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Never been pregnant but make sure you clear it with your physician (GP and/or OB) that you’re ok to work out, especially since you’ve been sick.

A gym in my city has a pre-natal group fitness class that mixes some moderate strength work (especially lower body) and aerobics/cardio, so maybe there’s something similar where you are. My Future Sister-In-Law is a runner, and she ran well into her second trimester, until she got to the point where jogging became very uncomfortable.

And give yourself permission to take it easy — if you feel like you’re going to hurl, don’t force yourself to finish a workout. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

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I did water aerobics when I was pregnant with my son. But consult with your doctor about taking a spin class. Take naps when you can. Your body is doing a lot of work. 

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Bumble bee

Agreed, you don’t want to cause any internal issues at such a vulnerable stage… I’m admittedly paranoid but I’m avoiding anything too strenuous until 12-weeks.

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souza_2005:  I was very lucky and never had nausea. I did crossfit my entire pregnancy, even the day I delivered. My OB was definitely on board with my level of working out. They only thing he said was don’t start anything new. So basically if you were doing it before pregnancy, you’ll be okay. 

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I ran and worked out through my whole pregnancy. My OB was totally cool with it, as long as everything felt good. The first trimester was the hardest with exaustion and nausea, but I actually found that working out, even if it was just going for a walk, really helped ease the symptoms. Of course, getting motivated to get out the door was the hardest! I never had any specific cravings, but I was COMPLETELY adverse to pretty much all vegetables for the first 14 weeks and mostly lived on peanut butter sandwiches. I just tried to do my best to eat what I could tolerate and when I felt better I was able to go back to my normal eating habits. Congratulations! 

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souza_2005:  I am glad your doctor is on board with your workout routine. Im 18 weeks today and man I was a lazy bum the first trimester. I was so exhausted but your body is working really hard for thiose first weeks so it makes sense. As the Placenta grows it takes over doing a lot of the work and you start to see symptoms lessen. I started getting my energy back right around 12 weeks but the nauseau was still there until 14-15 ish weeks. I never threw-up either but I would get nauseus randomly throughout the day. My heartburn kicked up around the second trimester so in battling that I started chewing peppermint gum which helped the heartburn and the nausea- so maybe try that.


As soon as I had my energy back at 12 weeks I started prenatal yoga and walking more on my lunches (I am not an athlete). So if you feel up to your workouts go for it just drink lots of water and make sure your instructors know that you are preggers if doing intense workouts. If you are tired though give yourself permission to rest- your body is doing a lot for you right now so it is ok to take a break. Also I was the opposite of you and did not want to eat anything the first trimester but I would say just try to make what you eat count- maybe high protein snacks so you feel full quicker.

Good luck and congrats

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truthah:  hokie2wildcat:  mrsditobe:  Working out during a healthy pregnancy is totally fine, even vigorous exercise. Obviously if you want to clear it with a doctor that’s fine, but pregnant women are not fragile and neither is the baby. 

souza_2005:  I’m also athletic and was very fit when I got pregnant. I continued to run, hike, alpine ski, nordic ski, weightlift/circuit class/TRX, spin bike, lap swim, and do yoga until basically the day I gave birth, although at the end I was doing more hiking/walking and swimming and less high impact stuff, just because it was uncomfortable for me. I listened to my body, took it easier when I needed to, and drank plenty of water. I still gained 30ish pounds but I stayed fit and felt good. I also was really nauseas until 14 weeks and eating frequent snacks was on of the only things that helped. Best of luck to you and congrats on your pregnancy!

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posting to follow this thread.  I just found out I’m pregnant about a week ago and i’ve continued to run, swim and bike – will def be on my list of things to discuss with my dr at my first appt!

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You can continue to work out as normal, just listen to your body and take a break if you need to. If you listen to it, your body will tell you when you’re too tired or when something starts becoming uncomfortable. Pregnant women aren’t fragile and neither is a normal pregnancy- unless you’re sky diving or doing something dangeorus or specifically prohibited (like lounging in a hot tub for 30 min) you aren’t going to harm your baby by running, swimming, or doing body pump. Even strenous workouts are okay if you aren’t overdoing it.

I worked out as normal until about 8weeks when my fatigue and nausea hit. I didn’t do that much until it eased up a little at 16/17weeks. After that I went back to running (though I was slower) until it got too uncomfortable at 30weeks. Other than that, I did the elliptical and weights. and walking. The MS wasn’t really what kept me on the couch it was the fatigue.

I don’t know about cravings, in my experience there is nothing you can do but ignore them or give in haha. I had aversions to veggies until about 20weeks so I mostly ate carbs and fat (so wings, fries, burgers, milk) which is what I craved. I didn’t eat for two or anything, but I had to eat snacks I don’t normally eat because I was hungry and snacking kept nausea away. I gained about 42-43lbs and I think it was just what my body wanted (I am 6′ so 42lbs on me isn’t quite as much as it would be on someone who was 5′). I lost it all easily after birth.

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souza_2005:  Congrats! I’m 20 weeks now, and I was moderately active pre- pregnancy. First trimester knocked me down hard with nausea and food aversions. I only ate carbs and laid on the couch after work, I gained 15lbs. I hated all foods but if I didn’t eat I’d get sick, so it was a strange combination. I hated it! Around 11 weeks I began to have more good days than bad days, and by 14 weeks I was basically back to myself. 

Now I have energy again however if I overdo it I will pay for it the next three days! It’s like my body punishes me for using my newfound energy lol. I haven’t gained any weight the last 5 weeks and that’s mostly because I’m back to eating like I used to – little carbs, and lots of fruits and veggies. In fact, my only cravings are raw veggies…strange but I’m not complaining.

My doctor told me to do what I was doing before I got pregnant but dial everything back – same advice about the heartrate as you. 

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Following, as we’re TTC right now. I’d like to keep up with my 3-4 day a week workouts so that I get a hold of my weight during the pregnancy. But, obviously as long as the doctor OK’s it. I know that I am going to struggle with losing baby weight, as I struggle with losing weight in general now.

I see a girl who is probably 20+ weeks PG at Zumba every week, and know she was there for her first PG. We also plan to trade in the elliptical we have (I hate it) for a treadmill whenever the time comes.

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my first semester i wasn’t too nauseous, but didn’t have much of an appetite. i only gained 1 lb.  they say 1-5lbs in 1st tri.  during the first trimester i didn’t exercise much, though i had been a triathlete before starting fertility treatment.  we needed ivf to be successful and i was too nervous to do anything. i did gain 10lbs in the year of fertility treatment. 

after i finally felt comfortable again, i started swimming and doing prenatal yoga.  that is pretty much all i’ve done, exercise wise throughout the pregnancy.  i also walk on the treadmill sometimes.  i am 34 weeks and so far have gained 21lbs.  i’m right on track to be in the 25-35 weight gain. 

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