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Don’t be embarrassed – for the sake of you and your child, please consult a doctor/your midwife about this. There may be something going on that’s an underlying problem, or it may be psychological as a result of your extreme morning sickness.

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Make sure to always have food around so that when you do get hungry- eat!  My nurse even said “I don’t care if it’s pizza, grilled cheese or a McDonalds burger- if you can eat it and keep it down- then do so!”

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Are you scared that you won’t be able to keep it down, or you’re wondering if it’s good enough for the baby?

If it’s the first one, I went through something similar and found that if, instead of looking at what food I had and picking one, I trust my instinct and go buy what I was “craving” for, I was able to keep it down.

For example, I would think that I’m hungry and mangoes would come to mind. I’d go for mango smoothies (enhanced with protein and other good stuff). It was the only thing that didn’t make me feel nauseous. So I’d be on that for a few days, then it was pineapples, etc. Let’s just say I had a big tropical fruit smoothies phase, but anything else didn’t stay put, and I was too scared to even try anything else then the weekly craving.

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When you mention the plastic it makes me think of Pica where you actually want to eat weird things like ice and dirt. I know this sounds weird, but it happens often in pregnancy and you might just have a different form of it. Either way please call your doctor so they can give you some nausea medications and fluids if you are dehydrated.

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It sounds like you’re feeilng anxious, probably from experiencing the morning sickness, but also maybe worrying that what you’re eating is safe for the baby?  Another thing to consider is that being pregnant, your senses are different, too (sense of smell stronger, etc), so that could be affecting your eating habits also.  You midwife should be able to help:)

ETA: I’ve also heard of pregnant women having issues with pica

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This sounds like more than the average food aversions.  Definitely call your medical provider about it. 

In the meantime, are you having the same issues with liquids?  When my morning sickness is at it’s worst, I can usually keep down liquids easier than I can solid foods, so I do a lot of smoothies, protein shakes, etc…  That might help you get some protein/nutrients into your diet, despite the anxiety.

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You are not alone!!! I actually had to call my midwife about it. I’ve lost a ton of weight since getting pregnant. First it was morning sickness and food aversion, and now when I go looking for something to eat, nothing looks good and I’m afraid about what havoc it’s going to cause in my tummy.  Then when I think about it, it actually turns my stomach and then can’t eat. It’s really awful. 

She gave me a ton of tips and I’m now consuming a lot more food. Her first tip was to drink ensure. It allowed me to get in nutrion and calories in and started curbing my fear about what was going to come up :/ You may want to start there. 

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@Moja Milosc: If he’s willing to help, ask Darling Husband to prepare a plate for you. When searching for food I would psych myself out. When Darling Husband would make me breakfast or something and bring it to me so I didn’t have to think about it, I could eat at least some of it. He started easy, with a bagel or something similar.

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Maybe you should consider seeing a pregnancy nutritionist, it’s very important for you to eat enough while pregnant. Good for you for knowing that you need to do something about this! Good luck.

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I’m not pregnant nor have I ever been but anytime I get nauseous I panic about throwing up. I get myself more worked up thinking about being scared of throwing up I make it worse on myself. For days after if I do actually end up getting sick and haven’t totally scared my self out of it. I have trouble eating because I fear getting sick again. Talk to your doctor about ways to calm yourself or find a food or two you know you can eat like crackers or toast and build from there though the day. 

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I also wanted to add something that my midwife told me. She recommended to start off with popsicles. when I’m super nauseous and NOTHING sounds good, I have a popsicle. It calms my stomach down enough and the coolness really helps. Then I’m able to eat a little more after that.

Also, in the same vein, I’ve been getting smoothies from jamba juice. I know they have sugar in them, and I used to make my own, but the jamba juice ones have been the only ones that sound good. Last night I actually got a large one, because it was all I could stomach for dinner.  I am going to go back to making my own this weekend to see if I can tolerate them, but for some reason, the coolness seems to help my tummy and they are more nutritious then popscicles.

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