Pregnant 2 months post wedding

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Helper bee
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Congrats!  Hawaii should be fine at 6 months. I traveled to Quebec, Maine, and Boston when I was 6 months pregnant last summer.  I got tired pretty easily, and had to use the restroom a ton!  I wouldn’t plan on doing a ton of walking (I did, and it was tough…my swollen feet were painful).  If your plan is to mainly relax and do a few low intensity activities, you shold be fine!

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Blushing bee
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Aww firstly, huge congratulations both on your marriage and pregnancy! I don’t have any personal experience in this area however I would imagine how you are feeling is totally normal. I expect give yourself some time to process the news and you will calm down,  I think getting pregnant is one of those things that will always come as a bit of a shock since you can never time it 100% and even if you do – its still a huge change.  Your post sounds as though you are both in the right place and will be really happy and excited once the news sinks in πŸ™‚  

PS Having never been pregnant I have no idea practically about holidaying at 6 months, however don’t people go on babymoons these days? You can have a honey-baby-moon combo 

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Bumble bee

Hi Bee,

I’m in a similar situation.  Fiance and I have our wedding planned for January, 2019.  I’ve been on the pill since September and missed just one AND took a plan b the next day but here I am pregnant.  I’m due three months before my wedding!

As you said, we’re adults and it’s not the end of the world to have this happen right now but it’s really not the best time at all.  He was planning Costa Rica for his bachelor party and I was planning Puerto Rico.  We also take a trip to Cancun every December for his company’s holiday party.  We won’t be able to do any of that now nor go on a honeymoon and I feel the same way as you.  I’m shocked and scared and somewhat sad to give up the freedom that I have in my life and our alone time together as a couple.

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Bumble bee

Congratulations!  Don’t worry, all your fears/anxiety/etc are completely normal.  I felt that way too – you just don’t always feel “ready” when you’re not actively trying.  But it’s a blessing, I promise, not to have to struggle to get pregnant like some people do, and also not to have to actually figure out when the “right time” is (because there’s no such thing!)  Your life is going to change in the most amazing way and you will look back and realize there was nothing to worry about.  Keep the trip to Hawaii for sure – 6 months along is fine to travel!  It’ll be a babymoon for you two πŸ™‚  And don’t worry, as the baby gets older you will get your life back and travel, etc. will all be back on the table.  We are taking our little ones to Mexico for spring break this year in fact, and we’ve taken alone trips too.  You’re going to love every minute, promise πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee


Take some deep breaths, it’ll be okay! You can definitely travel at 6 Months (assuming your pregnancy is low risk), and enjoy Hawaii! 

You can get used to the lack of flexibility over the next 9 months. Baby has to cook in there!

It’ll be great!

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Busy bee
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Congrats! I know it’s soon, but it sounds like you are ready deep down! Even if you were actively trying, it’s still anxiety-inducing to get that “yes” test!!

Your Hawaii trip is fine… I went for my babymoon at 6 months and it was a dream. Just check with your doctor to make sure you’re good to travel.

I had to cancel a FL trip while pregnant because of Zika and I was upset because it was a family trip, but I knew it was best to be cautious.

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Bumble bee

You’ll have an amazing time in Hawaii, and it can be your honeymoon/babymoon. Cancel Cancun, of course, but you can go later down the line. Having a baby doesnt mean your life ends nor should your trips with your husband. 

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Helper bee
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Cancelling Cancun because of zika would have been a good idea pregnant or not if you were trying to concieve this year. A relaxing Hawaiian vacation while pregnant sounds absolutely dreamy.

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Helper bee
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Congrats bee! A lovely holiday relaxing in Hawaii will probably be just what the doctor ordered! As OP’s have said, don’t plan anything too strenuous – just lots of relaxing, gentle swimming and virgin cocktails. And sleep!! I would have loved a holiday like that at 6 months πŸ™‚ Enjoy! 

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Helper bee
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First of all – congrats on your pregnancy!

I went to Hawaii when I was 29/30 weeks pregnant and it was perfect! I didn’t do some of the activities that I’d typically do in Hawaii, but it was still really enjoyable.

We did lots of swimming, lounging by the pool, walking on the beach, a couple milder hikes, a luau, random sightseeing, got professional photos taken, and of course did lots of eating ha ha. I personally didn’t really want to go on any of the boat excursions (but I’ve done them before, and I know a lot of other people still go while pregnant).

Honestly, the part that sucked the most for me was not being able to eat raw ahi tuna.

Make sure you find a place to stay with really comfy beds πŸ™‚ We told our hotel that we were celebrating a baby and they did a bunch of cute little things for us (comped & delivered pregnancy friendly drinks to our room, gave us a kids toy & outfit, stocked our room with extra pillows for me).

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Bumble bee

I’m sure it’s overwhelming, but congratulations! I just got back from Hawaii, I was almost 7 months when I went. The flight was killer but once I was there I had an amazing time and was so happy I went. I think you will be too! 

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Busy bee

If you’re American Hawaii will be fine. If you’re Canadian, I’d look into insurance – my health insurance wouldn’t cover cross boarder trips past 28 weeks. Other than that, 6 months is a great time to travel. 

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Busy bee

If this helps any, we were actively TTC and once I got my BFP, I was freaking the F out. AND WE PLANNED IT!! Us too was a “one and done”. Like lets start NTNP, and 2 weeks later I was pregnant. We were SO lucky and I can only pray it is like that our next time around!

I don’t think you are ever “ready” to see that positive. I mean you are, but when it actually happens, you have a moment of OMGSH.

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Sugar bee

Congrats! Yes, still go to Hawaii. I felt great up until 28 weeks myself. Some people feel great all 40 weeks. Hawaii is just like traveling to any other state, except for a longer plane ride. 

I would be bummed about Cancun, but there is time to go later. 

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