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Not pregnancy related, but I work shifts(in sleep medicine ironically enough) and my sleep is super messed up. I am also wide awake at stupid hours despite my best sleep practices. I don’t know much about the pregnancy side of insomnia other than it being extremely common especially in the first trimester (as if that helps). There are sleep hygiene tips for insomnia in general, but I’m not sure how helpful they would be if this is soely pregnancy induced. I’m not sure if melatonin or short term things like that are reccomended in this case either. :/ But I can commiserate with you on how annoying insomnia is. Bllerrrrh. 

ETA: also you could try not lying on your back when you sleep (you probably don’t this far along though right?). Try propping yourself up with pillow etc to help with the heartburn maybe. 


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Busy bee

I completely feel your pain. Is it our bodies way of preparing us to get up for night time feedings to get used to the lack of sleep? I don’t know but it is so annoying! I give up and have accepted the heartburn. I’ve tried every home remedy and nothing works, no matter what I eat and how small of a portion I still get terrible heartburn. It’s really making me lose my appetite completely. I don’t know if it’s nesting or boredom from not being able to sleep but my house has never looked better. Instead of laying in bed awake, I have been getting up and organizing, re-decorating and doing the million and one things that I have been meaning to fix, etc.  My Darling Husband has been joking that he is afraid that he is either going to get donated to charity, cleaned or painted while he is sleeping.  I guess that’s the only upside – I’m super productive but I am going to visit my parents after Christmas and I’m sure they are going to love my insomnia while I’m staying there. Maybe I’ll organize their house as well? I hope that you are able to sleep again very soon – best wishes!

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@ZoeyGirl:  I am almost 39w and have suffered from insomnia forever now. Every few days I take Tylenol simply sleep and it really helps. I usually find myself staying up too late to take it for some dumb reason. Otherwise I would take it more often. 

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@ZoeyGirl:  Which meds are you taking for heart burn? The reason I ask is because I’ve had really bad heart burn/indigestion with this pregnancy and had to switch meds a few times before finding something that worked for me.

At almost 36 weeks pregnant, the two things that are keeping me awake at night are a) needing to get up to pee constantly and b) restless leg syndrome. I’d heard of RLS before but never actually experienced it until the third trimester of pregnancy. My legs and feet literally feel like they’re crawling and I *have* to keep moving them. It’s such a terrible feeling! My doctor gave me some stretches to do to help with the RLS but I think the only cure is to deliver this baby.

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  I can relate! I’m also 37 weeks and I am just sore all over. My knees and ankles, in particular. The first time getting up for the bathroom overnight is the worst because I am incredibly stiff. I’m up about every two hours. I have a Snoogle, and I feel like it’s gotten really flat so it doesn’t provide as much support as it used to. However, we’re so late in the game, I’m not wanting to get another one just yet.

  I wish I had some answers for you! I’ll be watching this post for answers that I can use, too.

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I wake up every time I need to change positions, so I end up waking up around 5-7 times a night, or once an hour, and wake up around 3am without the ability to go back to sleep about once a week. When I get desperate for sleep, I usually take one benadryl and one regular strength tylenol and it knocks me out so I’m only waking up 2-3 times a night. The only draw back is benadryl really dries me out, so I have to drink gallons of water the next day to avoid dehydrating and getting strong braxton hicks. 

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@ZoeyGirl:  My go-to heartburn cure is applesauce. I swear by it. I actually woke up lkast week feeling “off” and had a hard time falling back asleep. Between that, the discomofrt in my hips and butt, and just general anxiety I too haven’t been sleeping well.

You can try a warm (NOT hot) shower or bath. I end up just sitting on the couch for a little while, sipping water, and if I fall asleep there then so be it. Otherwise when I start drifting I will go back to bed. Hope it gets better for you. I know the feeling all too well and HATE it!

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@As_You_Wish:  Sorry to hear about your restless leg symptoms. This sounds crazy and I don’t know if it works because that’s the one thing I haven’t had, yet – watch, tonight it will start but on our Babymoon we went to a destination wellness spa. In addition to fitness classes and spa treatments they have full medical services there. I went to seminars “celebrating pregnancy” and they said for pregnancy restless leg syndrome it can be really helpful to exercise your legs and stretch before you go to bed. They said its caused by your leg muscles being too awake.  I don’t know if it’s true but maybe it will help? Best wishes, hope it gets better for you.

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Me! I’m up until 2 or 3am every night because I just can’t fall asleep. Of course in the morning I don’t want to get up, but try to force myself to around 9-9:30.

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Ive had insomnia on and off since2nd tri and now at 32 weeks i feel like its unlikely to improve =(

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@ZoeyGirl:  I had insomnia super bad in my first trimester and it just came back last week, ugh! I don’t have a problem falling asleep but I always wake up 3-4 hours after falling asleep (to pee) and end up laying in bed trying to fall back to sleep for 1-3 hours. It is SO lame! I catch up on my emails in the middle of the night, read the news apps on my phone, play candy crush and in general hate myself for not being able to sleep! 

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it seems as if I can’t get enough sleep or I can’t get any. I’m currently 24 weeks, it’s 2 am and I’m  wide awake. She is also kicking the crap outta me and I’m not sure ifshe wants company or of she’s pissed cuz I’m up. 

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