, lots of water and a cup of tea in the morning usually helped. As long as I gave myself some time and wasn’t all rushed. Sorry I don’t have better ideas, hope it gets better for you soon.


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Apples seriously….and walking….if you have been constipated for more then 3 days though, you need to talk to your doctor. I know it sucks, not fun at all.

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I suffered a LOT in my first trimester… What worked for me: fruits (for the fiber), a cup of coffee each morning, TONS of water, exercise, and my two lifesavers were Colace stool softener and Fleet glycerin suppositories. My OB cleared both of them but you might give yours a call in case they feel differently 🙂 Also, you might try a prenatal without iron for a bit. Iron can increase constipation.

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I had a terrible time with this during my first trimester. Get some “plum smart” juice…that is what finally did it for me! I second the recommendations for apples and water.

Also, my prenatals do not contain iron, which was helpful…I have IBS and tend toward constipation so it was just easier for me to try to get in extra iron with foods. 

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Warm water enemas. It’s really not bad when you get over the thought of it. 

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I also tried different dried fruits when prunes just weren’t cutting it anymore…for some reason, dried cherries with a ton of water did the trick.
But at this point, a call to your doctor/nurse line is in order!

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I also take zofran and have been having the same problems. I upped the colace to 3 a day, tried miralax, and sometimes use fleet enemas and glycerin suppositories. My doctor told me to try to take breaks from the meds to help w the constipation, but that was making me just way too miserable.

even with all of those measures, I still go rarely, but after taking the breaks from the meds, I decided that for me the misery of the extreme nausea was worse, so i just try a glycerin suppository or an enema when I have an 2 hour window free. Tip on the suppositories: you have to keep one in for as long as possible, like an hour, for if to work with zofran. Put one in, and lay down on the bed for an hour.

good luck! 

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LOL at “a cup of poop total.” LOL. I’ve never heard poop measured like that.

I went through the same thing in my first trimester. In fact, for one doctor’s appointment I was so constipated that when I went back a few weeks later for a checkup I was three pounds LIGHTER. My doctor asked me if I was eating and I said yes, I just hadn’t gone to the bathroom in days before my last appointment. Embarrassing.

I second the Colace. And lots of water. Here’s hoping there’s some relief for you as the weeks wear on!

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Stool softeners, magnesium, flax seed oil?

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@kelly105:  Ugh… I experienced this for the first time today… I empathize with you… and I may have to try the suggestions of the ladies

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I’m so sorry you are going through this.  I know how hard it is.  I started having problems when I was told that I was anemic so I had to take iron supplements.  The iron pills made me miserable. Also, if you are taking iron supplement, they have what they call slow release iron which is easier on your stomache. 

What worked for me is adding ground flaxseed to my meals throughout the day (yogurt, unsweeten applesauce, oatmeals, eggs, salad, etc…)  I would have about 4-6 tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily.  Also, make sure to drink a lot of fluids. 

You can find ground flaxseed at specialty markets such as whole foods market, trader joes, the nuggets, etc…I use Bob’s Red Mill whole ground flaxseed meal.  You can buy whole flaxseeds but then you will have to ground them yourself so it is easier to buy it ground. 


Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.



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Well i even had a laparoscopy because it was causing me bad pains. Linen oil and lots of probiotics. I had pains for 1 year, did different kind of tests, skin allergies. untill i started to take these things last month after laparoscopy, it did magic, no pain, no constipation. I’m taking a probiotic in poland which is called Day Joy, you drink it, it taste awfull though, but it worths. Now, i don’t know if you will ever find this one in US but buy any of them which are in the bottle, liquid, the one in pills do not help as much. 

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