Pregnant Bees: what 'forbidden fruit' are you craving right now?

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ktsteimel :  You can get listeria from almost anything. Most recently hummus and ice cream, but they don’t advise against eating those things.

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Proscuitto is my #1 wish! I guess I could microwave it though… right?

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Bumble bee

Wine, sushi, lunch meat, smoked salmon. beef jerky, and BIG cups of coffee. 

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I even ate a little liver the other day (you have to be careful about too much Vitamin A). Honestly, as long as you buy your food from reputable places, not buying discounted supermarket sushi or stuffing your face with mercury fish every day or eating brie that’s been in the back of your fridge for two months or guzzling coffee by the gallon there’s no reason you have to deny yourself anything as long as it’s in moderation and is fresh/high quality. Also sipping on a quarter glass of wine twice in your pregnancy is NOT going to kill your baby. If you want something, have it. I had a drink at Christmas and New Years, and I’ll have one for my birthday next month. No guilt whatsoever.

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MrsYoshida :  I agree mostly with that.  I definitely had a few small glasses of wine or a half a beer with my first after the first tri and he’s just fine. 

I do follow a lot of the rules just because it makes me feel comfortable but not all. 

I’m only 7 weeks but with my son I was really missing being able to have two glasses of wine an so ham sandwiches in the end.

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MrsYoshida :  Thank you for posting that. I think most of the ‘restrictions’ are overrated. I asked my doctor about drinking and she responded “Women in Europe drink throughout their pregnancy. A glass of wine with dinner is fine. Use your best judgement.” 

I really haven’t cut off anything, other than high mercury fish (tuna) and excessive caffeine. I still have the occasional glass of wine, high quality sushi (salmon), soft cheese (all cheese in the US is pasturized), and boars head deli meat. 

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Bumble bee

I agree about wanting more coffee! I previously had 10oz a day and now I’m drinking 8oz, pretty much measured. It’s just not as satisfying to have to drink less. 

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I plan on eating everything, as long as it doesn’t come from a sketch place. My husband is from a different country. Yesterday, he looked up what pregnant women are not supposed to eat according to his culture and it’s a totally different list! No coke, no ice coffee, no hot sauce, etc… This tells me that’s the list of banned foods isn’t very scientific…

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MrsYoshida :  Love you Mama. haha I don’t drink but if I ever get the craving amma take a sip. NOthing will happen to me or baby/ies. Anythign that woul dhave made me sick while not pregnant then I wont eat now. Th eonly reason I avoid sushi and rare steak is because I usually like my animals really “dead” with no chance of coming alive before I eat them. Obviously I love these babies and went through so much emotionally to get pregnant so I won’t put them at risk but I will be sensible about what I eat.

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I just want to enjoy food again full stop. Ive been subsiding on chips… all the things I want in my heađ including sushi and good mayo and rare steak are disgusting when Im actually faced with them.

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I love sushi but don’t get good stuff where I live so don’t eat much anyway. The thing is I miss the most is my migraine medication!!! 

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I could go for a nice glass of prosecco.  I’ve bought all the non-alcoholic fizzy juices.  I actually really have been enjoying them.  The fizzyness calms down nausea, and you still get a little feel of that specialness of having a nice glass of wine without all the booze.  

I LOVE the fancy blue cheese, which are all unpasterized, and I used to always sneek some raw cookie dough- but I’ve been doing better than I thought with them.  Oddly, I had more food cravings before pregnancy.  

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rare steak, my favorite red wine and a margarita. hubby and my best friend said they would deliver on these wants as soon as I deliver my baby boy 🙂

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Runny egg yolkes! I miss my breakfasts like that, now is boring scramble egg or just smashed on the pan 🙁

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