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awww. I’m so sorry! Gosh, I would think it would be better that your Father-In-Law is your boss!

My boss is overall really great about it. But he’s generally really good about time off and stuff. As long as you get your work done he doesn’t really care what our schedule is.

I’ve generally been trying to schedule appointments really early then my husband and I go to breakfast. My day typically starts at 830am but on appointment days I’m in by 9:30. I typically always work through lunch anyways so it evens out in the end hours wise.

And one of my co-workers just had a baby so she kinda paved the way for me in terms of working out logistics as well. So I lucked out there! πŸ™‚

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Wow, I’d also think your Father-In-Law would be more okay than the average boss, since the doctor is checking on HIS GRANDBABY!

My boss is really great – she has 2 little kids so she knows the OB routine. I try to schedule my appointments for the end of the day, but still need to leave about an hour before my usual end-time to get to the doctor’s office on time (it’s on the other side of town from work).

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My boss has been great through 2 pregnancies.  Each time though, she does get this panicked look in her eyes and asks “you’re coming back after you have the baby, right?”.  Hahaha.

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I don’t have any personal experience, but I did want to comment that I’m sorry! I can’t believe your Father-In-Law isn’t more understanding….maybe you should have your Mother-In-Law give him a talk about what pregnancy is like lol πŸ™‚

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@eeniebeans:  Wow, that’s flattery, isn’t it? Boss loves you, and can’t imagine the show running smoothly without you! πŸ™‚

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@pinky44:  Wait a second. The grandfather of the baby gets irritated?! That makes zero sense to me. Z-e-r-o……………:( I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time and not feeling supported at work!

I feel very blessed that my boss is really supportive of my pregnancy even though she’s been through two miscarriages and failed in-vitro. I was worried she would be kind of rough on me, she can…well…kinda be like that? Anyhow, every time I have an appointment she never asks questions, she just wishes me luck and lets me take as much time off as I want. I took the day off for my first 3 appointments just because I had the OT racked up! πŸ™‚

Again, I’m really sorry you’re having so little support at work πŸ™

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What a ridiculous man. Have your Fiance or Mother-In-Law talk to him, if possible/you’re comfortable with it. If not, is there a way to approach him about it? Maybe suggest a meeting or a lunch with him and bring up that you’ve noticed that he seems irritated when you ask to leave for an appointment and if there is anything that can be done to mend the situation. He may just be having his period and his snippiness has nothing to do with you! Who knows with men…. *sigh*

Remind him that it’s his little grandbaby you’re carrying. Take that, sir. 


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That’s awful, I’m sorry πŸ™

My boss has been great, with appointments, coming in late when I’m feeling sick, etc. This week I even asked if I could leave at 3pm one day because I was so exhausted, and she said yes (we didn’t have anything urgent on – I wouldn’t have asked if we did!) I hope yours (especially since he’s the grandad!!!) comes around soon.

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Geez, this IS his grandbaby!  If I were you, I think  I’d try to find another job after the baby is born!  Can you imagine when you have to take off when the baby is sick? 

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My boss is awesome, he’s excited for me. (I think it also helps that his daughter is currently pregnant too.)

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I am not pregnant yet but I have to comment on this. I KNOW my boss will be horrible to me when I am pregnant. She is already the worst boss (I am trapped in a contract with my job so I can’t leave for the next 2 1/2 years), otherwise I would have been out of here about 3 1/2 years ago… 

She already makes a huge deal if I call off sick, making comments in meetings in front of people “Well that is IF Brooke isn’t sick…” Oh I’m sorry that I was sick for 2 days in the last year. So I can already see her acting like everything is fine with the doc appts and then making comments about it (very passive aggressive). 

I am also worried about once I have a child and if the child gets sick on what to do. My work is so old school in that we have set times we have to be there (even though I am salary). My sister gets to work from home once a week, so ideally this would be great for me if I have a child and the child is sick or something. But again, I know my boss will not go for this. Sad day

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Oh man, can I call you in about 5 years when I start having kids?  I know this is going to be exactly how it’s going to be for me.  I work for my dad (at the company my grandfather started in the 60’s, and I’m training to take over when he retires, go figure) and he is the same way about taking time off.  We’ve also never had anyone who works here have a baby before so I’ll be the first trying to figure out how to handle it. 

A few months ago I was at work when my tooth shattered and left the nerve exposed, it was a dental emergency and I was in a significant amount of pain, and my dad couldn’t understand why I had to go to the dentist to get the remainder of my shattered tooth removed from my gums.  He got all huffy and pissy with me about it.

I hope your Father-In-Law starts to be a little more understanding!

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