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@lotam240:  No I know you meant relax my sphincter- lol!  No yelling at you ever, btw!  Thank you for sharing!  I really have been pretty petrified of pooping*.  I have also had some labor practice sessions, but what really bothered me was that the days that the spotting happened, it wasn’t THAT bad.  Yes, it did require more effort than pre-pregnancy, but I think that freaked me out even more that it was not a Labor and Delivery situation and I still spotted!  But I used major restraint yesterday and no spotting.  That is  VERY good advice to take breaks!  I never thought I would have to have time-outs while doing that, but it makes a lot of sense and I’ll do ANYTHING to not see spotting.  Thank you for the tips:)  It’s always nice to hear that freaky stuff like this happens to other people – not that I’m glad you had trouble, but it makes me feel less like a freak of nature destined to have weird complications.  So thank you!

I have a dr’s appt tomorrow and OMG I hope she tells me I can officially stop the Crinone.  Yesterday I was in an account and I felt a gush and I just thought “OMG. Blood?”  But I was standing there talking to a Dr so I had to pretend like I was not dying to pull my underwear down right there and have a look.  When I finally made it to the bathroom, it was just an extraordinarly large amount of Crinone that made its exit*. 

I also think that the placenta HAS to have taken over hormone production because I’ve started to pretty much have a constant headache* in my forehead and behind my eyes for about a week now.  Maybe because I’m on the Crinone and the placenta is cranking out extra hormones now too?  I can’t wait to find out.  I think I’m going to have a bonfire with my empty Crinone boxes!

And, you guys will all understand this – I feel the need to note that even though I encounter issues here and there, I am still wonderfully thrilled to be where I’m at…You know, knocked up.  I swore I would never be one of those people that forgot to be grateful, and posted rants about “I miss sushi!  I’m sick of ____. I feel ____.  Waaah!”  So while I am not thrilled with my bowel system (especially when it causes my V to bleed!), and I hate Crinone (come on- 10 weeks of oozy, gooey junk everywhere!?!), I am thrilled to be pregnant and I always remind myself that I’m still lucky to have:

*Pregnant People Problems.

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@Running Elley:  Those are gorgeous! I can’t believe how clear those pictures are.


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@jholler25:  If you’re really struggling, have you considered an occasional shot of espresso? I know it’s not ideal for pregnant women, but it might help you get things going once a month or so if you really get stopped up.

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@Running Elley:  yes! fruit in general has helped me so much.

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@Running Elley:  I’m so sorry that this is happing to your DH!  If it makes you feel even the least bit better, I often have heart palpitations that make me feel like someone is sitting on my chest.  It’s just something called Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia, (PAT) and it’s not really dangerous at all- the nerve in your heart goes all caddywhumpus (seriously, this is the description a vascular surgeon gave me) and makes your heart beat weird.  You can “reset” it by bearing down like you are trying to give birth.  Hopefully whatever is wrong with your DH is as simple as this!  I’ll keep you both in my thoughts:)

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@Running Elley:  I’m sorry Elley!  I hope it’s alright!

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May I join this thread? I think I got pregnant shortly after the 6 months club was started, so I never really got a chance. I’ve been following all of your stories and am so happy for each and every one of you:)

How long TTC: 12 months, but only had 5-6 cycles.

Brief TTC Background Refresher: I had extremely long cycles (50-80 days) and so all our efforts were pretty much wasted:( I finally went to see a doctor on my 10th month of ttc and he prescribed me provera and clomid. On the second month of taking clomid (doubled my dose to 100mg) I finally ovulated and conceived:D

First child?: Yes!

How far along/EDD: 32w1d/ July 20, 2012

Gender: Boy!!

Milestones: Stretch marks have finally appeared and the baby moves almost all day! His kicks are getting really painful, but I love knowing that he’s happy. I’m officially 8 months pregnant!

Struggles: Hip and back pain! It’s hard not being able to be as active as I used to be in the 2nd trimester, especially with all the bathroom breaks every 3 minutes! Otherwise, I’ve been really lucky with having such and easy and healthy pregnancy!

What are you most fearful/concerned about: The birth. It’s hard to believe it’s only 2 months away…and that’s if he stays in there the entire time! Also, I’m nervous about having our son out in the world. He’s so protected in there and it’s just so hard to imagine him with us. I’m worried about not being a good enough mom and making mistakes!

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@Running Elley:  How did everything turn out with your DH?

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I’m doing okay. Still fatigued and suffering nausea. I’m also having problems with tiggling in my arms and on the fingers of my left hand. It started when I was sleeping for about the last weeks but has gotten worse over the last several days, especially in my left hand and arm. Thankfully I’m right handed.  I have my last ultrasound with the RE tomorrow at eight weeks three days. My first Ob appointment is JUne 8th. Trying to decide whether to call the OB about my arms, hand and fingers. All my issues aside I’m still really glad to be pregnant.

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I didn’t post much about our struggles, but I did a little bit…so I’ll join in as well!

How long TTC: Went off birth control August 2010, ectopic pregnancy (natural) September 2011, pregnant again December 2011 (IUI)

Brief TTC Background Refresher:  Diagnosed with “Unexplained Infertility”, first round of Clomid + IUI post-ectopic was a success!

First child?: Yes!

How far along/EDD: 25 weeks, 4 days.  EDD is September 8-10 (I’ve heard all 3)

Gender: It’s a girl!!!  YAY!

Milestones: Just had my GD test at the 25 week appt.  Haven’t had any issues the entire pregnancy, thankfully.

Struggles: I’ve been really lucky.  I guess I am tired and achy at times, but that’s about it.

What are you most fearful/concerned about: CHILD BIRTH FREAKS ME OUT.

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