Pregnancy in 30s

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I started TTC at 29. Took 8 months, had a m/c, took another 8 months to conceive my son. Gave birth at 31. Started TTC#2 at 33, nothing was happening so I went to the doc. Found out my FSH is elevated. Did a couple rounds of clomid, one round of IUI with clomid, 2 rounds of IUI with injectibles and then moved on to IVF. Had a fresh transfer that was unsuccessful and am now pregnant from my only frozen transfer. Not everyone’s story is like mine though, plenty of people conceive with no problem in their 30s! If you are worried, get checked out sooner rather than later 🙂

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krm1984 :   I conceived on the pill and I even continued to take the pill for about 4 months because I had no idea I was pregnant. I’d never had regular cycles and was still spotting some, so that never raised a flag. I’ll never trust the pill again and later got an IUD instead. Millions of women take the pill with no issues though so I’m certain the pill failing (and possibly I’m to blame too) is a rarity!  


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We started trying after our wedding when I was 31. Had two miscarriages in a row but 3rd time lucky so far and made it to 17 weeks. I’ve had PCOS all my life so I thought I’d have a problem getting pregnant, not staying pregnant! 

Tbh someone could struggle and 21 and then someone else could have no problem at 36, you just don’t know til you try!

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I’d say everyone is very different. And not to alarm you, maybe it’s just my friend group, but I’d say 70% of us have had issues getting pregnant. We range from 32-44. Obviously on the higher end of that scale they knew there would be issues but they met later in life and really wanted kids.

Then we had friends that unexpectedly got pregnant and then two months after their first kid arrived they got pregnant again, without trying. Or we know people in their 40s who naturally got pregnant. It’s just such a mixed bag and no two stories are the same is what I am learning from my own struggles.

I just turned 37 in March. We got married when I was 35 and I stopped taking birth control the same month we got married. We didn’t really try much in the first year to have a baby, meaning we didn’t track ovulation and what not. Last year I began tracking and set a deadline, that if it didn’t happen in 6 months I’d call my doctor. Nearing that deadline I found out I was pregnant, but sadly I miscarried at 8 weeks, a missed miscarriage. I had a d&c and waited for my period to return. It hasn’t. I am about four months post miscarriage and nothing. I did a round of progestorgne to restart my system and that failed. So we’ve been sent to an infertility clinic. 

My two friends that are pregnant now also needed help to get pregnant. One couldn’t ovulate on her own and had to trigger it with meds, she’s 32. The other is 44 and did ivf. We also had friends in their mid 30s do IUI  and that failed so they are talking adoption. Fertility is a fickle bitch, I tell ya!

I thought I wouldn’t have an issue. No major health problems, regular periods and so forth…but it’s been a struggle. You just never know until you try.

I did hear, and I will be taking this test thru my clinic, about the AMH test that is a good indicator of your ovary reserve. If you are worried this test can tell you if your reserves are depleting or if you still have more time before worrying about having a kid. I haven’t got my results back, but I hope to see good numbers.

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I just turned 34 and am due with my second child coming up on 7/4 (a girl). I had my son when I turned 32. Both pregnancies have been healthy and uncomplicated and I got pregnant both times within 2 cycles of “trying”. To my knowlege I haven’t experienced any miscarriages, or if I have they were chemical.

To add I chart, have been charting since I was 30 and once we started evening considering TTC i absolutely began using OPK’s. I liked feeling knowlegable about my cycles, I do feel it was helpful with timing, etc. Plus, with my health history (Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism) it was important for me to track in case assistance would be needed.

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30 weeks pregnant right now at 33, and no issues so far!  No gestational diabetes, chromosome issues (we paid the $100 to get that early blood test to know), I’ve been walking/working out several times a week all along, etc.  I even went in for more frequent heartbeat checks because we did have a miscarriage beforehand (very early) and I was worried, but all good.

FYI we got pregnant very first try with the miscarriage (I did research on when to have sex etc.) and 2.5 months after our D&C.

I would recommend NOT taking a year to plan a wedding – you don’t need it! – don’t stand firm on a certain month.  Plan it in 4-6 months if you’ll be 35 and want to start having a family.  And secondly, when you do get a positive pregnancy test, go in right away and get your progesterone and other levels checked (plus another time – like a week or 2 apart).  I wish I had done that last time, instead of waiting until the 9 week ultrasound…. Progesterone is such an easy fix.

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I got pregnant with my first at 35 the first cycle we tried. Easy peasy pregnancy, healthy delivery & baby. She did have jaundice, but she was a small baby and we had nursing issues.

Started trying for #2 at age 37 (DD was 10 months old at that time, and we started trying again as soon as I stopped nursing and got my cycle back). This time it took 9 months. Due to age, I saw a specialist after 6 months who put our chances at less than 5% for another natural conception. My lab work was all within the normal range (at least for my age) and DH’s SA was perfect. Specialist recommended IUI and then IVF. We decided not to proceed with that and sort of gave up hope. A cycle later, we found out we were expecting after all.

