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snowflake8 :  this is me for the past 8-10 weeks (I am 14 wks now). I have never had insomnia in my life, have always been a solid 8 hour sleeper. Now I get up to pee at like 3 or 4am and half the time I am up for the day (my alarm is set for 515 usually). I force myself to stay up until 9, just so that my sleep patterns won’t adjust, but it also means that by the end of the week I am WIPED. Honestly, I take a short lunchtime nap at work (30 mins), and I take a couple short naps during the weekend. And when I lay in bed and try to sleep I focus my thoughts on more relaxing themes rather than stuff like work or my to-do list. Aside from that, I am not much help. 

Fwiw my doctor was not phased at all when I mentioned it. She wrote it down and asked what other symptoms I was experiencing and moved right along with the appointment. 

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snowflake8 :  Have you tried Unisom? It is completely  safe for pregnancy. Also a Magnesium/Calcium supplement right before bed. Honestly, if you aren’t sleeping you should just get up (like in the mornings) so you don’t come to associate your bed with laying awake. Easier said than done when you’re exhausted, I know. Also getting exercise during the day, as hard as that may be, can help, too. Sorry you’re going through this. I had terrible insomnia before I got pregnant (and still do) and it is the worst.

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Have you tried a pregnancy body pillow? I thought they were ridiculous until I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep without one. Another suggestion if your Darling Husband is up for it… my husband gave me a foot rub every night before bed in my second and third trimesters. It totally relaxed my entire body and made it easier for me to fall asleep. He used Palmer’s cocoa butter and just avoided my heels/ankles since certain spots can trigger labor apparently. Hope you get sleep soon!

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I suffered with this in the first 11 weeks, I’m now 15 weeks. I read a pp’s suggestion of a pillow, I can imagine that being helpful when you’re further on in pregnancy as you are. Do you think you could be getting too much sleep? I know I get headaches the following morning after having too much sleep. I currently have 7 hours during the week and perhaps a 1 hour nap when I get back from home. Are your iron levels OK? Just trying to explore every possibility. Even though we don’t feel like it, exercise is meant to help, I need to get in a routine of doing that. Hope it gets better soon!

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My OB said you could take unisom.

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I take Diclegis for sleep. It’s for nausea but it’s Unisom plus vitamin b6. Safe for you and baby. It really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. It is prescription but it’s filled for nausea, which I never had morning sickness. I got it after getting what I think was food poisoning and my MD prescribed it thinking I needed it for all my puking! 

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Exercise! A nice long walk early to mid-day can do wonders–it was the only thing that really helped me. If that’s not enough and your doctor agrees, unisom. 

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Seconding the Cal/Mag supplement.  I know you’re taking Dilectin (which is the same as Diclegis?) so that should help…but maybe just try switching to plain ol’ Unisom? 

Sorry you’re having trouble sleeping! 

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Don’t worry hon, you’ll catch up when the baby is born.  *Sorry couldn’t help myself, thought you could use a laugh 😉

But no, I had trouble sleeping when pregnant too, a potent combo of pregnancy nerves, not being able to sleep on my right side, and getting up to pee constantly.  I found the best thing was to stop stressing over what time I fell asleep and if I wanted to get up just get up.  I’d look at baby clothes online and watch tv and eventually I’d fall asleep on my own.

Random stupid fact I learned in college psych class – doctors gave sugar pills to patients with insomnia, told one group the pills would calm them and told the other group that the pills would make them feel more awake and revved up.  That second group the pills helped their insomnia.  Basically when you stop worrying about feeling awake you can go to sleep.  Crazy right?

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I’ve been dealing with this the last couple of weeks (I’m 27 weeks now).  It totally sucks.  

When you have to get up and pee, try to avoid turning on any lights, just keep a dim nightlight on in the bathroom.  

Ask your doctor about Benadryl before you go to bed, mine ok’Ed it when I was desperate for sleep.

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yep, I’m 28 weeks and waking up several times to pee, heartburn, restless leg syndrome….. sleep is tough. I guess pracitce for a baby.

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snowflake8 :  Have you tried lavender oil on your wrists or ankles. That seemed to help me get into a deep sleep early in my pregnancy. I’m now 23 weeks and haven’t had any issues since.

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You must get a Snoogle. Seriously, best body pillow ever. I’m PP and I still use it. As I got bigger, I also used the Boppy Wedge. 

Take an (not too hot) Epsom salt bath or foot soak. Get some Magnesium Oil Spray or lotion. (Absorbing magnesium through the skin is better than taking it orally)

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I second the snoogle suggestion – as you get bigger, the body pillow will help you to get a bit more comfortable. That said, I’m 32 weeks and sleep has just gotten more elusive as the pregnancy progresses. Between waking up to pee, waking up because the baby is squirming and kicking, waking up because my hip is aching, and just waking up for no reason… it’s no fun. I just look at it as my body preparing me for the lack of sleep once my little guy is born. 

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