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I gained 10 lbs

-Did you gain weight in other areas besides the tummy? nope

-Did you gain weight despite eating the same amount or less as usually do prior to being pregnant? no i ate the same

-Did you feel the need to eat more and thus gained weight? i didnt have cravings

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here’s a weight gain calcuator to help estimate a healthy range: http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-weight-gain-estimator

i’m only 14 weeks, so i can’t really comment on weight as a whole, but i gained about 6-8 lbs in the beginning (before i went to my doc) because i was SUPER hungry the first couple weeks. after that stabilized and the bloat went away, i was down 2 lbs from my first (5w) to next 11w dr. appt so i feel like i’m back on track.

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Having done research- you really only need 300 extra calories per day, What I did was have a breakfast bar midmorning and an extra slice of bread with my lunch- thats it…


my job was very physical and I worked up to 1 week before I gave birth- if I felt sick or lightheaded Id have something like a banana…


Otherwise my baby weight is gone- The worst thing you can do is “eat for 2”, you body goes into super storage/starvation mode and every surplus calorie is laid down as fat-


you do need some minimal fat storage when pregnant and Its important to have it


In the middle of my pregnancy I could feel the beginnings of  cravings and I was sneaking to the coffee shop and having a chocolate bar at about 5pm (I worked till 8pm) and when I realised I was making a habit of it -I cut it out (It was a hard week as I really wanted that chocolate bar) and after a week I had absolutely no pregnancy cravings after that….


I did use the baby weight calculator as a PP suggested and found it very helpful 🙂


My baby is 3 weeks old now and we are doing great 🙂


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I’m at 36, almost 37weeks and so far I’ve gained right around 25lbs. It kind of makes me nervous – only because I’ve never weighed this much before, but I know I’ve been eating right and that there’s nothing I can do about it now 🙂

-Did you gain weight in other areas besides the tummy? I think my boobs have gotten a bit bigger, although nothing outrageous. I can tell that my thighs have gotten a bit bigger, and probably my bum too – although DH insists I look exactly the same everywhere else except my tummy (smart man!).

-Did you gain weight despite eating the same amount or less as usually do prior to being pregnant? I put on a few pounds during the 1st trimester, but that was probably due to the fact that I never had morning sickness, so I ate as I usually would. Throughout my 2nd trimester and the beginning of my 3rd I was making sure to do prenatal yoga and walk a lot each week, so that probably helped to curb a lot of my weight gain then. For the past few weeks it’s just been too hot or I’ve been too busy to get out a lot, so that may explain some of the recent weight gain.

-Did you feel the need to eat more and thus gained weight? I’ve definitely been more hungry throughout my pregnancy. Prior to this I kind of ate like a bird, rarely finished my meals if we’re eating out somewhere, etc. But now I can definitely finish things and usually want seconds. I try to keep my choices healthy (with some indulgences) and hopefully it’ll pay off when I’m trying to lose the weight later.

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I gained a whopping 86lbs. I let myself go, endulging in my every food desire. Part of it was I felt hungry all the time, but the other part was me playing the pregnancy card. I gained weight everywhere, but thats also because of how much weight I took on. It was no ones fault but my own, but I like to pretend it was my Fiance from time to time. Wink

The first 25-30 fell off right after giving birth (within a 4-6 week period), but the rest has been a huge struggle for me to lose. Ive lost 67lbs of it to date and working really hard to get the last 19 off. Next pregnancy I will definetly be more concious of what Im eating and strive to do my best by eating a lot heathlier.


ETA: IMO, It depends on if your have a “nautral” birth or a c-section. I had a c-section (not by choice) and found it extremely hard to be active for a very long time, But that was me and everyone is different.  Also, it appears that women who do/& are able to breast feed tend to lose the weight quicker.


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im six months so far 10 lbs

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Did you gain weight in other areas besides the tummy? Not really. The only other place was my boobs! I’m having a boy, so I’m all belly

Did you gain weight despite eating the same amount or less as usually do prior to being pregnant? I did gain weight despite eating less in the first trimester. Beginning in the second trimester, I started gaining more b/c I was eating more. And you have to eat more when you’re pregnant…at least I did. I was small to begin with and was pretty healthy, so just needed to add an extra 300 calories

Did you feel the need to eat more and thus gained weight? Yes – I definitely had to eat more. I would feel pretty weak if I didn’t. I did a lot more smaller meals throughout the day and still do.

So far, I’m 32 weeks and have gained 17 pounds. I’ve leveled out a bit from 30 weeks to now. I think I’m on track to gain around 25 pounds total. 

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Did you gain weight in other areas besides the tummy? Not really…..but I am noticing my thighs look a little bigger 

Did you gain weight despite eating the same amount or less as usually do prior to being pregnant? I pretty much have the same eating habits, there will be days when I over do it, I just don’t make a habit of it

Did you feel the need to eat more and thus gained weight? 

The need to eat more has come occassionally, but not too often.


I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and I’ve gained 20lbs. I wasn’t a petite thing to begin with so I really needed to watch what I ate. Also I’m getting married 1 month after my due date so I’m sure that extra motivation helps a lot!

I would recommend not “eating for 2”, and exercise! I’ve been exercising through out my pregnancy, mostly walking but sometimes I’ll take classes at 24hr and modify the work out if needed. This has helped me with the hormonal changes and just kept me in a good mood this last trimester so I highly recommend it!


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i gained around 34 pounds. all of it was in my belly and boobs. my belly got HUGE though when i was pregnant, i thin it was a combination of my sons size (BIG baby!) and that i am very tiny (im only 5 feet tall).  4 weeeks PP i have about ten more pounds to lose.

i def did feel the need to eat more during differnt parts of my pregancy but towards the end i was less hungry and my weight leveled off.

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I’m 7 months and have gained 30 lbs so far, but I had my 30th bday at 8 weeks and I think that makes a difference too; my metabolism was already changing and I gain weight so much faster than I did 5 years ago. I used to be that annoying girl who could eat anything, not anymore!

At my last midwife appointment I said I didn’t really want to gain more. I had a spike in the first 10 weeks which is when I did feel really hungry, way more than normal. A few mini-spikes also came up when I was traveling and it was harder to eat healthy, but that would happen pre-pregnancy too. She said that as long as I was eating healthy food and getting enough calories she was OK. I haven’t put any weight on in 3 weeks, so I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve gained mostly in my tummy, a little in my thighs. My hips also spread, but that’s because I stepped funny one day and my pelvic ligaments got a little out of whack and caused my pelvis to suddenly open a little. My boobs haven’t really grown much, just my ribcage with all the organs getting shoved up there by little boy (I’m carrying really high).

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