I’m now 28 weeks into that second pregnancy. Everything is going well! I do have a marginal cord insert, but it doesn’t seem to be causing too much trouble. I will be age 38.5 when this little one comes along.

I echo the others who said you never know until you try. But, it was certainly possible for me to conceive two babies in my late 30s and have healthy pregnancies. I lucked out by not having any MCs. Fingers crossed for you!



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I got married at 31 and had a baby less than a year later with no issues.  My mom had my sister at 32 and me at 39.  My sister had her kids at 34 and 37.  No issues.  All of my friends are in their thirties and having their first kids now.  It is not the norm in my circle to have kids until you are at least 30.   I have noticed — totally anecdotally — that more of my friends who are above 35 have had MCs or other trouble TTC.  Plenty of my friends are having babies at 36, 37, 38 etc. and many with no issues at all, but there really do seem to be more difficulties the closer you get to 40.  Just based on what my friends/acquaintances seem to experience and tell me.

If I were getting married around age 35, I would probably plan for a short engagement and start TTC right away, especially if I wanted more than one kid.  Two totally random older coworkers who both have only children have told me that they waited until they were 38ish to have their first kid and then they were unable to get pregnant with a second one.  

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I got married at 37 and pregnant at 37 the first cycle we tried. I had a subchorionic hematoma and a lot of bleeding in the first trimester. We did genetic testing (CVS) and it was covered by insurance due to my age. I had some depression during my pregnancy and it was hard for me because my doctors had me cut back on exercise due to the bleeding. I was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction in week 38 of my pregnancy and DS was born small for gestational age when I was 38 years old. No one seems to know why he was growth restricted. He’s still small (currently 1st percentile) but he’s healthy. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy due to a lot of reasons (being exercise restricted, some medications I take, depression, cravings) and it’s been hard to make progress getting it off when I’m so tired taking care of a baby, and I’m sure it would be easier with my 25-year-old self’s metabolism. But it will happen in time and I’m trying to be kind to myself. 

I agree that you never know until you try. We had done fertility testing before we even tried because my old gynecologist thought I might have issues due to almost nonexistent periods. It turned out that my husband’s sperm morphology was horrible and the fertility doctor thought we’d need IVF. She actually called while I was 25 weeks pregnant to see if we wanted to get started on the process, and when I told her I was pregnant I don’t think she believed me! I guess we just got lucky.

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I got pregnant when I was just turning 39. First month off the pill which I had taken for several years. So I had no trouble at all getting pregnant. My pregnancy was good except for vomiting and nausea every day (HG) and I developed cholestatsis at week 36 which led to me being delivered early. Neither condition had anything to do with my age. My son is eight months old, healthy and happy. I was shocked how easily I got pregnant being older and just off the pill but it happens.

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I’m currently 33 years old and just got married. We got pregnant on our honeymoon, basically the first time we tried. I’m 36 months pregnant and have not had any issues so far. I did not even have “normal” pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. Hopefully my birth goes just as smoothly! 

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I got married at 33 and we started trying right away. Got pregnant on the 2nd cycle trying. Only complication in my pregnancy was pre-eclampsia, which we were kind of expecting since high blood pressure runs in the family.  I was 34 when I had to be induced at 38 weeks. DS was on the smaller side at 5 lbs 3 oz. He ended up having low blood sugar and an infection, so he had to stay in the NICU for a week. But none of that happened because of my age.

Currently 35 and we started trying for baby #2 in April – we got pregnant on the first cycle trying. So I’m 7 1/2 weeks along right now and praying for a sticky baby! My OB put be on baby aspririn to help with my blood pressure – it’s within healthy ranges right now and we want to keep it that way. So far, everything’s going well.

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Started trying at 32, nothing fancy, just lots of sex wink. Pregnant on third cycle. Great pregnancy. Long but good med-free birth at 33. Easy breastfeeding. And I don’t think I can blame my toddler headaches on my age!

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I was 30 when I got pregnant and it only took three months. Also, we early in our friends group – all our friends were 32-35 when they had their first child. None of them had issues. All got pregnant right after getting married. 

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krm1984 :  I agree with PPs that you shouldn’t have a year-long engagement. You never know if you’re going to have fertility issues until you start trying, but I’ve read that the average time to conceive is 8 months, and if you have issues getting pregnant or have a miscarriage, which is more common over age 35, it will take you longer. Some of my friends in their 30s have had trouble and some haven’t. From my personal experience, I was lucky to meet my now husband when I was 34 and he was totally on the same page with timelines as he had just turned 40 and really wants kids. So we got engaged after 10 months and then got married 9 months after that. I went off the pill right before the wedding so we could TTC right away and was shocked when a blood test showed I had gotten pregnant about a month after the wedding. I was having bleeding, which was why I was shocked when the test indicated I was around 6 weeks pregnant, unfortunately, it looks like this time it’s just an empty embryonic sac (again, this is common in older women; I’m getting another ultrasound next week) and we’ll have to try again. Technology is definitely improving for fertility treatment, but the sooner you can start, the better. 

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