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I am nearing the end, (36 weeks on Sunday) and I have gained almost 30 pounds so far, which is more than I really wanted to gain, but I’m not too worried about the weight itself. I have pretty much been the same weight since 14/15 (I am 28 on Sunday) and it seems just to be my body’s default weight, so I’m guessing I’ll be able to lose the excess fairly easily. Getting the pre-pregnancy body back though- well that may be another story.

I worked out pretty regularly the first two trimesters, but I haven’t really done much in the third. I could I guess, it just seems like there’s always something else to do.

If you’re interested, check out both the pregnancy update thread and the baby update thread (stickies at the top). Women that are currently pregnant discuss weight gain, and in the baby thread, how long it took them to lose it.

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Sugar bee

I gained around 25 lbs and worked out through pregnancy, it mainly just came right off within the first couple weeks without doing much of anything.  But the tummy was a bit flabby but that’s gotten better as I’ve gotten back into running and biking.

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If you only count from where I was pre-pregancy to where I ended up the day before delivery, I gained 20 lbs.  However, if you add in the 10 lbs I lost due to morning sickness in the first and second tri, I gained a total of 30 lbs.  Within 6 weeks of delivery, I had lost 30 lbs (I am BFing though so that helps a lot).  I never worked out during pregnancy and haven’t since though I need to in order to lose about 5 lbs more so I can feel a little healthier.

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@LoveliestLove:  i gained a little over 40 lbs during my pregnancy.  that sounds a little scary, i know, but i was a little underweight to start with (107 lbs, 5’3″), though.  And by the end, I was more swollen and bloated than I was ‘fat’.  I’d say I lost 20 lbs within the first 6 weeks and probably another 10 lbs over the course of the next several months.  I started exercising about a month postpartum (Jillian Michaels DVDs!) and breastfed for 3 months which I think all helped.  So much of the weight gain is swelling, so it takes awhile for your body to recover.

My baby is now almost 9 months old and I am more or less back to my old size. I still work out maybe 3-4 times a week and walk as much as I can, but it’s hard to fit that in on top of working full time and being a mom.  I don’t think I will ever be a skinny as I was pre-baby and I’m okay with that.

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from my first prenatal appt at 8 weeks until the day i gave birth, i gained 34 pounds. that’s not counting an additional 4 lbs i gained during the holidays between the time i found out i was pregnant at 3.5 weeks and my first appt. so i was really 38 lbs from my normal weight. i didn’t exercise a huge amount during pregnancy – mostly prenatal yoga and some walking – and ate what i wanted without going crazy. i gained most of my weight at the beginning of the 2nd trimester and the 3rd trimester.

i had my little one 6 weeks ago. since then i’ve lost 18 lbs just sitting around nursing lol. most of that is the baby, placenta, and fluids of course, but i’ve conitnued to lose about a pound each week.

one thing i would caution is to not weigh yourself right after delivery! i had A LOT of swelling in my feet and legs from the epidural and IV, so when i weighed myself 3 days after i was the same weight…and the next day i had actually gained 2 lbs! i didn’t even know that was possible until i started googling and figured out i had edema from all the fluids that were pumped into me. after a week of night sweats and lots of peeing, i dropped 12 lbs like that. 

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I am currently 28 weeks and have only gained 10 lbs so far. But  I am also plus size. Per my doctor and everything I have read plus size women should not gain more than 15 lbs with pregnancy. So here is hoping I don’t gain more than 5lb more pounds. 

Though I did lose before I got pregnant 35 lbs so a lot of my clothes really still fit me. I did make a concession and go buy a bigger size jeans due to my other jeans fit but are a bit tight in the tummy, though I can still zip and button but don’t want to squish munchkin. 

I had been working out before got pregnant, but with getting married and was so exhausted my first trimester my elipical machine has sat for quite some time.

I plan to once munckin is born to start working out again.

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I gained 35, 15-20 of which my dr estimted was fluid retention.  I was SWOLLEN badly at the very end..  I was at my pre preg weight 2.5 weeks after her birth, and now Im down a bit more…but Im still needing to tone up.  Im not necessarily the same size.  I just think I lost some muscle mass.  Im also BFing, and I was on diuretics for the swelling.  I can start working out again next friday (6 weeks postpartum)


I worked out several days a week until sbout 35 weeks when they made me stop bc of my high Bridal Party.  I was taking spin classes (usually 3 per week), yoga, and running on the elliptical.  I bought a reliable heart rate monitor to keep track of calories burned (didnt want to burn too many) and my HR.  I was very active before my pregnancy though…pregnancy is not a time to start working out more or harder.  If you are in good shape to start and keep active, youll bounce right back.

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I was 117 pre-pregnancy, 152 when I delievered. Three months post-baby I’m 126. Most of the weight came off within a few weeks after the baby was born (I breastfeed too). The last 9 lbs will probably take me a few months to lose but I’ve only just recently been able to focus on doing a decent workout.

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I was 99lbs when I got pregnant, 130ish when I delivered, and now at 5 months PP I’m 103lbs. My stomach is still a little squishy though but my abs are still there, and I can wear my bikini and everything without feeling self conscious, and I fit into my pre prego cloths. 

The first month after you are going to look WRECKED. I was so upset. lol!

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I gained almost 50 lbs and I lost all of it plus some within 3 months of delivering. I workout often and i worked out up until I was about 8 months pregnant so I think that helps with losing the weight afterwards. However, I was under a lot of stress  so I was no eating properly ( which I dont recommend ). I lost my father right after I delivered so I was a mess and had no appetite.

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I was worried about losing the weight too. I gained 30-35 pounds, lost half in the first two weeks, zero in the next 4 weeks and the rest by 12 weeks. I remember being pretty freaked out when my stretchy pajama bottoms didnt fit me around 6 or 7 weeks, around when I thought I was getitng back to normal.  As in I couldnt even get them on!   I am now 10 pounds below my prepregnancy weight (5’7, 127 pounds now). 

Before pregnancy i was in pretty good shape, my routine varied over time but consisted of running, weight lifting and pilates.  During pregnancy I exercised, but moderately – well, for the second and third trimesters that is.  The first trimester I was so wiped I did nothing exercise wise!  A normal exercise week was one prenatal yoga class, a 1 mile swim in the pool and 1 day of eliptical/light free weights (5 pounds, as per my dr).  I stopped running by choice when I found out I was pregnant.  I strated to exercise again 6 weeks postbaby, doing 3-5 stroller exercise classes in the park that involved lots of jumping, squatting, sprinting, abs, etc.  I got to combine being outside, getting a great workout and meeting new moms all into one 🙂  I also walked a LOT, probably a few miles a day going to different classes, or meeting up with friends (I live in nyc so I don’t drive, but walk everywhere). My routine since returning to work at 6 months has been far less consistant, often no more than 1-2x workouts a week, if that.    but luckily so far the weight has stayed off!!

overall the only thing post pregnancy that looks worse are my poor deflated boobs 🙁

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