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LLEU:  That is interesting what you wrote about being more private than you expected. I can kind of relate to that. When I first found out I was pregnant I was so excited I had the urge to tell everyone! But so far we have not told any family or friends yet. I’m 6w6d and I’m sure we will wait a bit longer. It’s nice having this secret and having some private time to get used to the idea.

One difference from what I expected is that my husband is so happy about the pregnancy. It’s not like I expected him to feel otherwise, but I just thought he might need more time for it to sink in. I was ready for kids before he was, so we had several talks about it. I knew that he had come around and decided that he wanted to have kids. However I didn’t know that he would be so happy and excited from the very beginning ever since we found out! He has been so supportive and sweet, I really appreciate it and I feel like I’m seeing what a great dad he will be.

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I can also agree with the privacy aspect! For the first 12 weeks I was so excited about being in the clear and telling people, but when the time came I realised how much I loved having it as a secret. I’m 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and cannot hide my bump, and looking back now I think about how special it was in the first few weeks when it was a secret between Darling Husband and I!

I also did not expect that the first half of my pregnancy would go by so quickly! Having said that, the weeks have started to slow down and I’m so keen now to wrap up work (9.5 wks left and counting) and meet my little one.

I am also pleasantly surprised so far by how much I am enjoying being pregnant (on the whole).

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Busy bee

I was also pleasantly surprised by not having most of the common pregnancy complaints. The bonus is that I have become much more relaxed than I used to be. I’ve also heard that the last month is supposed to be the worst, but right now, with 2-3 weeks to go, I feel really good and energetic.

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LLEU:  I’m 11 weeks and I’ve had terrible nausea and felt exhausted, both of which were entirely expected. But what I didn’t expect was;

NO breast tenderness or changes – they’ve been a bit itchy, but everyone tells you you’ll get pain etc but I haven’t

And I’ve had a lot of discharge. Which apparently is normal, but I didn’t even know it was a thing! 

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I’ve been most surprised at how I’ve been handling the third trimester. You hear about so many women who are just plain miserable but besides it being a challenge to roll over in bed at night and the occasional achey back, I still feel very mobile, energetic and much like myself at 36 weeks pregnant.  My first trimester was plain miserable with MS though so I guess it’s a trade off. 

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I’m only 18 weeks, but so far it’s been pretty much what I expected, with a few exceptions. 

Since my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I was really sure that I wouldn’t want to tell anyone until we’d had a good ultrasound the next time around… Until I saw those two pink lines again, and I wanted to tell the entire universe! 

I thought (hoped) my boobs would get bigger… So far, no dice. My areola got huge, but still waiting on the boob growth. 

I didn’t realize there were so many weird things you’re more likely to develop while pregnant – like the bump on my gumline (dentist called it a “pregnancy tumor”) or tension headaches or clogged pores like whoa. 

And finally, we were 100% positive that we didn’t want to find out the sex… Until the nurse called with the results of the MaterniT21 test and was like, “do you want to know the gender?” Um, YES!

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I have an almost 7 month old but I was shocked that I could be that tired all the time, especially early on.  I LOVE basketball and I fell asleep at halftime during all of our games (watching at home) at like 9pm…I could barely stay awake through them.  And that was after the fatigue had eased from the beginning lol.  I think I fell asleep on the couch almost every night.

Thankfully it went away after birth!

On the other side, I was surprised I was pretty comfortable pregnant at the end.  I was 41 weeks and wasn’t physically uncomfortable.  I thought I could go another month carrying her lol.

Oh and my nipples got super super dark, I forgot what they looked like before pregnancy.  They did lighten up the first few months after birth.  Other than that and noticeable veins, I didn’t have many breast changes over all (mine never ballooned up).

Also, I had no idea about the increased vaginal discharge and fluids.  I practically had to wear a pantyliner the entire time or go to the bathroom to wipe up.  It got even worse at the end.  I’d be wanting to go every hour to clean up…yuck.  Don’t miss that.

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LLEU:  I’m a fairly private person but even I didnt expect how private I would be about this. If i had it my way I wouldnt have told anyone until after I gave birth. I also didnt expect to have no morning sickness in my first trimester, and now, at 33 weeks, I’m starting to get uncomfortable and tired but nothing like I thought I would. My boobs grew exponentially and that’s been weird/frustrating and I cannot believe they are going to get even bigger. I joined the December board on here and I think thats what has amzed me the most. The group of ladies on there couldnt be more supportive and sweet and i really adore all of them! Finding a good group of ladies that are going through the same thing as you at the same time has been such a godsend!

