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Helper bee

I haven’t done this yet but it seems so fun!

How far along? Coming up on 23 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: not 100% sure but last Dr. appt I’m pretty sure I haven’t gained more than MABYE 5 lbs since my pre-pregnancy weight…not sure how

Maternity clothes? yes, I have a shopping addiction.  I have actually had the most success at Gap Maternity (although normally Gap isn’t really my thing) But I’m so sad about all the cute fall clothes I can’t really wear so I’ve been cheering myself up by buying shoes and accessories

Movement: Yes, this week I’m feeling a lot more “flipping” “turning” sensation than kicking

Food cravings: Anything fruity…especially smoothies

How are you feeling this week? Honestly, my pregnancy has been pretty darn good, I rode my bike 100 miles when I was 7 weeks pregnant for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but this last week, I have been so very very cranky and irritable.  The most ridiculous things are making me mad, but I think it’s turning around, and at least I can sense when I’m getting a little crabby and I avoid taking it out on anyone.  I just vent at my prenatal yoga class

Milestones: The flipping and turning sensations. I sorta finished our registries a few weeks ago, still unsure what I need.  Trying to do my research on cloth diapering but it is SO overwhelming.  Decided I want to splurge and get a coach baby bag so asking for it for my birthday!  Trying to plan our one year anniversary weekend!!!

Congratulations ladies!

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Bumble bee
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We had our second apt with our midwife on Monday. Our due date got moved to 3/19/11, since at our sono on the 10th, the baby measured ahead 9 days. We have our 2nd sono on 10/28 and will find out the gender then. Can’t wait!

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I wanted to come back and do a full update!

How far along? 15w4d

Total weight gain/loss: According to the dr I’ve gained 7 pounds between 8/30 and 9/27, but at my 1st apt I took my shoes off and was wearing a pair of linen capris and a sleeveless cotton tank. Monday for the 2nd apt I was wearing heavy cordroy pants, birkenstock clogs, a long sleeve tee and a chunky belted sweater. I’m pretty sure half the weight gain was clothing.

Maternity clothes? Not quite yet. I purchased a cute sweater on clearance at destination maternity, as well as a cute dress for my BIL’s wedding next week. Most of my clothes still fit, though I have started to buy up some cute open front cardigans and chunky belted sweaters so I can wear them over maternity tees.

Movement: None yet, but hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks.

Food cravings: Thomas’ bagels loaded with Philly cream cheese! mmm…

How are you feeling this week? Not bad, but not great. I’m tired. My energy level hasn’t quite returned to where it was before being pregnant. As soon as Monday hits, the extra sleep from the weekend disappears and I feel exhausted. I am doing okay with food and not having much nausea, so that’s a positive.

Milestones: Monday we had our second midwife apt and we heard the heartbeat (although we had seen it before). Also, today I finally had to resort to the rubber band trick, since my pants were so tight. They fit just last week!

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Busy bee
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i’m pregnant!! 4wks 2 days!

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Busy bee
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How far along? 19w 2d

Total weight gain/loss: According to my weigh in this morning, we are still at a net loss of 5 lbs from starting pre-pregnancy weight.  It is slowly creeping up though.

Maternity clothes? Yes.  The same three pair of pants and five tops rotated around and around.  Now that I finally have a noticeable bump I can fill out some tops a bit more appropriately soon.

Movement: None yet, but hopefully in the next week or two.

Food cravings: Not particularly.

How are you feeling this week? Decent.  I’m finally eating semi-normal again so that is a pick-me-up.

Milestones: We found out this morning we are having a boy!

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Bumble bee
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How far along? Starting 28th week; entering 3rd trimester

Total weight gain/loss: exactly 20 lbs

Maternity clothes? nighties or dresses; sorted a big giveaway box to donate and kept only what I’ll wear in the next few months.

Movement: yes, mostly on the left side; Darling Husband felt her hicupping

Food cravings: chocolate and fruit; milk–ever feel like drinking a quart of vanilla soymilk in one sitting?

How are you feeling this week? sad, happy, busy, bored, eager, overwhelmed…roller coaster

Milestones:  Washed cloth diapers and organized baby clothes closet; completed Infant Care classes and starting Birthing classes this week; pregnancy carpal tunnel kicked in; took Kaiser hospital tour; incredibly blessed at our first “tea party” baby shower; went on the baby moon/anniversary trip this past weekend and had a great prenatal massage.

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Hi Everyone.  I am noramlly just a reader and thought i’d jump in this week:)  hope that’s okay.

Baby update!!!!

How old? 5 months on Monday 10/18

Total weight gain/loss: Last time i checked I had about 7lbs to go before being back to my pre pregnancy weight.  I’m not really concerned about it and just letting it happen

Clothes? i’m back in almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and just some of the pants.shirts are tight in the hip area.

Sleep? We are SUPER lucky.  Peyton has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks old.  8:30pm-7am

Milestones: She is sitting up on her own and standing while hloding onto something.  I have a feeling she will be mobile sooner than we’d like.

Weekly wisdom: Take it all in stride.  Don’t feel the pressure to doe things a certin way.  Do things that work best for you and your baby.


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Sugar bee
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She is very cute!!!!

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Bee Keeper
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She’s adorable!!! Wow, sleeping through the night since 7 weeks. Woohoo!!

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Busy bee

@katemarie:Can I please please have your luck?!!?!?!?!?!?!

About me…I am at 23 weeks and I feel my baby moving, yay! The ultrasound tech thinks that it is a girl, but since baby was so deep, it was hard to see. I was contemplating a 3d ultrasound just to see if they can see, but I am still up in the air about it. The baby has made me anemic and given me gallstone attacks and acid buildup, other than that I am excited. I am not showing yet which is a bit of a bummer, but not too mad abou that!

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Busy bee

I didnt realize I could fill this out!!!!!

How far along? 23 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: -18lbs…I am getting increasingly nervous about the non existent appetite

Maternity clothes? I have a few things that my girlfriend gave me and my mom bought me, but I havent really worn it because I am not showing. I will wear the super comfy work pants though lol.

Movement: baby is not a night owl and she doesnt take too well to being poked at night. but there is a lot of movement especially on my drive home from work, which makes for interesting conversation in the car.

Food cravings:  I dont have anuy cravings really. I am never really that hungry, but I will come across situations where I will want something really bad and nothing else will do.

How are you feeling this week? I am a little sleepy, but then again its only Monday!

Milestones: I wore my maternity pants for the first time! And I got the beginnings of my linea nigra!

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