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Helper bee

I’m really sorry your going through this and don’t feel bad about it, it totally happens. How far along are you? I am 5 months and it seems it has hit me too, it’s like everything and anything has and can happened. I am going through a similar situation at work on top of a long work commute, I just got into a car accident and spent 2 days in the hospital and the entire time worried I was going to lose my job over it. I did get a note from my DR as well that told me I need to take it easy and not do the work commute anymore ( 5 hours a day) but I am terrified to give it to my boss and have that talk with him.

I think as the pregnancy goes on it’s super normal to start to feel more overwhelmed and stressed, and you tend to hit your breaking point faster than you would if you were not preggo.  Hang in there, and try to do things that will lessen your load. I feel for you! XXoo

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Sugar bee

(((hugs))) Yeah, people do have it worse, but when pregnant, it seems like EVERYTHING is heightend! I hope you feel better soon. Take a break from a few things if possible, deligate to someone else if you can (or trust them to do it right!lol).

Good luck!

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Busy bee
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It sounds like you have a LOT going on, which is enough to make anyone feel down, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted.. you name it! Let alone, you’re pregnant, which is a huge adjustment in itself, both mentally, psychologically, and hormonally! What you’re feeling is 100% normal. I think it would be a good idea to look at where you can realistically ease your load and start from there.. like maybe you can get out of teaching dance? Maybe try writing everything down that is weighing on you and see how much you can get out of or cross off, and if anyone (like your DH) can help you tackle some things, that might help! And might make you feel better! And at the end of the day, all that stress isn’t great (of course it’s unavoidable so it’s not your fault) for you OR the baby, so maybe think about seeing a therapist who can help you manage some of it and learn effective ways of coping. We’re all here for you too so vent away! 

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Helper bee
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I had a tough time emotionally during my first trimester.  I was content just staying home and doing nothing.  I wanted my Darling Husband by my side all the time. I felt majorly overwhelmed.  Of course I felt guilty for feeling that way too. Everything was falling into place just like I had always hoped, so why was I still so miserable all the time?  

The thing is, saying you are mentally and emotionally prepared for a child is very different from actually being prepared. It is a huge adjustment in your life. 

Try not to be so hard on yourself.  Like your body, your mind is adjusting to all the changes. I tried so hard to keep going at the same pace as I did before I was pregnant. It didn’t work for me, and the light didn’t come on until I really dove into my emotions, allowed myself to be okay with everything, and talk to Darling Husband about my feelings.

I was watching a re-run of Friends one day, and Rachel summed it up perfectly:

“It’s just one more thing in life that is suddenly completely different.”

It really resonated with me, I hope it does for you too. 

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Busy bee
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Hugs. Sounds like you’re going through a really tough spot right now. Don’t all the difficult things always have to happen at once in life?


All I can offer is my prayers.


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Blushing bee
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oh no, i am soo sorry you are going thru this. Stupid Hormones >[ they seem to make things a lot worse too!

i just had a melt down today, ive been feeling very tired and just dont seem to have any energy, and just like you, i constantly feel the need to do things for my husband because i still want to be a good wife. while in the car with him today, i broke down and told him i am scared i wont be able to be a good mom AND a good wife =/. he assured me that we will be just fine and he will help as much as he can and will always love me no matter what. He made me feel so much better ๐Ÿ˜‰

i def think you should open up to your husband about ur feelings, he should be ur biggest support right now. this is such a huuge step in your life and you will have many moments when you will feel overwhelmed. Stay strong, take some time for urself, communicate with ur husband and dont worry about being super woman, you are pregnant, and unfortunately, its a situation we have no control over.

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Buzzing bee
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I cried the entire last two months of my pregnancy. It’s really scary, I felt like I had nothing in common with ANYONE, I couldn’t even function in regular settings because all I could think about what delivering a healthy baby and wondering what my life was going to be like when she got here and very scared of all the changes. And to listen to people blab about new boyfriends, or new furniture- I just couldn’t even pretend to care. But the flipside of that is that no one is as into your pregnancy as you are, so you need to be really strong. 

Your Darling Husband needs to step up to the plate and start being supportive. Expecting you to cook or whatever is stupid, he should be cooking for you every night and rubbing your feet!

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Busy bee

Hope you are feeling better, hon.  I don’t have much wisdom but I just wanted to say, everything seems worse when you’re pregnant.  Emotions are heightened, you don’t feel well, and it all feels super super heavy.  Just know that you’re not alone and that most likely it’s going to get better.  Hugs.

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Busy bee
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I actually had the opposite happen at work when I was pregnant. Instead of letting me do my job they took me off what I normally do and gave me the easiest, most boring job in the whole place. All I wanted was to be able to work, not think. Maybe you need to talk it out with your mother, SO, or best friend and try to get a little space. Maybe ask your So for a “me day.” My hubby gave me one when I was pregnant and I really enjoyed it. Turn off your phone, take the car, and leave everything behind. If you have extra money a pregnancy-massage would be a great way to spend part of your day. It will help you relax and lift your spirits. I hope this helps!



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Busy bee
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@nonoame: That would be a great money saver. A pregnancy massage is more expensive than a regular one because they have special tables for you to be on where your belly is put in a hole so the baby isn’t hurt. What I did for it was I took the middle couch cushen out and put 2 pillows on either side of my belly so there was a “hole” and let my husband give me one. Lying down instead of sitting for the massage is more relaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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