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LLEU:  I too felt very private & protective about my baby & bump & loved having it a secret. I’m pregnant with #2 and if anything I’m even more private with this one. It’s such a special time and I missed it after Dear Daughter was born.

Part of the reaosn, I missed being pregnant was the “butterflies” or tickling that I felt when I started to feel my babies move, BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! I expected alot more kicks but with #1, I mostly had these whispery tickles throughout my pregnancy. it was like baby was softly tickling me. I’m currently almost 19 weeks and love, love, love those flutters.

I also suffer with bad emotional PMS with bloating as my main physical symptom. Well I’ve had the pregnancy bloat but emotionally, I’ve been very even-keeled too. I remember my first PMS after Dear Daughter was born, I was like UGH NO! But I never had bad pregnancy mood swings or even a hint of PPD even though it’s supposed to be more likely in women that have bad PMS. I always joked that PMS was my body’s punishment for not getting KU as biologically that is it’s primary goal & I’m beginning to think maybe I was on to something 🙂

The one thing that shocked me most about pregnancy was the increased sex drive/sensitivity that for me started in the 2nd trimester with Dear Daughter. I thought to myself “I know what it must feel like to be a man!!”. I wasn’t all that keen to actually DTD but my fantasies were out of this world. I remember walking my dogs and thinking these elaborate sexy-time scenarios involving things that had never even interested me before. I don’t know if it’s the hormones or increased blood flow but WOW that surprised me, lol. Has just started to kick in again this time but so far not as bad (or good??) as my first pregnancy…

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LLEU:   I also haven’t had much morning sickness.

I guess the most surprising part of this is how overprotective my husband has become. How much or little I’m eating, weight I’m losing, going to places alone after dark, etc. It’s both annoying and endearing.

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I never expected to hate pregnancy. But I hated every second of it. I loved the kicks but non stop nausea, headaches, back aches, being weighed down, just generally not at all feeling like myself for 40 weeks then another couple months of regulating. I would do it all over again and probably will again in 5 years though

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nadnuk:  This x a million!! Once at a grocery store, I went to walk our shopping cart back to the store and my husband stood outside of our car and watched me. He also really didn’t want me to take showers when I was home alone in fear that I would fall and would insist on helping me in and out (even before the big belly came). He’s usually pretty protective but he was on a whole new level when I was pregnant. Very annoying, very endearing. 

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I’m only 9 and a 1/2 weeks, but symptom wise the thing that has surprised me the most is how tired I am right now. I knew tiredness is a thing in the first trimester, but I didn’t expect to have to go lie down at 6pm because I was that exhausted. I’ve been pretty lucky otherwise with only mild nausea (more food aversions really). 


Im also surprised at how quickly I’m starting to show. Ive developed a bit of a tummy which is mainly bloating I guess but I can already feel my uterus when I’m standing – Darling Husband agrees so I’m not just imagining it. It might be because we’re both doctors so we’re used to palpating for organs, but it’s still pretty early (although not unheard of apparently). 

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I have to say I am enjoying being pregnant alot more than I thought I would.  I was super lucky and had no morning sickness and the sore boobs have gone away.  The only bad thing is the sciatica that comes and goes that makes movement awful!  I would say the things I am most surprised by (these are normal symptoms but I totally didn’t think that they would happen to me lol). 1)the fatigue during the first trimester – holy cow- sleeping for 12-13 hours a night was a must. 2) the complete lack of sex drive during the first trimester – if i could have been without it I wouldn’t have noticed. 3) the emotions – I cry all the time – seriously was registering for baby stuff and just started crying.  

I am now 21 weeks and feeling good – we had some concerns with our anatomy scan that were all worked out but I guess the most amazing thing that surprised me was how much you can love this baby inside you – it is ridiculous.  I am constantly just smiling whenever I feel him kick – like holy crap this is real!  I also love seeing my husband be more loving towards me and my belly.

Finally a thing that surprised me as a plus-sized lady is that I actually look pregnant and not just fat (probably a stupid thing but it has definitely been hard on me with my body image – I am already freaking out about having gained 7 pounds which is stupid).

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