(Closed) Pregnancy Fitness Plans, anyone?

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@CookieCreamCakes:  I’ve never never been over weight and I have always been fitness minded so working out is just a habit to me. 

During my first pregnancy I continued to workout all through the 3 trimesters. I had a very easy labor (went from water breaking to 9.5 cm dilated in 2 hours and pushed the baby out pretty quickly) I lost all my pregnancy weight within a few weeks of giving birth and my recovery was easy despite tearing. I never took pain killers or felt all that bad afterwards. My OB really thinks that all of that was thanks to being fit while pregnant. I was back to running 4 weeks postpartum. 

I’m now in my 2nd pregnancy and still working out and eating well. I get up 6 mornings a week at 4:30am to workout/shower/get ready before my Dear Daughter wakes up. I run around 15-18 miles a week and do toning exercises 3-4x a week for legs and arms. I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables but do indulge a little bit more while pregnant. Despite the freezing weather here in NY I do stop by our local frozen yogurt shop a couple times week and load up a sundae. It doesn’t help that a new yogurt place opened right next to my daughters swim school! So far in week 13 of pregnancy #2 I’ve gained no weight. My bump is certainly popping out but no weight gain on the scale. I’m definitely not concerned about gaining though. I know I need to and I’m fine with that. As long as I keep working out and eating well I will let my body do what it wants. I know from experience that I’ll get my body back when its over so I’m fine with letting it go for a healthy baby.

Exercise and eating well is important to me during pregnancy bc it makes me feel good and gives me so much energy which is needed with a child to take care of while pregnant! I do not keep track of calories or calorie count. I listen to my body, eat real, good foods and don’t stress about the extra desserts if thats what I want at that moment. As long as I’m eating enough fruits and veggies and keeping up with my workouts it will all balance out.

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Well I was at a normal weight when I got pregnant but I can tell you what I’ve done throughout my pregnancy.

How many hours a week do you workout? Before pregnancy?  Probably averaged anywhere from 5-7/8 hours a week depending on the season.  I worked out anywhere from 2 hours a week in early pregnancy (fatigue and nausea), to 4-5 hours a week mid-pregnancy (felt better but still not the same energy level), to about 2 hours a week in late pregnancy (fatigue and pain).  I’m 35.5 weeks now FWIW.

What are your weight goals for pregnancy? Just gain the recommended 25-35 lbs.  My goal for fitness was just to never give up completely, whatever that meant.  I’m on the higher end weight wise now, but I guess it’s just what my body wants to do…I don’t think I’ve changed my eating habits too much.

What’s your general daily calorie intake/nutrition goals? Try to eat healthy, don’t follow the “eating for two” rule.

What kinds of workouts do you do (earlier in pregnancy versus later, for those far enough along)? I had extreme fatigue in early pregnancy so while I could still run (phsyically) I didn’t have the energy to do much or anything.  From about 16 weeks-25 weeks I could jog/walk my normal mileage…just much slower.  I quit jogging for the most part after 30 weeks (other than maybe alternating slow jogging for 1 min/walk for 1-2 min for a 10-15 min total).  I’ve done the elliptical the whole time, but it’s mostly all I do now.  I still do weights (arms and squats/lunges for the most part).  I did bike (road) a few times and before I found out I was pregnant but gave that up early second trimester since it got colder anyway.  Elliptical and running have always been my favorites, though I biked with Darling Husband and like the stairmaster (I don’t have one right now though).

Why is healthy eating/fitness a concern for you (did you have problems in previous pregnancies?)  I don’t know that it’s a concern, it’s just my lifestyle and I need to workout to feel relatively normal and healthy.  So it’s just something I couldn’t imagine quitting for 9 months.  Also, I wanted to (hopefully) have an easier labor and be able to recover quicker and get back into it faster.  I did eat healthier pre-pregnancy but I don’t eat terrible now, just eat a little more sugar and higher fat items than normal.

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How many hours a week do you workout? 2.5-3 on a good week. I’m only getting in half an hour each work day, and sometimes I”m slacking and not going every work day. I do commute via bus so i walk a bit more to and from the car/bus etc than people who drive to work every day which helps

What are your weight goals for pregnancy? To only gain the recommended amount.

What’s your general daily calorie intake/nutrition goals? I have no idea what my calorie intake is, I”m not counting. I know that I’m eating somewhat the same as pre pregnancy. Mostly healthy, but I’m definitely allowing myself more sugar and treats than I would have previously. 

What kinds of workouts do you do (earlier in pregnancy versus later, for those far enough along)? I’m doing mostly the eliptical for half an hour on some days and then weight training and squats, lunges etc… on others. Pre pregnancy I did more high impact circuit and weight training and ran. 

Why is healthy eating/fitness a concern for you (did you have problems in previous pregnancies?
Multiple reasons. I don’t want to gain too much weight and have to work my butt off to get it off. I don’t want to develop GD. I want to stay fit as I know that doing so can have a big impact on labor, comfort and pain levels throughout pregnancy, and recovery after etc… I also feel better after getting some exercise every day.

I admit, I have concerned myself with my weight a LOT so far even though I’ve only gained 18 lbs and I”m 24 weeks. I just keep being fearful that I”m going to balloon or gain too much and I really don’t want that. It’s hard to let yourself gain weight when you concern yourself so much with NOT gaining weight pre pregnancy.

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