(Closed) Pregnancy Weight Gain… ALREADY?

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Everyone gains weight differently in pregnancy. EVERYONE. Some women gain a lot in the beginning, some more in the middle, some don’t gain until the end. And some don’t gain that much, some gain a lot. There really is no “normal” in this kind of thing. In your case, expect some “swings” in the first trimester (and throughout pregnancy)–the fetus goes through growth spurts and there will be weeks in which you can’t get enough food and weeks when you have no appetite. So you’ll probably gain/stay the same intermittently. I would say that if you saw the 5 pound gain very quickly, it’s likely to be water weight–the pregnant body stores A LOT of water!

I’ll just give you a few things that my doctor said:

1. Do not worry so much about gaining weight–the doc will tell you if s/he thinks your trajectory is too much, but on the whole, doctors don’t worry about weight gain so much as they worry about NOT gaining weight, insofar as beyond the 1st trimester. That’s a sign that something is wrong.

2. Your doctor would probably rather you worry about the quality of your diet than the quantity of calories you are eating. 

3. As far as the 1st trimester goes, it’s really a battle and the goal is survival. Some women can’t keep anything down and that causes them to lose weight; others might store a lot of water and feel bloated and gain weight. While malnourishment is one thing if your morning sickness is that severe, on the whole, just get through it. The baby is teeny tiny at this point and anything that it needs, it’ll take from YOU–so you will suffer long before it will. 

4. DO NOT expect that you will only gain weight in the belly and that you should only gain “the weight of the baby + placenta.” For some women, this is the case, but for most women, your body is going to store a little extra fat elsewhere in preparation for the birth, plus a whole lotta water. It’s like if I told you to build a car–you’d accure far more materials than just the car and the tools–you need a garage and storage and all sorts of accoutrements. It’s similar with your body. 

5. Finally, DO NOT diet. 

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As the PP says, every woman will gain in her own pattern.  Bloating and water retention can certainly be playing a role here. Some things to know:

– pregnancy only requires 300 addtional calories per day, although we don’t suggest calorie counting, this is just to give you the idea of what your body needs, which isn’t “eating for 2” (not that I’m suggesting that you’re over-eating)

– sometimes women eat more carbs in the first trimester because they often can’t stomach other foods….this can cause early gains

– women with a healthy BMI (20-25) should aim to gain 25-35 lbs total; women with a BMI more than 25 need to gain less (or potentially none at all if their BMI is very high) 


– yes, wholesome food is very important….but you can still overconsume wholesome food (especially fruit) (again, not that I’m suggesting you are)

The gain you’ve experienced could be just digestive “back up”….although I hear your concern I suggest trying not to worry to much yet and see how things balance out by the end of your first trimester.

all the best!


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You shouldn’t be concerned- everyone gains weight at different times and at different rates. For me personally, I only gained 3 lbs my whole first trimester, but once I hit around 15 weeks, I think I gained 4-5 pounds in just two weeks. It just happens differently for everyone :).

For being “backed up”, make sure you’re getting enough fiber. I really like the Fiber One bars. You can also dissolve fiber suppliments like Citrucel or Metamucil- those are safe for pregnant women- in water or orange juice to help with that. If anything, it’ll help you feel more comfortable if you can get things moving a little better. 🙂

Just try to eat healthy things and try to avoid the bad stuff. 🙂 I gain weight really easily too, so I’ve kept up a routine of 3 days a week in the gym doing light cardio (run/walk on the treadmill or the elliptical for 20 minutes) and light weights to help keep my body in shape. Even a 30 minute walk every night is good for you.

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@BothCoasts:  Not be argumentative, but nil or low weight gain in the first tri is NOT a sign that something is wrong!  I’m almost 22 weeks along and have only put on about five pounds (and all of it in the last six weeks). 

Providing Mum and baby are both meeting the milestones and tracking along nicely healthwise, weight is NOT a reliable indicator on how healthy a pregnancy is.

OP, you will retain a lot of water during pregnancy and you’ll find your weight gain will fluctuate throughout the next 35 weeks but providing you’re keeping an eye on your diet (Ie not eating pop-tarts for breakfast every morning(!)) and your Bridal Party etc is ok, I wouldn’t be overly worried.

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I’ve never been pregnant but all my friends who have and did NOT have morning sickness put on weight early on.  It could be worse…I gained 25 lbs in 5 months from fertility drugs.  Every single time I went in to the doctor (several times a month) I had put on weight and I was super upset b/c my diet/exercise hadn’t changed at all.  Luckily, I lost it all within 4 months of quitting the drugs. 

Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!

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@Bothcoast- Completely agree.

Don’t focus on the scale, actually get rid of it. You just need to survive the 1st trimester and then you can focus on a healthy diet. I was so sick during my first trimester but still managed to put on 12 pounds. I’ll be 19 weeks on Sunday and am up 20 pounds. The weight amount makes me nervous, but I am still in great health and so is my baby who is measuring larger. If I can give you any advice, please do not weigh yourself in between appointments. No matter what the number says on the scale, you know if you are eating right and taking care of you and your baby.

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Any chance you could start going on really long walks? It’s great for digestion if you’re backed up! It’s a really good way to “burn” calories too. 

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I’m worried about this too. I unfortunately gained about 10 pounds after our wedding, so weighed more than usual when I got pregnant. I’m 7w6d, and I think I’ve gained about 2 pounds, and I’d like to maintain that through the first tri (if not lose some – I’m about 30 pounds overweight as it is). DH and I are moving next weekend (yeah!), so a lot of time is spent packing, etc., but I will start walking regularly when this is all over. I’m not allowed to run right now due to doc instructions, so walking it is. As it is now, I get in about 2 light work outs per week, but I’m feeling slothful and it’s not enough.

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11 weeks 3 days. Gained 2 pounds, probably due to the boobs. My BMI is 19. Doctor has not expressed any concerns about this nor has mentioned that I need to gain alot more weight.  It has to do alot with your body type I think.

I have also been mainly craving pickles and apples slices, so that probably helps. My job is also physically demanding. I found a package of celery sticks, apple slices, raisins and peanut butter at the grocery store yesterday. Score!

 Fast Food has been making me sick to the stomach as of late. Husband made me brownies which did not settle well at all and I love brownies!


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I’ve gained 3 pounds (at 7 weeks) but it feels like 10.  I think a ton of it is bloating which will not go away – or maybe it’s the fact that there are 4 babies and I feel the need to eat (small meals – can’t eat big ones) every 2 hours.  Who knows.  I think it’s important to listen to your body and your doctor and don’t worry if you’re in the “exact” average place as long it’s not way above normal.  The bloating makes everything inaccurate anyway.

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@sprinkles.and.noodles:  By 11 weeks I had gained 5 lb. I am now starting week 20 and so far gained 13 lb. total (including the first 5). I am 5’7 started at 126 lb. if that helps… Like you, by week 6 I wasn’t able to wear my jeans, but regular pants yes, until about week 14 or so… and for sure, every pound feels like 10 LOL…I feel huge.

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At first I caned about 5 pounds and lost it all and more by the time I was 12 weeks.

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At 9 weeks I’d gained 7lbs… I’m 12 weeks now and still 7lbs. Don’t focus too much on it… It will all even out. 

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