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@future mrs:  I think this is totaly normal, especially at 8 weeks.  For my first trimester, i was exhausted to the point where I didn’t want to do anything.  It got better though.  


The only thing that didn’t go away was being annoyed at almost everyone.  My husband hated going to the store with me the entire pregnancy because I’d get irritated so easily and when I was pregnant I wasn’t very quiet about it.  Oddly enough, since giving birth, I’ve found I’ve become less irritated with people because I can more often see their side of the situation.  

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At 8 weeks this sounds completely normal to me! I swear I cried every sunday in the beginning of my pregnancy like clockwork….It was really strange – I also just wanted to sleep all the time. First trimester is killer but you are so close to your second and hopefully you will gain some energy back!


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@mandb122:  Oh this, 1000x this.  The funk goes away, I promise.  I mean, you’ll still have crappy days here and there, but it won’t be like it is now.  You’ll start to want to do more than sloth around, but I did that 1st trimester with both pregnancies.  I always tell DH that sofas aren’t meant for pregnant people, because they look all saggy at the end of the first trimester.

But the annoyance didn’t stop until after I gave birth, for sure.

We were at the DMV when I was 7 months pregnant.  This guy was totally fixated on the belly, and spent like three hours staring at it.  I thought perhaps I was imagining it, so I moved, and then so did he.

I was so annoyed, and I was LOUD about it too.  My poor husband was like “Just let it go, please oh please don’t get me killed.”

And then yesterday, I was shopping when this kid had an absolute meltdown.  Like, hear him on the other side of Wal-Mart meltdown.  When I passed the Mom, she had her jaw set in grim determination, and instead of being annoyed about the kid, I felt so much pity for that Mom.  It was like “been there.”

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I will be 10 weeks this Friday and I feel the same way. I dont feel like doing anything but sleeping. Its fatique which is a symptom of the first trimester. You will feel better once you enter the second trimester. I am counting down the days. I hope you feel better. 

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I have this.  I am really feeling down in the dumps.  I have to drag myself to do anything.  And I have been having crazy dreams.  I definitely have a funk.  Yesterday I dragged myself to vote (early) and that was really nice… but that is about what I have accomplished lately :/  I think pregnancy is so much harder than I ever imagined.  Not that I am complaining, it is for the best reason of course.  It is just hard to feel nauseous for weeks, have my tsh elevated, be so tired, and worried right now because DH was laid off.  He is working again, but things are super duper uncomfortably tight.

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@Quietserenity:  I was in Walmart probably when I was around 7 months pregnant and I just wanted some lotion for my face since I had run out.  There was a couple taking up almost the entire aisle looking at the face washes/lotions and talking about which ones to get and why.  My husband had to lead me away to go look at something else because I started loudly asking him why they couldn’t have decided what to get before they came or at least have the courtesy to move so I can get my lotion since I was obviously waiting. 


He was also irritated at the store once because a woman took 20-30 minutes to pick out grapes (she went through every single bag).  I, being so pregnant and annoyed, asked him loudly why somebody would need that long to pick out a bag of grapes.  He was embarassed and we didn’t get any grapes that day. 

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I feel the same way! I’m 9.5 weeks and miserable most of the time. I also feel like garbage and everything annoys me!

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Totally normal for a first trimester – print out this board for your DH to read so he knows it’s not just you being lazy 🙂

My DH confessed at almost the end of my first tri that he was really struggling with not seeing me as lazy after I spent the last 5-6 weeks laying on the couch or in bed – I’d be asleep when he left for work and when he got home! But, I was sooooooooooo tired and it was all I could do to get from bed to the couch and only roust myself to pee and shove food in my face so I wouldn’t pass out (during the few times I wasn’t nauseous). I actually had to stop working, even from home, because I was so tired and sick feeling and brain drained that I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

However, I hit about 15-16 weeks and BAM! I was all better and had tons of energy through my second tri. Not everyone has this, but most women get at least some sort of break. I’m almost 8 months now and am just losing a little of my energy again, but still have days where I’m really energetic and get a lot done.

The best advice I can give is to try and start some sort of exercise you can enjoy during your second tri when you have some energy. My body seriously feels so much better when I do a yoga/ballet workout a few times a week and stretch every day, and my energy is better overall as well – yay endorphines! I made it a habit during my second tri so it’s easier to keep up now that I’m getting towards the end.

Hang in there, it gets better!!

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Lol, I could have written your post, my hubby says I seem ‘lethargic’. Ummm, try being queasy 24/7, exhausted and have none of your clothes fit right and we’ll see how energetic YOU feel buddy! Actually, he is quite supportive and sweet but sometimes they just don’t ‘get it’ do they?

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I’m 8weeks today and I pretty much feel the same. I’d rather take a nap than do just about anything. 🙁 I hear that people get a burst of energy in their 2nd trimester… I really hope that’s true because I hate how lazy I feel.

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